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The Republic of Mali is a Western African landlocked country whose capital is Bamako. It covers more than 178,839 sq mi and has a population of 14.5 million as of 2009. Some of its natural resources are gold, salt and uranium.
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yes mansa musa did rule mali
After Mansa Musa died the empire started declining, songhai then conquered ancient mali.
In Mali that is in Africa they speak mostly french
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They don't just greet the person they are talking to, they also greet, or ask how their whole line of family is.
Farming And Building
The motto for Mali is One People, One Goal, One Faith
He made Mali twice the size of the old empire of Ghana. He also Built Mosques in two cities. One was Timbuktu. It became a leading center of Muslim learning.
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Mali is located in Western Africa, between the Niger River and the Sahara desert.
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The Great Mosque is located in the city of Djenné.
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sorghum millet rice and sugar basic
they ate rice,corn,beans, mud
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The three jobs are miners,traders and farmers.
  == French Sudan ==   It was originally called French Sudan, ceeding from the Mail Federation which also included Senegal, and declared itself the Republic of Mali in 1959.
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The French colonized Mali as part of French Sudan beginning in  1880, during the "Scramble for Africa." It was administered as part  of the region called French West Africa for 80 years, until it  achieved independence in 1960.
mali is a mayor trading kingdom because ruler mansa musa lead mali to great power through the years 1312 to 1337.
The people of Mali wanted to learn to read and write in Arabic because in the North of Mali there are Arabs and if the people want to communicate with most of them they can learn Arabic. Another reason is that most maliens are Muslims and one of their beliefs is that they have to go to the"Mecque"...
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Mali (Republic of Mali) - 478,839 square miles.
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  Mali has a reputation as one of the more peaceful African nations, and has not been involved in a major war since its independence in 1960. In the 1980s there were two minor skirmishes with Burkina Faso caused by a territorial dispute, and there is a long-standing on-and-off armed conflict...
I am trying to find the too, if i find it i will tell you.   French is the offical language so there have to be a lot of people  speaks french .
the french colonized the mali empire (facebook me MiMi' Charm )
49.15 (births per 1000 persons)...
48.1 (births per 1000 persons)...
The median age of Mali is 16.2 years.
There is no capital of Timbuktu (a city). It was the capital of the Mali Empire.
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Bamako is the capital city of Mali. The language is Bambara or Bamanankan.
He brought Islam into the country, from his pilgrimage to Mecca, and spread Islam to the country by bringing Islamic artists, builders, and scholars.
The French in the late 19th century
Malians eat rice mostly (DEFINITLY NOT SANDWICHES).They also eat a sort of tastless porrige(to) that in my point of view is disgusting.
They can't afford education
some geographic features of mali
mali is located sort of south of Africa
Men and women had jobs specific to their gender .
cotton, rice, millet, and corn
the national animal of mali is the gorilla.
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the kingdom begin in the 1600.
== Answer ==   All states are located in Africa [west - noth west] except Egypt who extends to both Africa [north east] and Asia with the greatest history in the past already 6.000 years old. Ghana, Mali and Shonghai extended from west Africa to the shores of the Mediterranean sea and in the...
The Mali Empire was formed sometime in the 1230s.
Mali traded Gold for goods like Salt.
Because it was once a French Colony.
Mali and Ghana gained there wealth by trading good such as salt and gold
Lack of trading, Health Care, Over population of poor people.
the building were all made of mud
Mali is a country in the continent of Africa
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