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Carnivals and entertainment arenas featuring clowns, trapeze performers, trained animals, acrobats, among other acts.


the average age is about 20 30 or some times older people
" Rusty Nails " : "Matt Groening, who grew up in Portland watching the shows, loosely based the Krusty the Clown character from The Simpsons on the real-life clown, though Groening says that Krusty's mean-spirited nature is nothing like Rusty Nails." ~ Wikipedia
No, due to extensive research by distinguished Polish scientists, we can now disclose that in fact he is a plumber in disguise as a clown
The brain is composed of two sides gray matter and white matter. The white matter is the thinking part of the brain while the gray matter is the doing part. The more you are active the more it increases gray matter.
a lion's roar, the swish of a whip, the squeak of a clown's nose, a suspenseful drum roll, cheers coming from the audience, an elephant's call, a monkey's yell, the ring leader's introduction, laughter, shocked gasps, people chomping on popcorn/peanuts/other snack foods, slurping of drinks, and...
Monday - Friday 8.30-9.00 Saturday 8.30-8.00 Sunday 12.00-6.00 Store opening times vary around Christmas, New Year and Easter! so on Thursday it will close 9:00!
In a circus there are animals lyk elephants & tigers. but the funniest caracter is the clown cos he's funy. sum fink hes scary though, lyk sarah-wots-her-face, but it don't hav 2 b a he. there are also lions and gymnastic ppl and stufff. ders a presenter as wel. excuse me 4 my bad riting, i hav...
I personally started performing in my fathers circus at the age of ten years assisting the professional engaged clowns in a small way to start and then doing a little more as time passed. When I was about eleven years I could perform a good routine on the trampoline and really enjoyed doing this,...
yes They don't exactly line up looking for circus jobs. But if you catch a lion and use a system of half torture and food rewards, your lion will probably give up the fight and decide for his own good that he better do what you want him to do, even join the circus. GR-rr!
They do stuff that normally would be embarrassing but for a clown his job and to you funny.
Cirque as in Cirque de solei
The record of most balls is 11, clubs is 12, and rings is 8.
I think it was the ringling brothers who started it
yes there will be season 3 but it will be a 3d movie instead
When you bounce a soccer ball repeatedly with your feet, knees, head, etc. it is called "Juggling".
Answer . Check their site. Google them because they have a website that has all of their shows. They peformed in DC last year and it was AMAZING!
to have a party
the people that were juggling chainsaws or machetes and slipped on a puddle. ouch.
Dill wants to have a job where he can laugh all the time.
Currently it appears that the Circus rose is only available from: Ross Roses . St Andrews Terrace Willunga 5172 South Australia Tel: (08) 8556 2555 Fax: (08) 8556 2955 The web site Rogers Roses says that the Circus is also available from Vintage Gardens Antique Roses . 2833...
Chariots raced at a roman circus.
Cirque du Soleil never uses animals in any acts, which allows them to stay clear of animal cruelty issues that many other circuses encounter. They also have a more refined style in presentation from the choreography and music to the costumes and performers. Cirque du Soleil sets very high standards...
Pinocchio was not in a circus. He and some other guys/animals cut school and went to a sort of carnival or amusement park called Pleasure Island- some being turned into Mules for this ( jackass) like dumb act.
Pliney the elder stated that the Circus Maximus could hold up to 250,000 people. Although contemporary historians see this number as a gross exaggeration and most agree of up to 150,000 to 200,000 spectators.
"Kazoo" will be here in Dallas in September 19, 2012 "The Immortal World Tour" (a tribute to Michael Jackson) June 2012 @ American Airlines "Quidam" March 2012 in Frisco "OVO" January 2011 in Frisco "Dralion" July 2011 There probably have been others but these are the ones I knew of.
If you are referring to the show Kooza then according to my friend who is close friends with julie, natasha and dasha (the contortionists of the show) they have the same woman (who is the wife of one of the acrobats) sit in the seat that lifts.
No. The centre of Piccadilly Circus has a statue of Eros (or cupid). You may be thinking of Trafalgar Square which has two fountains.
The last one is inside the stone. This is pretty tricky though.
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i don't know all but i know some... acrobats,clowns ext.
Scary (from some people's point of view), funny (I don't personally think it but...) ugly, horrible, stupid, immature...
Because otherwise you can't and don't learn the skills, knowledge, trust and adaptation to the society of a circus performer.
Un carré peut certainement pas être un trapèze, voici quelques raisons pourquoi. Ils sont tout les deux des quadrilatères mais le trapèze a deux côtés congruents et le carré a quatre côtés congruents. Les trapèzes ont tout des différentes mésures et n'ont pas...
Cirque du Soleil's founder, Guy Laliberte.
The Circus Maximus was a work in progress at least until the time of Augustus. It was originally built as a ceremonial arena and race track by the first Etruscan king to celebrate a victory. Succeeding rulers enhanced it, adding the famous "spina" or spine down the middle upon which were located the...
some people have them as nightmares and some people are elergec to the make up that the were
The casinos in Las Vegas are always open.
many times over the years
Path or footpath are two other names for a walkway. Causeway,alley, catwalk, passageway, and passage are other names for awalkway.
Un carré n'est pas un trapèze à cause de les mesures différencis du trapèze et les angles de différents degrees. Plusieurs personnes croivent que les carré sont des trapèzes mais sa ne fera aucun sense. Mon mari est un mathématicien et connais l'explication logique de...
perform tricks, be hit by trainers and suffer!! Don't go to circuses they are bad places!!! Hope this helps :)
Noone knows the exact number. The estimated number of circuses in Germany are about 400. But bigger countries like the USA only have about a dozen. I think that there are more than 5000 circuses around the world.
The Cirque du Soleil show on Disney World property is called La Nouba.
Well, I don't know the exact code numbers, and I'm sure that there are tons of them, but from what I remember from my Fire Code training, just 3 things are that fabrics now had to be flame resistant (The fabric making up the tent was coated with a highly flammable substance to rain proof it),...
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Of course they can. Almost any kind of animal can be trained to do something in a circus.
metal mulisha is good but nitro circus got style
Constantly make jokes and keep saying dumb things like "Ohhh! Pretty water bottle!" or "I read that book already!" to every single book you read in class. Also, while the teacher's talking, get up and start to sharpen your pencil, really loudly. You can also squeak your shoes whenever they're wet...
I dono ? do you know ?? Staceys answer: Well it first started in 1981. They thought just singing and dancing at the same time, was better for the audience to watch. They thought it would get alot of money. So they tried and it succeded! Hope this answers your question!
The Circus Maximus was the largest staidium in Rome.
Well i wouldn't be supprised if the trainer was the one to torture the animal to death. Usally they circus sells the animal to a hunting arena before it dies but if the do die they would probaly dump the body in a forest and replace the animal.
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"Punching clown" is a serious condition caused by intracranial psychic vibrations, related to the negative thoughts of witch doctors, transmitted by light energy from alignment of Capricorn and Pisces. Modern science has not yet determined the exact cause of this phenomenon, but it can be treated by...
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He went to a nightclub, got drunk, lost everything, then said "oh what the heck. I'm going to be a clown."