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Sesame Street

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A classic children's educational television show featuring characters such as Big Bird, Elmo, Oscar the Grouch and Bert and Ernie.
Because cookies are good.
It is true they are getting rid of Oscar and i think it is not fair bc he is barley seen in the show any ways so why do it now? he deserves to be in it. its not like we don't have our bad days. so why blame Oscar when it is your problem, u just deiced to not to admit it. hope u change your mind...
It was either 'Rubber Ducky', 'Everybody Wash', or 'Rub Your  Tummy'.
  Frank Oz from 1969-2001 and David Rudman since 2001
He was married to his wife, Annette, for 49 years and they had 3  children.
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this is what im trying to find out too but i know one character is called kermit the frog.
yes he is
i need to know how many people watch sesame street
Vivaldi guitar concerto in d minor, largo
i know one is named Waldorf and the other's name starts with a "S"
Jim Henson has five kids Brian Lisa Cheryl HEATHER AND JOHN NOT BILL BOB OR TOMATO Goshh
elmo,cookie monster,big bird, tellitubies.arnold, freedy
== teach a bird to talk ==   Well it depends what type of bird it is,you could teach a budgie.The way to teach it is to just say the same word every time in front of your bird.(But make sure not to say any swear words).In a couple of months it will start saying what you said alot of times.  ...
Their fat and obese like Robert Jackson
Kermit and piggy got married on July 13 1984 when the muppets take manhattan came out.
Jim Henson was the creator of the muppets and was the reason they had such a long run. He also created some shows and helped with the movie Dinosaurs.
Kermit the Frog.
Jim Henson died of organ failure due to infection by Streptococcus pyogenes, a severe Group A streptococcal infection.
He is a real (puppet) character on the popular children's television show, Sesame Street. Another Answerer says: Because I LOVE cookies, I seem to be the Cookie Monster personified. But I also accept that there may be others out there, with an equal or possibly even greater love for cookies. For...
Sesame Street will enter its 46th season in the Fall of  2015.   -   It should be noted that in mid August 2015 it was announced HBO was  picking up Sesame Street for the next 5 seasons. The number of  episodes would increase to 35 per season & they'd air first on  HBO and then on...
Elmo eats Doritos!! :)
because they thought it was too unhealthy for American kids (toddlers) to think that cookies is a everything snack, And the veggie monster is more healthy. My opinion is they should just put him back on and the parents just say jno to the kids when they think its a every thing snack. ___________...
False - Big Bird is from Sesame Street
Jim Henson became famous as a puppeteer, name for doing such shows and acts as Sesame Street and The Muppets, which is likely what brought his fame about.
pneumonia or a really bad cold
Stevie Wonder was on Sesame Street at the beginning of his career.stevie wonder
Sesame Street was invented in the U.S.
He's a red monkey thing. He sings songs, and talks like he's sick. There's always a wacko guy taking a shower on his show. Who couldn't hate him?
yeah and they are now changing him to green 2!
The lovable furry Grover is blue. A rather dingy shade of bright blue, but blue. You can see the color in the book, "The Monster at the End of This Book". . \nBlue Grover is blue.
  Kermit was one of Jim Henson's first Muppets along with Fozzy Bear. They both pre-date Sesame Street and the Muppet Show.
The Sesame Street character, Cookie Monster, was first voiced by Frank Oz, and later by David Rudman.
Because if he didn't, he would be known as "Oscar the grouch". He would just be known as "Oscar".
Mind Over MurderSomething Something Something Dark SideI Never Met the Dead ManA Picture is Worth a Thousand BucksI Am Peter, Hear Me Roar (the Banana Cream Pie baker)The Father Son and the Holy Fonz (the Counting Segment: I know technically not a character)That's all I can find without doing any...
(░) Thats the closest thing to a cookie that i could make :3
They changed it because they saw that the cookie monster was getting a lot of popularity and it was really unhealthy for kids to watch someone or something who would just show them how to eat junk food so they changed him to the veggie monster. the above answers is incorrect Cookie Monster is still...
A raven can reach 64 cm in height.
Miss Piggy was never a part of Sesame Street.
PO stands for post office, and I don't know why Elmo would use it for anything else, so yes
Neither Bert nor Ernie weren't given last names, so nobody knows what their last names are.
Jim Henson's first, Kermit, was made out of his mom's jacket
While going to college at Carnegie Melon University, she originated the eponymous role of Sonia in the off-Broadway musical Godspell (appearing on its original cast album as well), and continued to play the role through her first season on Sesame Street. She became part of the increasingly...
Well I do know he lives on 123 Seasame Street, but I think Big Bird might know. He's my neighbor. I'll ask and contact you later. :)
Elmo Doesn't Give Out His Number! :) He doesn't give it out but if you are a huge fan, you may keep in touch with him on his twitter acct. @SuperElmo. He replies. :))
Birds come from their mother's egg. And the egg from the mom comes from her "opening" in the "butt"
Ernie and Bert live in an apartment in the basement, Gordon, Susan, and their son, Myles live on the first floor, and Maria, Luis, and Gabi live on the second/top floor.
he is so important because he is the coolest monster and sesame street character ever! he is da best!
im pissed about this i want cookie monster back. and if they dont  bring him back i will not watch that shiz anymore.
Coooooookie monster is blue and cool
Yes, he sometimes played a character called Easy Reader.
cuz no one liked him but i do and he didnt get on with the workers they made fuin of him because he was red
Yes, Elmo is so different now because of the creators. I know this because of my sisters and brothers.
Yes; many of them are also registered as trademarks.
Lalalala lalalala Elmo's world (elmo's world) Lalalala lalalala Elmo's world (elmo's world) Elmo loves his goldfish His crayons too Dadada That's elmo's WORLD
It's from a 1980's Philadelphia radio jock. Morning zoo or some crud.
Ooh yeah, she is gorgeous!
The Term or the figure ?
1 years old because he lives in a trash cand and babys play with trash
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if you mean the weirdo that lives in the bin. that's Oscar the grouch!
Cookie Monster, in two early versions (one monstrous), appeared asearly as 1966. But as the familiar blue Muppet, he ate his firstmeal (the letter W, not a cookie) on the first episode of SesameStreet, aired November 10, 1969. The show, and the Monster, willturn 50 in 2019. Like many muppets, he has...
He lives in a trash can
According to the Internet, the retired Sesame Street charactersare, [Humans] Maria, Buddy, Jim, [Puppets] Bruno the trashman,Roosevelt Franklin, Harvey Kneeslapper, Professor Hastings, HerbertBirdsfoot, Don Music & Guy Smiley. Kermit was even retired from Sesame Street, although naturally hewent on...
There have been many Sesame Street characters but this list includes the most regular and well remembered. None of the human characters have been included in the list. Arnold Baby bear Big Bird Bert Buddy and Jim Buster the horse Bob Johnson Chuckie sue(telly's hamster) Cookie...
yes big bird may be dead or he could be fooling us and he might be still alive. this is one of life's mysteries Tee Hee i see you
That is baby bears father papa bear: ]
Sesame Street would have been broadcast on RTE, but not any more.