Electricity and Magnetism

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Electricity and magnetism are ultimately inextricably linked. Electricity is the term given to a group of physical phenomena involving electric charges, their motions, and their effects. Magnetism is the force generated by the passage of an electric current through matter.
You need 4 D's. I know that sounds like a Rip-off, but it totallykeeps working for a long time.
Fluorescent materials are used in illumination, displaying, solidstate lasers,light communication,light memory and so on.
Depends. Whats the amperage rating on the bulb and the battery? Isthe 12 volt bulb LED? The equation to find your answer depends onhow much your 12 volt bulb is drawing and how much your batteryhas. I have seen 12 volt bulbs that are searchlights and I haveseen 12v bulbs that are little LED ones....
As long as the electricity is static, it is of little concern. Ofcourse, static today, current tomorrow. If you are in contact with a large static charge and also with theEarth, the energy can flow through you, and there might be enoughto stop your heart. I heard of a man who picked up two cables...
Electricity tends to prefer paths of least resistance, as doeswater and air.
Yes. The LR-20 is a D-sized 1.5-volt alkaline battery. The batterynumber for Duracell is MN1300.
It depends on the size of the magnent
SCIENCe wavelengths . Yes, there are. If youre talking about electromagnetic radiation, they have the same speed 3*10 8 They vary in wavelength (greek letter lambda) and frequency to maintain this as speed of light= wavelength * frequency You'll find this in an Electromagnetic spectrum....
Half life has unit. That is unit of time. So it has to bementioned. Let us assume that half life is 1 year. Okay. Now toknow about the mass remaining we have to get the ratio(1/2)^ 1620. Hence remaining will be 1/(2^1620) * mass at thebeginning
Telephones converts sound into electrical signals, and backwards.Speakers with dynamic-coil transdusers convert electrical signalsinto sound by using the properties of electromagnetism.
Frozen batteries last longer unfrozen batteries.
lithium batteries have a faster current discharge rate thenalkaline batteries but they cost more. The LIPO battery is used themost in RC planes.
There is a little clip that holds it in. Look at the circle, at some point around it,you will see a small clip, you push it away from the battery and it will allow the battery to come out. Now, when you touch a motherboard, you are suppose to wear a anti static strap, and remove all power...
The light bulb gives light be heating the filament. Roughly speaking, it is emitting black body radiation. Plank's Law gives you the formula. See here:'s_law
On a John Deere 4010 diesel with the generator, NOT an alternator.Put new batteries in and some how ended up with the left batterynegative ground and the right battery positive ground. Ran for a day that way and then the next day the tractor wouldn'tstart. Dead big time. No lights either. I know NOW...
The conduction of water depends on the presence of ions. In thecase of fresh water, there are only a very few ions present, fromthe dissociation of its own molecules. (Though there is enoughconduction to be dangerous with mains electricity.) Salt watercontains lots more ions because sodium chloride...
The "levitation" of the train above the track uses powerfulelectromagnets, which push and pull at slightly varying strengthsfrom the equally magnetized track. As anyone who has experienced anMRI medical exam can attest, the clanging of magnets against theirmounts can be very noisy.
the regulator in your alternator must be in trouble remove the alternator and take it to an alternator repair shop or fit a new alternator
To remove your battery door insert your finger nails at the bottom and lift the door.then open the cover of the can do it easily.
Rainbows are formed through refraction. The refraction happensthrough the rain drops, causing the light (which is made up of aspectrum of colours) to split and causes a rainbow. Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain -> Red, Orange, Yellow,Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. This is the order in which...
Between visible light and X-rays there is ultraviolet light .
UV Vis spectroscopy is used in providing the information about electronic bond state of atoms but it does not provide any information about the directionality of the bond. The information of directionality becomes critical especially in case of polymers to provide a complete understanding of...
Answer this question...use candles lanterns flashlights
Mutual inductance is where the magnetic field generated by a coilof wire induces voltage in an adjacent coil of wire. A transformeris a device constructed of two or more coils in close proximity toeach other, with the express purpose of creating a condition ofmutual inductance between the coils.
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just need to 2 data connections, and only can transport to another.
you cannot make a magnet out of copppe unless you run a current through it
I have no video but electromagnetic wave may harm and may not It is divided to seven the radiowaves,microwave,infrared,visible light,ultraviolet light,X-rays,andlastly Gamma rays. The waves that is not harmful is from radio waveto visible light then the rest may harm
It's due to static electricity build up. The balloons have become charged with electricity and it is the same charge on both balloons (either positive or negative). Opposite charges attract, identical charges repel each other.
Single use batteries tend to give 1.5V and rechargeable batteries1.2V. In most cases you won't notice the difference but in somedevices it can cause problems. Single use or primary batteries,such as alkaline and zinc are the most common type of battery butincreasingly seen as wasteful and expensive...
The change can be measured and needs to be allowed for when making calculations in navigation.
1. Magnets attract objects ofiron, cobalt and nickel. 2. The force of attraction of a magnet is greater at its poles thanin the middle. 3. Like poles of two magnets repel each other. 4. Opposite poles of two magnets attracts each other. 5. If a bar magnet is suspended by a thread and if it is free...
To protect it from water or other damage.
A gamma ray is an electromagnetic wave. It has the highestfrequency (and energy) as well as the shortest wavelength on anywave on the electromagnetic spectrum.
Energy of electromagnetic photon = h c / L Here L is wavelength of radiation
v=fλ Visible light is an electromagnetic wave. All electromagnetic waves travel at 3.0x10 8 m s -1 in a vacuum. Since the question doesn't supply additional info I'm assuming the medium is a vacuum. Hence, v=3.0x10 8 m s -1 and λ=486x10 -9 m. Therefore, f=v/λ = 6.17x10 14 Hz
It was in around 1734, that Swedenborg, a Swedish scientist brought to notice the differences between a magnetized piece of iron and an unmagnetized one. The magnetic substance that was discovered for the first time ever was magnetite. But Louis Neel, a French physicist disapproved this discovery by...
Radiation of atomic material like radium, uranium,thorium, indium, another radioactive sources. It also used to measure x-rays from x-ray Devices.. Hope this helps.
Yes,visible light is used. Frequencies of blue and red absorbed effectively
regualar magnetic is to do with mass and gravity i think whereas electro magnetic fields require a current to induce an electrical field producing an electromagnet where the charge can be regulated by current
you see magnets are really boring and you who cares becauseappartently you will be using this all the time in real life
Hint: wavelength times frequency equals speed and the speed oflight is constant. Also what does "rm" mean after 2.40?
magnetism is a synonym for electromagnetism. Electricity is theflow of electrons in the atoms while electromagnetism is when anobject has a flowing current of it inside it
Rainbows are an optical illusion, they are not "real". You cannot view them from above; they will always appear the way they appear from the ground.
Thestandard North and South Pole explanation does not satisfy me. Yes, like polesrepel and unlike poles attract but that doesn't explain the actual mechanismthat causes the attraction or repulsion. I think that there is a similaritybetween a magnet and a tornado. If two tornadoes both rotating...
AAA batteries measure one centimeter wide.
There are many laws stated related to the static electricity. Onesuch is Coulomb's law Statement: The force between two charges is directly proportionalto the product of the magnitude of the charges and inverselyproportional to the square of the distance between them
Frequency of em radiation is inversely proportional to its, frequency increases with decrease in wavelength.
Using electric field charged particles could be streamlined andthis is known to be electrostatic focusing.
Electrical current flows along the surface of a metal, so no, it does not flow through the core of a wire, just the surface.
The innermost color of the rainbow is violet.
It would stick to the magnet....
Gamma rays being an electromagnetic wave are transverse in nature.
Rub it off . Radioactive polonium brushes available in any photoshop will do this. The alpha particles emitted by the polonium ionize air and the ionized air carries off the static charge. These brushes should be bought new at least every year from a fresh batch at the photoshop due to the short...
The danger of radiation, specially ionizing radiation, is thecapacity to harm the genetic material. Ionizing radiation can breakdouble the strand of DNA and inactivate vital genes necessary forliving or health of the organism. Depending upon the intensity ofthe radiation, the cell can undergo death ...
NO. It produces four lines with wide difference in wavelengths. Soit is not a monochromatic just as sodium vapour lamp
Stationary charge don't produce a magnetic field. because it has no velocity in it, without flow of electron we can't find electricity and for that we have no magnetic field for a stationary charge. It produce only electric field.
a battery should be reading 12 or 13 volts at full charge you would need it over 10 volts but its hypothetical as it depends on the engine size10 To add it's not the voltage that turns the starter motor it is the amount of what is called cranking amps or cold cranking amps cca which refers to the...
Dispersion phenomenon establishes that light of different colourstravel at different speed in a denser medium. Light traverses atdifferent speed in different media is confirmed by the refractionphenomenon.
opposite poles attract
A square wave is a sum of an infinite number of sine waves (analogue). These sine waves consist of one wave called a FUNDAMENTAL, and all of the other waves are called HARMONICS. The fundamental is the same amplitude and frequency as the square wave. The harmonics are all odd, i.e. mathematically,...
The term of good battery depends on several. 1> construction there are several type of battery like lead acid / nickel cadmium and Li-Ion but the here according to life of battery Ni-CAd is best and according to price Lead Acid is best. 2> After the purchase, efficiency and maintenance and...
As I remember, you don't. The batteries are built into the film pack. Try going to the Polaroid website for more instructions.
Electrostatic potential energy
This can be done by moving a magnet through a coil of wire. This is called electromagnetic induction and it results in a voltage being induced in the coil. The charges in the coil are set in motion...
elecron can move from atom to atom... yes
when nickel is added, for instance, the austenite structure of ironis stabilized. This crystal structure makes such steels virtuallynon-magnetic and less brittle at low temperatures. For greaterhardness and strength, more carbon is added.
Unpaired electons (which is to say, electrons not paired with another electron of opposite spin).
If standing on 0 latitude and longitude ( doesn't matter whichpole) the compass would go crazy
Lightening is just a discharge taking place between charged cloudsor in between a charged cloud and any charged region of the earth
By rubbing some of the electrons right from cloth will betransferred to the record leaving cloth positively charged andrecord negatively. Hence the dust particles coming near the recordgets ionized and get attracted towards it
The ozone layer . Air-borne water . plant pigmentations . sunbathers
There are different mains supply standards in different parts of the world. -- It's AC almost everywhere in the world, rather than DC. -- The frequency of the AC is either 50 Hz or 60 Hz everywhere. It's 60 Hz in all of North America. -- Mains voltages include 400, 240, 230, 220, 127, 120,...
One variable that needs to be controlled is the number of coils of the electromagnet as the more coils the stronger the magnetic force, so the same number of coils should be used for each test.
Electricity involves charged particles. An electric currentinvolves the movement of charged particles. These charged particles MAY be electrons, and often are; but it ispossible to have an electric current with many other types ofcharged particles.
Static Electricity -- A condition that exists when electrons are displaced and remain so. Static electricity is usually the result of friction. Lightning is an example of static electricity. Static electricity makes your hair stand on end. If you take an inflated balloon and rub it on your head, it...
The actual act, meaning how bad the person was hurt. Then there isintent, or weather the perpetrator was trying to hurt the victim.If it is done with intent to kill or with a dangerous weapon it isaggravated battery, and the sentence can be greater.
Static energy happens as a result of buildup of electrical chargeson the surface of the object. That shows it is a non-moving charge.Current electrical energy is the flow of electrons along aconductor. Static energy is uncontrolled unlike the current energy,which can be controlled.
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