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History of US Immigration

The history of US immigration is viewed in four periods: the colonial period, the mid-19th century, 20th century, and post-1965 eras. Each era has brought different races and ethnicities to the US.


Money. Some want only to provide an honest day's work for their pay, others want to sell illegal drugs. When the illegals get here, they tend to know very little about our laws, and the laws that they DO learn about are treated with as much contempt as they threat the laws in their own country. As a...
they were, like all immigrants, "abused" of their innocence and naiveness. because they couldn't speak the language or read and write, they were often cheaped out of money.
they can find work better in cities. also they are around more people who can speak there language in cities.
  The Emergency Immigration Act of 1921 restricted European arrivals each year to 3% of the foreign-born of any nationality as shown in the 1910 census. A quota law in 1924 reduced the number to 2% based on the 1890 census, which included fewer of the "new" immigrants from southern and eastern...
Many Jews were in danger in other countries due to many forms of  Anti-Semitism (pogroms, the Holocaust, and others). Due to this,  they found ways to reach the USA.
On this page you will find a detailed history of Ellis Island. Thebelow text details the actual origin of the island as a locationfor an immigration hub, all the way to its current status as anational monument. Feel free to jump forward to specifi c sections, by clicking on asection title in the...
Not seriously west of the area of Poland.
immigrants come from mountains
during this time period texas had a lot of land to offer. there were many immigrants coming from far distances such a japan and germany.
Polish and Russian Jews settled on the East Coast at first, andlater, many moved west.
The main targets of these attacks were Americans who had emigrated from other nations, those from Germany and Austria-Hungary. the most bitter attacks were directed against the nearly 2 million Americans of German descent suffered as well.
It doesn't matter where your ancestors came from, if you are being harassed you call their boss or the police. And don't call it German persecution, there aren't really any German Nazis left today. It's also illegal in Germany.
There are several reason why Italians migrated to Australia, beginning from before the gold rushes in the mid-1800s to after World War II. . The gold rushes attracted migrants from around the world, including Italy. . In the early years, many Italians feared persecution from Austrian (not...
Immigrants have no good jobs and their family sometimes lives in the US.
Yes, the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 was a reflected example of Nativism.
My mom's parents are from Norway, and they both came for completely different reasons. On the higher note of the two, my grandmother came to see what America was like, for she had some family in Washington (4th biggest location for Norwegian-Americans). But my father had had a very rough child hood,...
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They would have taken very little to be honest or whatever they could carry
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Immigrants from northern and western Europe were "superior" to those from southern and Eastern Europe
the Chinese and the European 
Between 1890 and 1920, the majority of immigrants came from countries in Southern and Eastern Europe. After 1882, Chinese were banned from immigrating, and after 1907/8 Japanese and Koreans were banned as well.
There were many mostly unlearned explorers that had seen the wonders of the West long before Lewis and Clark. Most were French but many others who were exiled, banished or disenfranchised moved west. Some became Mountain Men of Legend. A few entered and never left a record of their journey. The...
Alot of Chinese names thru-out California due to the Chinese gold prospectors in 1849; China Camp, China Wall, etc. The railroad would've took alot longer to build, as only the Chinese men were willing to blast thru the granite mountains going thru Donner Pass in the Sierra Mountains. Very few men...
In the early 1900's Portuguese immigrants went to work in Canada inthe fishing industry. Most of the Portuguese immigrants settled inparts of eastern Canada, like Novia Scotia.
== Answer ==   *  === They came in 1800s somtime....the movie Gangs of New York acutally tells alot about it, most of the IrishAmericans come from New Jersey or New york. === 
To house the solgiers protecting the westward heading settlers and at times protect the settlers from the people who owned the land.
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It prohibited Chinese laborers from entering the country..!
The Irish contributed food,music,and some holidays.
Immigration during the 1920s was an abundance of foreigners entering the United States. Many of these immigrants came over from their native lands to escape going to jail, poverty, discrimination or benefiting from our better economic status. When they arrived in the United Sates they weren't sure...
14 million, most of which were European
The Swedish people came to America because they there was lot's of  farm land available, high paying jobs, and better job  opportunities. There was an estimated 800,000 Swedish immigrants in  America by 1890.
It helped pave the way for American industry to expand into the West.
Land was offered, almost free, to anyone who would stay on the land and improve it over the course of 7 years. This was done through the Homestead Act.
  They were screened to insure that entry was denied to persons with a loathsome or dangerous contagious disease. Mental health was checked, eyes were checked, and if every condition for entry was met, they were allowed to enter.
What was Ellis island in 1892
Florida, Arizona, Texas, & California
Most lived in tenements, wooden apartments that were very unsafe and unsanitary. They worked at factories and got very little money. They pretty much had a horrible life
  == Answer ==     It's difficult to give a specific answer because the U.S. has become a home to almost every nationality. However, civil war/unrest in a country and poverty are two of the main reasons people immigrate to other countries. There are cases where government or military...
The panama people immigrated from Italy.
  When a person lives in a country he or she works that in its self is a contribution it take people working in a community to make it work regardless of what job they fulfill. some immigrants become successful in business some don't some have children that become important persons in all kinds...
The new immigrants threaten the primacy of the English language and  will take jobs.
The people faced hard challenges.They faced gards and they had to check for weapons.I you were caught with a weapon the made you go back where you came from.Some people let the immigrants on no matter what.
  == Answer ==   The transportation revolution consisting of canals, railroads and many other ways to get across the globe contributed to the influx of immigrants.
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The Middle Colonies of Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York and New  Jersey represented the greatest diversity in terms of immigrants in  the Thirteen colonies. Advantaged by ports that brought a steady  stream of immigrants, the Middle colonies had French, Scotch,  Irish, Germans, Dutch, Swedish,...
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Everyone that entered ,but not all where able to enter the United States. Some had diseases and could only enter if they didn't. If they had a curable disease then they were but in a hospital until they were curred. the others went back.
State alien land acts were passed to restrict Japanese from developing small farms, banning foreign nationals from ownership.
The famine killed Ireland's primary crop, forcing many Irish to leave the country
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In 1921, congress passed a law that limited how many immigrants  could be allowed to come into the country. It didn't allow any one  from Asia to immigrate to the country.
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they wanted to make a new life for themselve without listening to englands rules(it failed)
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Many of the survivors fled to the US, especially California. AFTER, right after, but they were walking the death marches towards syria, and areas around there....most of them died..but some people (like my greatgrandmother) was a survivor. that is why: 1-there are LOTS of skeletons and bodies in...
The american dream was reach by the native indian sacifice thier land.
They were worried they would take American's jobs. And when it got closer to WWI, they were worried about spies
It was created because of a racist tension between the americans and the chinese which banned them to immigrate to the United States.
the U.S. government to process the increasing number of immigrants.