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Translating Spanish words into English. How you say and spell Spanish language words and phrases in the English language.
How are you today?   or   How does the soup taste?   or   How did you do on the test?
The name "Carol" is also used; I guess "Carola" would be the Spanish equivalent.
'Much with all my heart but if you do not want to tell me
Apúrate means hurry up
a eme o looks like Spanish for letters of the alphabet.a = aeme = mo = oTherefore, a eme o would spell "amo"
Roughly translated: It is better than anything you have
Saber means "to know." It means "know" in the sense of knowing  information. The verb "conocer" means "know" too but in the way you  say you know a person or you know all about something.    A secondary meaning of saber is "to taste".
Chakara el baston means a crazy person that never makes sense
Translation: scrap the cane
To calm down and "take it easy". IE: To stop worrying over someone  or something.
The most beautiful girl ever I love you
'te violo....' = 'I violate/ravish/spoil you....' '....vene' is ungrammatical, but probably means 'come'.
Eres el deseo de mi corazón.
The rope is "la reata" and it's where the English word "lariat" comes from.
This is in Spanish .It means Souls from the Silence
Spanish: Usted gana a veces y usted no hace a veces.   English: Sometimes you win and sometimes you do not.
it means i wanna know more about you in a less direct way.
Translation: What's up, how are you? I'm hoping you are doing well.
I'm not exactly sure, but surely it will mean correspond? which means : 1.conform or be consistent: to conform, be consistent, or be in agreement with something else2.be similar: to be similar or equivalent3.write to one another: to communicate with somebody by exchanging written messages
"usted más asombra" literally means "You more amazing". I also  checked an online Spanish dictionary site that lists asombra as a  conjugation of the verb "asombrar" which means "to amaze or  surprise". So, in that case, the phrase might actually be trying to  say something like "You amaze me...
It means "Name of Cardholder."
"In the boat I return alone" is an English equivalent of the Spanish phrase En la barca torno sola. The preposition, feminine singular definite article and noun, first person singular present indicative, and feminine singular adjective may be said of any small boat, such as rowboat. The...
How do you make a game for times tables
not if it is made from leather
  Amanat = Amanat means trust   "Amanat" means a Trust, a Deposit with the condition that it will be returned safely (and completely) when requested in the future. Also "Amanat" is a promise which must be keptGuardianship سرپرستی ٬ حفاظت ٬ امانتDeposit Amanat Rakhnaاما...
If it's Spanish it's ( Hah- cob )   Accent cob.
Translating "Hey What is Up" to Spanish is "Hola, que tal? "
It means "to walk."
well you just said it correctly!
Chaparral is vegetation consisting of shrubs and thorny bushes. El  Chapparral - The bushes
"I have a pig in the.." "I have a pig at the.." Depends of the context.
¡Que bien! means: That's great.
If the movie is very interesting..
i am fine = estoy bien
Las Vegas means The Meadows or fields
Te amaré hasta que muera/Te amaré hasta que me muera.
what does escribe mean in english
Ti quiero un monton... literal ( I love you a mountain) as in  spanish they dont use billions as an affection
Translated to: "Hola, chica."
Patio is a Spanish, not an Italian, word. The masculine singular noun translates as "courtyard" in English through its Latin origins either as the noun pactum ("agreement," "bargain," "pact") or the verb patere ("to lie open"). The pronunciation will be "PA-tyo" in Spanish.
Heeeey!!! Es muy sencillo.... This is so simple Concentrate y... Fix your atention and ... Entiende lo que ... understand what... Te voy a decir.. I'm gonna tell you Ando loco por I've been crazy for you... Tu cuerpo deseandolo..! ... longing for your body Deseandolo..! deseandolo! longing for it!...
VERACRUZ (correct spelling), from Latin "vera", true feminine gender; and "crux, crucis, crucem", cross, meaning "La Cruz verdadera", The True Cross.
Literally, what is your date of birth. Usually, what is your birthdate.Usually, in Spanish, it's: que es LA fecha de TU nacimiento.
Voy and Va both come from the verb ir. Voy means 'I go'. Va can mean 'He/She goes' and it can also means 'You go' if it was with the word usted.
P.M., or evening/afternoon
Threre are many ways to say Grinder in Spanish, but the most common way are: molinillo, amoladora, moledora
ayuden me pliz nesesito entrar por compu a airg.com
Traducción: In the countryside
Translation: Many kisses and hugs, OK more kisses.
== ==   the answer is hoto (hoh-toh) and mariqon (mahri-cone)
What is your personality like?
Korea, I guess... It's what everybody uses... even Korians
Saying "Estoy prendida(o)" in Spanish can have a slightly different  meaning depending on where you are. For example in Mexico, this  phrase is used as "I am excited/pumped up/full of energy." In  Columbia the phrase may translate more as "I am really mad/drunk."  This is why I recommend that...
Same as English: blanket with a hole in it. It is worn in S. America & is put on by putting the head thru the hole.
Literally, "May you fare but [only] quite happily." A more liberal interpretation might be, "I hope you have a good time," or "I hope you're happy."
come here! like a command
  "Tu compania" literally means "Your company". It could imply your business or those you hang around with.
It means "... which answers the telephone" or "... who answers the telephone". As in this English translation, the original Spanish is not a complete sentence.
Casa - House/home Fiesta - party However "Casa Fiesta" is not grammatically correct to mean "House party". It would mean something like "House of party"
Where are you from?
"Estado de" in English means "state of..."
I don't know who you are.
Papi in Italian means "Daddy" in English.
The name Sonora means sleepy desert.
I like your clothes = Me gusta su ropa
You can say "las pradas".
Una familia feliz in Spanish is "one happy family" inEnglish.
Tan basically means "so," sometimes "such a" or "as," and is used only before adjectives or adverbs
cristo redentor is located in rio de janero on corcovado mountain. Hope This Helps!
Literally translated, it means "What delicious(ness)!" Not quite so literally: This is delicious!
Sombrilla is used to refer to an umbrella, though it refers to the smaller ones used to keep the sun off people rather then the ones used for rain.