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Women's Clothing

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Women’s clothing is designed to make women comfortable, presentable, and fashionable. Clothes may be made from leather, fur, linen, silk, and other materials. Typical women’s clothing in Western societies includes skirts, dresses and high-heeled shoes.
the practice of tar and feathering was used by the colonists topunish?
It's unlikely that members of the Japanese imperial family worecommoner type kimonos in historical times. Formal imperial garbdidn't change much from the 10th century on. The most formal for alady would be the multi-layer dress called the junihitoe. Theymight be available as expensive wedding rental...
Sure. So long as the temple garment is worn properly, anything may be worn over it. Most Church members don't want to wear regular underwear (aside from women's bras) over the temple garment because it just adds extra bulk.
You pronounce hijab like hij(the i should be pronounced short) jab and if you cant really pronounce it then you can call it a head covering or i call it a scarf.
Regardless as to a person's faith, shaming a teenage male by having him cross dress would seem to cause problems in the future that devout parents may regret having played a part in. That said, for a specifically religious question such as that, you need to consult with the Bishop of your Ward for...
What your daughter wears is obviously between you and her, however you asked with specific reference to your faith. For such questions, your local Bishop will be in the best position to assist you in your concern.
Yes. Phillis Wheatley wore a skirt because back then girls had towear dresses or skirts and plus it was based on her masters. If shedidn't wear a skirt she would have worn rags or her underwear. But,mostly she wore a dress. Skirt is also fine.
well first i would look on amazon or ebay.com if no ton there go towish.com i hope i helped!
There is many ways to make clothes from velvet. If you want to makea full dress or shirt from velvet, it can be hard to cut and sewbecause of its thickness. If your using thread and needle, i wouldsuggest using a thicker needle and thicker string so it can be alittle easier. I would suggest taking...
with a needle and silk
you can get girls / childrens superdry jackets from all superdry shops i got my windcheater from merry hill for 65 pounds
if you wear skinny jeans a lot, you are awesome! no, this answer is an opinion of my own, but you are just a person who wears skinny jeans a lot, you should try to classify yourself by the style of the clothes you wear. [:
It depends what shop it is. Some shops will let you off, but others won't. You usually need the receipt for a refund, though.
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In colonial Rhode Island, as in most of the colonies, peoplegenerally made their own clothing, although some very wealthyfamilies were able to import clothes from Europe. Women and girlswore long dresses, some of which had ruffles; and while Puritanshad preferred very conservative colors, there was...
- You could get bullied or payed out or teased - It could make you hot and sweaty - You stand out in a crowd - Messes up your hair Benefits: Can keep you warm, you can get some to go with your outfit
It's women's fashion. Threedot's.com
i believe it is called three dots
It totally depends that where you want to wear it? if you are goingfor a formal meeting or office you can any time go for a white orlighter shade buttoned shirt, for any party you can go for astylish top in bright colours too as blue colour matched with allshades
A women's headcovering is called a Hijab. But the full veil iscalled a Burka and a Niqab.
I'm not sure but I think Victoria Secret sales more In California.
If it is short, pull it down and smooth it in the back as you are sitting, and keep your knees together. Cross your feet on the floor. If the skirt is long, you would still sit down the same way, but you do not have to be as concerned about exposure.
the bra was invented in 1898
They wear a traditional dress called the pheran usually has zari,embroidery on the hem line, around pockets, and mostly on thecollar area, In summer ladies prefer suit and burgha
People wear different kinds of clothes because they don't want to look dirty or poor.
yes it is express ur self dont be shy just let it out so wot if people make fun of you at least u show how you feel and i admire you for it you go
Some do. Some don't. It depends on the directors preference.
A good place would be on the North Face website. Go to extendedsizes after selecting what gender you are and you can ship whateveryou want to your house. Hope this helps :).
i need a traditional jamaican folk dress
This depends on the child. Some children are extremly creative and want to express themselves through clothing. Other feel insecure about themselves and want uniforms to make themselves look smart and improve their confidence. Other kids simply like the way some uniforms look. To really know you...
For waist size, you would have to measure your waist by yourselfbecause the measurements depend on weight and body type. All youhave to do is take measuring tape and wrap it around your waist sothe tape isn't so loose it is falling down, but not so tight it issqueezing your stomach fat ('cause lets...
i would say no and that's my opinion but if you want to then yes, it's up to you
Of course. It hurts nobody and you both get something out of it.
depends if you're a man, or woman...
Well a Salzburg dress looks like this. I guess it is like a bedtimedress. I know I used to have one but I sold it for $200.00
Muslim women wear, per religion, hijab (or scarf or headdress) covering head, hair, and neck but not covering face or hands. Muslim men are not required, per religion, to cover their heads unless traditionally they cover it. There is no particular head dress prescribed in Islam for men. It mostly...
You can usually get them at Victoria's Secret or G By Guess and they some in athletic stores in your area...
the numbers, 32, 34, etc are the measurement of the band that fits under the breasts. Breast size varies greatly. One can be a 32A or a 32G. The bust size range is enormous ( you should pardon the expression.) within the 32 band size. plc
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It's from Top shop a few years ago. You cab still buy them on eBay but not T op shop now .
i guess they could have but it would have been EXTREMELY weird
There has been evidence of veils long before Islam had even startedto spread; the verse of the Hijab was revealed in 627 CE : And when you ask his wives for something, ask them from behind ascreen; that is purer for your hearts and their hearts. This verse was aimed at the Prophet's wives, as...
O YEAH red skinney jeans are AWESOME
About a size 10/12. depending on the brand or store.
it's 2010 you a little 2 years back in time!!! also that is a Major fashion no no
"Limited Brands is committed to building a family of the world'sbest fashion brands offering captivating customer experiences thatdrive long-term loyalty and deliver sustained growth for ourshareholders."
If you are having trouble pulling it over your skin, try powderingyour skin or the inside of your skirt. It will help it slide overeasier.
There are two ways to look under a girls skirt; First would be to ask them, and then if given permission - look. The second way would be to use an object or other form of subterfuge to look without permission to do so; in most countries this is considered a form of sexual violation and can be...
There are many of the VS models that promote the biofit bra, not just one person.
The only safe way to do it is what the doctors have been telling us all along: eat HEALTHIER and exercise more.
You can find images of the dress that is worn in that area. Just doa simple image search online for the best results.
The "ruffle" has been part of fashion for centuries. Ruffles were used as accents and in the late 1800s and 1900s became a symbol of girlishness and femininity. In the 1950s, ruffles were still used, mostly at necklines, sleeves, and hemlines. Youngest girls often had frilly full-skirted dresses...
At a underwear store like pink dont worry other editor no answer
in italy they wear fanyish clothes .... some peole wear sort of the same kind of clothes from the USA ......
I get my skinny jeans at JCPenny's or at Target and Im in the same size as you . Your Welcome (lol smily face)
In my opinion yes. I think guys look good in skinny jeans although I prefer straight leg jeans to skinny jeans.
the best trends are sexy backless choli blouse designs. that seems to be the hottest trend at least in Indian fashion scene. And his goes for both saree blouse designs 2010 and for times to come, not just till Diwali, but wil remain this way; because the hottest Indian star, Katrina kaif is coming...
well an advantage is: your feet are 35% more comfy than shoes. a disadvantage is that slippers arent so waterproof, so if you walk in a puddle, yikes. also slippers rip and tear more easily.
There are many expensive men's clothing brands. Some include Gucci,Fendi, Valentino, Versace, Armani, Prada, as well as Dolce andGabanna.
14 for a good fit but for a more snug fit try 12 best try to to on a pair first women jeans come in may different styles.
It's cool and alternative. Nothing has to be perfect in this imperfect world. You want to show that you are cool and that you don't care about holes.
If you are wearing a plain top try a chunky necklace as it will add something to the outfit without being too much! Also maybe try some above knuckle rings because they are really cute and in style right now!
no, of course not! the niqab is beautiful with patterns and decency.
The gift tax is on the one who gives, not the one who receives it.
Around the end of winter when it is getting clost to spring