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A funeral is a ceremony that takes place, marking the death of a person. Questions in this category can include things about the ceremony, traditions, and cultural aspects.
Here's a great website that will answer your questions is much  detail:   everplans.com/articles/how-to-write-a-death-notice-or-obituary
Yes at Whenfield Funeral Home in Baton Rouge, LA 70807
The cost of a funeral really depends on what it is that you're  looking to include. Similar to a car as there can be many different  options. Also geographic location plays a role. In general,  currently an average North American funeral will run between $7,000  to $10,000. This cost will...
Of course not. You state they have dwelling only coverage, that  means they only pay for loss of the dwelling. No life insurance can  be attached to a dwelling insurance policy. Sorry. 
No one probably knows what you look like, but I bet you have the  most beautiful hair and the perfect age
Funeral services conducted by Jehovah's Witnesses do not include rituals intended to appease the dead. A Bible talk is given either at the Kingdom Hall, at the funeral parlor, at the home of the deceased, or at the graveside. The talk will highlight the deceased person's life, accomplishments in...
No doubt to my Heart's Mind that Elizabeth Clare Prophet was dressed in perfect ways for her continued journey in space and time.
Friends and family of the deceased
None... Abbey played a happy song at KATE's funeral
A funeral can be held during Holy Week, but only on the Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.
Some basic rules for funeral etiquette: Most important is to show up, it shows you care.Be dressed properly, suit, dark colors, this isn't a party.Proper demeanor. Again, this isn't a party. Voice low, don't monopolize the bereaved.
Catherine II of Russia, also known as Catherine the Great. arguably also long-lived monarchs such as Empress Maria Theresa and possibly Queen Victoria.
A party after a funeral has no specific term.   The gathering before or during a funeral is called a wake. A wake  is usually at the home of the deceased with the body present.    Gatherings surrounding a funeral can range from a somber vigil to a  celebration of sorts in some cultures.  ...
Hi there. A funeral director is basically a person who is licensed to handle funerals. The tasks involve preparing the body for viewing and burial, working with bereaved families to make the final arrangements, and carrying out the funeral in accordance with their wishes. Good funeral directors...
If you really don't want to, no one can force you. But no matter how your marriage ended, you once loved this man, it's okay for you to show that. You only have one chance to say goodbye, so make sure you're sure about not going. Don't worry about other people, do what you wanna do. But you shared a...
Wedding: . http://www.answers.com/Q/What happens in a Jewish wedding ceremony</a> ; . Funeral: . 1) The body is buried in a simple shroud (Talmud, Ketubot 8b), because the only things which one brings to the next world are spiritual accomplishments - not jewellery etc. 2) The body is cleansed...
Normally you have to sue someone in the particular location where a particular action happened. A funeral is another story. Normally a funeral comes out of the estate of the deceased. That happens before the estate is divided after the estate is probated. Normally the contract for payment for...
It is allowable to have a Christian funeral on Good Friday in the  United Kingdom. There are no specific rules stating when a funeral  may take place.
The person who wrote the poem "Funeral Blues" is W.H. Auden.
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Modern crematoriums can do so at a rate of about 100 pounds per hour.
If you mean Julius Caesar, Marc Antony had supreme authority immediately following Caesar's death as he was the only remaining consul. Then there was disruption, as the senate tried to justify the assassins, Octavian arrived, Antony was kicked out and a mini civil war occurred. Octavian switched...
A good question to ask an undertaker or funeral manager before you  give them your business include: What are the basic costs involved?  How long have you been in business and what membership and licenses  do you have?
Adolf HitlerAfter committing suicide on 30 April, 1945, Hitler's and Eva Braun's bodies were hurriedly burned in the grounds of the Reichs Chancery but not totally destroyed. On 2 May, 1945, ther Red Army overran the Chancery and members of SMERSH (Russian counter-intelligence) discovered the...
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Yes, to be specific, only the immediate relatives participate in this practice: spouse, parents, siblings, children. You can wear a black ribbon that gets cut.
First of all, men with overbearing wives are often quiet. Secondly, he was truly saddened by the death of his son. He had been the only one who supported Harv's education, career and move to a big city. He supported him not only financially, but also by wanting more for Harv than Sand City could...
Yev Gardner at St. John the Divine in New York city. From Marty  Mann's biography.
I think it makes sense to make your wishes known. I have seen arguments break out over what the deceased should wear and where to have the funeral, and debates over burial vs. cremation. You might also want to choose hymns and Bible verses. Prepaying for a burial site also seems practical to me.
Depending on how it is presented i think it would be acceptable. It should all be approached in a voluntary/helpful contribution and in no way ask for a specific amount.
Ideally, the deceased's estate will cover any costs of the funeral; most either have plans established like insurances, or set aside a certain amount from their holdings. Some do not set up such a system, and in that case it is basically up to whoever organises the funeral to find the money.
Well if you go to the actual funeral department they should hepl with the cost but sometimes going to a building society for help ar just going to fifnancial advisors from your own bank
A funeral greeter cleans and drive funeral vehicles in a funeral procession. You have to place caskets in parlors or chaples to wake or funeral.
Just the band, close family and friends. According to some reports,  it was kept quiet and not really open to other people out of  respect for his parents.
A funeral director.
Yes, he was. He was discovered by her pallbearers.
  == Answer ==   The oldest son or daughter of the person who passed usually.
The funeral industry did not emerge until after the Civil War when the process of embalming became widespread and more accepted by the general public. Before the mid-19th century, the dead were often displayed in the family home in the "parlor," hence the term "funeral parlor" that is still in use...
it"s the French National Anthem, so such French State types as Charles De Gaulle, Georges Pompidou, etc would be entirely appropriate. The song is lively and a good counterpoint to more mournful pieces. I would imagine it would have been used in the send-offs of Sarah Bernhardt ( first actress to be...
William the Conqueror, the Norman hero of 1066 was so fat at his death that his body burst at his funeral.
diana ross, mary wilson
Upper left arm. This puts it as close to your heart as possible.
At the time of funeral ceremony the scene is full of pathos, emotions, feelings and passions. As such, the influence of the funeral directors affects the minds of the family and they can create a feeling of charity and generosity for memorial gifts
Of cource there is always chanting, There is Rock of Ages , Nearer my God to thee ,On thEagles wings For all the Saints and I sing a song to the saints of God
In the UK the funeral is normally paid from the deceased's estate or life insurance. If this is not possible then a family member or friend will usually pay but are not obliged to. If they do not the state (local council/authority) pays for a minimal funeral.
Early use of flowers at funerals stems from their use to help with the odor of the dead. Other uses however have been for such things as showing respect and love for the person who died, and are a means of showing support and sharing the burden of grief with the family.
There are no rules on what to wear to a funeral but it is customary to dress up in a modest way (no shorts / mini skirts and no sleeveless shirts) Most Jewish people will wear dark colours at a funeral.
  VIEWPOINT FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF A JEHOVAH'S WITNESS   The problem would not be with the fact that the individual was not one of Jehovah's Witnesses. We have lots of members who are married to people of other faiths, or even who claim no faith.   The problem would stem from ignoring...
  Life Insurance Company will pay such amount to you after you submit the death certificate in insurance company. Fist you have to pay to funeral home and after that you will receive insurance amount from the insurance company. Here is link from where you got the local funeral home information...
Traditionally, a priest wore black vestments for a funeral, reminding all that death was a reality for us all and that we must pray for the deceased. In the modern Church, the priest wears white. This change was made in the liturgical reforms of the late 1960s. It was changed in order to emphasize...
the deceased most immediate family member (priority in this order) Wife -> Oldest Son -> Oldest Daughter -> Father -> Mother
The church might tell you what the expected donation is if a funeral luncheon is provided by the parish/church community. In the case of my mother-in-law, we were told $5 per person. For 75 people, this was $350, but we rounded up to $500 since we could afford it, and my in-laws were devout...
Ordinary citizens were dressed in a white toga(men) or stola (women). At the funerals of important people the officers of state wore their ceremonial robes.
No because he is probably taking his mother's death hard and if you are mad he will feel even more sad
It was more than 28 I could say!
Yes. Due to the heat there are very little ashes from a wooden coffin left . Any metal work ( handles) is recycled if the Crematorium has such a scheme.
In my experience, at the wake there is usually a buffet. The buffet can include anything, sandwiches, crisps, cake, sausage rolls, pork pies etc
  Speak with him/her right from your heart. Death is something which joins the entire human family. No one escapes this one, fortunately - it gives us all a kind of common denominator we can relate to.   So speak from your heart and when you see him/her, give a big hug and let him/her unload....
\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nIf all are in agreement then contracts are signed through a lawyer. You want to be sure everything is done on the legal side.\n. \nGood luck\nMarcy\n. \n . \n In the US the parent who is relinquishing their rights must file a Termination of Parental Rights petition in...
I am not sure if Priests ( Catholic) or Ministers ( Protestant) were involved, not knowing Beethoven"s religious background. The musician was known to have composed Nine symphonies- Nine clerics may have been a recognition of this fact, something like flowers spelling out say, l776 for patriotic...
Yes. We receive time off to attend funeral of family member and some additional time off for grieving.
The western tradition of gathering for a luncheon after the funeral  and burial service is called a repast.    In some areas it is called a collation.
Shiva isn't the funeral in Judaism. Shiva is the 7 days after the  burial where the immediate family doesn't leave their home or do  any work. Instead, people come to them to offer comfort and bring  food. Levoya is the burial ceremony.
Send Your Best Angel by the Singing Cookes
i think it should be the 6 strongest men in the family or of the friends some times little boys in the family help out too
  # The burial procession accompanying a body to the grave.An end or a cessation of existence. A ceremony or group of ceremonies held in connection with the burial or cremation of a dead person. Archaic. The eulogy delivered or the sermon preached at such a ceremony.
depends on when the body is found
It kept birds from pecking out the eyes.
Usually it begins with the cleaning of the body by loved ones which is simply a bathing of the body. There are many prayers said during this ritual, and even designated mourners who cry during the bathing of the body. There are many rules, such as once you have bathed the body, you are not allowed...
Maley's Funeral Home, found on page 14 of the book (blue cover).
  $ 125,000 plus bonue of 12,000 to 15,000.
Yes, just perfect, white lilies and blue irises would be lovely, all keep even irises white is ok too
Ordinarily this is NOt done for traffic-control reasons, it conflicts with regularily scheduled Masses ( in the Catholic church) likewise, weddings are normally not held on Sundays either..
"My condolences... I'm so sorry for your loss"
his very own Funeral March"He wrote it"
  == Answer ==   Caskets are left open so you can see the person one last time before they are buried. Gradually it may look nasty but it is what they do.
In his sister's house, in his old room.
No - maybe its just because it hasn't sunken in yet that their really gone! Or you already knew they were going to die so it didn't come as a shock.
Witnesses have 'memorials', which are public discourses, given from God's Word in Kingdom Halls (the places of worship for Jehovah's Witnesses), funeral homes or at the graveside. They do not have funerals in Churches. These memorial talks usually explain how death came to the human family thru Adam...
The estate is responsible for the burial expenses. The Funeral Home may also hold anyone who signed the agreements responsible.
Danny Thomas was Catholic, mentioned many times in his shows. On the late show he explained how St. Jude came to him and told him to build a hospital for the hopeless. FYI: St. Jude is the patron Saint of lost causes.
it takes place in a church or grave yard.
Here is a link that explains it best. Flag Folding Ceremony ~ http://www.trea.org/Funeral/flagfolding.html
Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson's funeral was held in Governor's Mansion in Richmond, Virgina
On some state occasions- a large and audible bell is tolled at a rate proportionate to the life-span ( in years) of the deceased. Obviously this is done manually- unlike chimes on clocks ringing out the Hours- This was done for Sarah Bernhardt (78 turns or strikes) and Jacqueline Onassis ( 64...