This category covers questions about Cameroon, officially known as the Republic of Cameroon. The country is located in central and western Africa. After World War I, Cameroon split into two territories under Britain and France and declared independence soon after, rejoining as one country in 1961.
Most people in the English-speaking Northwest and Southwestprovinces speak Cameroonian Pidgin English. . Fulfulde serves the same function in the north. . Ewondo serves the same function in much of the Central, South,and East provinces. . Camfranglais (or Frananglais) is a new pidgin language...
Cameroon's main exports to Europe are mainly banana, rubber (part processed), cocoa, timber (part processed) and refined oil. Local farmers also produce large amounts of onion, tomatoes, carrots, beans and several other cash crops which are exported to neighbouring countries like Gabon, Congo and...
Monkeys, Dolphin's, Chimpanzees and lizards
he invented cotton gin which changed all of America
They gained independence from france
It is french. It translates as cycling! x
West coast of the African continent
You would need to establish permanent residence in the US first, and declare an intent to obtain citizenship. After that, your country would have to be on an approved list from which citizens would be eligible to enlist in the US military (I don't know whether or not Cameroon is on such a list.. I...
Yes. Cameroon is a Central African country.
They speak English and french, they will understand in either.
Yes there are. Air France, SNL Brussels, KLM, Air Maroc ... just to name a few. You make a stop over in Europe and or Africa.. I hope this is of some help!
Paul Biya. See the Related Link.
We are known for our honesty, integrity and beautifal and welcoming cities. we pride in the beauty of our kindness towards one another and we take it to hearth the offense done to us and inovate on how to become a better and peaceful nation. One season of survivor took place in Gabon.
Including the lakes, the total water area is 6000 square Kms. Water born diseases are prevalent. There are thermal springs indicating previous volcanic activity
Cameroon president Paul Biya is 84 years old (birthdate: February 13, 1933).
There are mountains in the west, highest point Mount Cameroon, 4095 metres
16,380,000 near estimate
Cameroon has been an independent country since 1961
Cameroon has been an independent country since 1961
CFA: Central African Francs
Peace - Work - Fatherland. Peace - Work - Fatherland
Cameroon is north of the equator
It is a town in south province, Cameroon
I Think the financial report for GUINNESS CAMEROON is to be reported by the financial Accountant .
Cameroons Capital is Yaounde
Lake Nyos and Lake Monoun, Lake Oku, Lake Kuk, Lake Dissoni, Lake Barombi, Lake Njupi, Lake Soden, Lake Wum
Not since independence in 1961, major languages spoken are English and French
The principle waterways in Cameroon include the Niger, Benue, Sanaga, Nyong, Mbéré and Logone Rivers
Siegfride Willis is a very wealthy man in Cameroon.
Hot, humid and very African with a mix of English and French traits.
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In the African continent
Coffe, cocoa, cotton, rubber, bananas, oilseed, grains, livestock and timber
Nuts, fish, goats meat, cassava, yam, rice, plantain, potato, maize, beans and millet
northern Hemisphere
A large amount of methane gas was disturbed and thus escaped from the botton of the lake
in cameroon we dont have Spring. cameroon has just two season: Dry season and Rainy season
A national sport is a sport or game that is considered to be an intrinsic part of the culture of a nation. As such, Cameroon has no 'official' national sport ; although on every level imaginable the country is transfixed by football ... soccer if you are from North America.
35.5 per 1000, nearest statistic available from 2005
Assuming the question should read 'president' of Cameroon; the current president is Paul Biya.
Central African Franc
The popularity of Cameroon can be measured by search queries in google.trends and the popularity in international media by which is measuring how often the word is mentioned in media.
some of the major cities in cameroon are : douala, yaounde, baffoussam, nguaoundere, garoua, limbe, bertoua, mbalmayo, kribi
CFA. Central African Franc. 500 cfa is about $1
It has a multiparty Presidential regime (although most power remains with the President)
wat is Camerooms favouite foods
475,440 square Kms
Cameroon in situated on the west coast of Africa
In Cameroon, they use Francs.
40% Christian, 20% Muslim and 40% other beliefs
A chain of hills, plateaus and mountains, known as the Cameroon range extends from Mount Cameroon on the coast-Cameroon's highest point at (13,435 ft) almost to Lake Chad at Cameroon's northern border .
situated on the African continent
yes cameroon going to win today
Cameroon has over 300 groups - which with its own unique dish. Popular dishes from the dorminant groups include: Ndole and dodo Achu Fufu and Eru Ewang Fish rich meals from the coastal region and lots more
famous players that played or that do play for cameroon are Samuel Eto'o he played for Barcalona and Brazil, Alex Song he played for Arsenal.
Japan defeated Cameroon. The statistics of the match are as follows: . Japan 1-0 Cameroon June 14, 2010 (16:00) Managers: . Takeshi Okada (Japan) . Paul Le Guen (Cameroon) Man of the Match: Keisuke Honda (Japan) Location: Free State Stadium, Bloemfontein Attendance: 30,620 Head...
the population is 16,380,000
Philémon Yunji Yang is the Prime Minister of Cameroon. Yang was appointed on 2009 June 30 by President Paul Biya. Before becoming Prime Minister, Yang was the Assistant Secretary General to the President of Cameroon for 5 years. Before that position, he was the ambassador to Canada for 20...
Cameroon has 230 different languages. You'll have to be more specific.
iTS WHERE THE BLACK PEOPLE LIVE ON TOP OF MT. EVEREST. :)This is RUBBISH, if you cannt answer the question properly dont enter the site, In the Montara Mountains, highest point 1224 metres
The Prime Ministry of Cameroon is Philimoun Yang!