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Laser Tag

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Questions about the game of laser tag, where and how to play, laser tag technology, and current and past laser tag systems.
McDermott Field House doesn't really have a secret bunker....actually. The game of laser tag is played in the basement of the building which once served as a bunker type structure in the Cold War.
The best source of laser tag facilities in the US and Canada is wheretoplaylasertag.com with about 750 facilities listed. Visit www.wheretoplaylasertag.com. You can play laser tag in Evansville,In. If you are in Marin or Sonoma Counties in Northern California we can bring laser tag to you. We can...
The longest recorded laser tag games were 60 minutes in Dale City, Virginia, at Laser Quest, Potomac Mills.
Well it would depend on your definition of "Good". The International Laser Tag Association (ILTA - website is http://www.lasertag.org) has reported that the number of new openings has increase over the past 5 years and that sales are reporting increases in sales over the same time a year ago. This...
Yes. There is one on Zip Code 99503.
At laser quest in Wichita I've played with up to 30 peopleAll centres can have up to 30 players per game and many locations are able to have more. There's lots of other activities to play while players wait for the game. We can include groups of 100 to 250 depending on the location. You should...
Hastings, MI itself does not have a large laser tag attraction. The closest would be Grand Rapids MI. You can also check out the non-profit associations locations of where to play laser tag at http://www.lasertag.org. This is a free service and is kept up to date.
There is no required age limit but it is preferred that you know how to hold the gun and fire the trigger. Many laser tag attractions have either a height limit of usually 42" or 48" tall. Some locations, using some of the heaviest laser tag equipment known as Lasertron, have posted signs that a...
From the reviews I see, it's a good set to get. Try to avoid a $60  price.
In short, Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Now, to explain. In a laser, there is something called a MEDIUM. This is where the photons are made. In all substances, there are atoms. In the atoms, there are electrons. The electrons are on orbits around the nucleus of an atom....
Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.   A "laser" is a light source created when a light amplifier is placed between a pair of mirrors. The mirrors bounce the light back into the amplifier, producing feedback, and the amplifier repeatedly amplifies the light as it passes back...
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Some simple ones cost about £30. Don't get these. They don't always  work and you need two to play. Buy a lazer gun pack for about £175.  This includes 3 state-of-the-art lazer guns and sights with 10 free  batteries. (Each gun needs either 3 batteries or a charger to  work.) Now just find a...
lazer tag guns aren't sold cause lazer tag guns have been in stalk to long
The emission of laser beam through the semitransparent end face actually consists of spikes of high intensity emissions. This phenomen is called spiking of the laser.
1.Nd YAG LASER 2.he-ne laser3.co2 laser4.semi condector laser(homo,hetrojunction)5.diode laseretc.............
There is a secret base underground of the malaga Darkzone but u need the password to get in. You say it to the employees just before u go in to the game they will tell u were 2 go. The password is: YOU ANNOYING GIT
Currently, Laser Quest has approximately 57 locations in North America and hours vary from location to location. The link below will provide you with the hours of operation for the Laser Quest in which you are interested.
Zone laser tag is a company that supplies laser tag systems on a franchise basis versus having locations that are actually called Zone laser tag. There are numerous locations in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Eurasia, and New Zealand. Prices vary widely and are based on local currency.
The Abbreviation is Light Amplification by Stimulated emission of Radiation.
Depending on the manufacturer, the number of vests, 'bases', game PCs, additions, software, etc and their associated warranties, the 'out the door' price tag to outfit a commercial Laser Tag facility can easily run $80,000 to over $100,000 just for the Laser Tag game system. Installment payment...
The answer to that question is based on personal opinion. Laser tag isn't "bad" for kids. Laser tag is meant to be a fun experience and kids like to have fun. As such, laser tag is good for kids if "good" is defined as having fun.
There answer to that question would have to be based solely on personal opinion. There are two primary places to play laser tag North of Atlanta (in the Duluth are, Gwinnett County). One is Q-zar, the other is Laser Quest. In my opinion, Laser Quest is a much better option. Their facility is much...
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You can't play laser tag without equipment. Playing laser tag implies that you have equipment, i.e. lasers and "vests". No equipment = no laser tag.
The "physics behind the laser tag" deals with the sub-field area of study known as Optics. Optics is the study of the behaviour and properties of light. It is a branch of the physical sciences. Sir Isaac Newton, the world renowned British physicist, wrote a book on the material labeled "Optiks,"...
Since sunglasses are shaded, and laser tag is played in a dark, black-lite area, you would probably just run into things....like walls and people. Laser Tag facilities typically use Class II cosmetic lasers whose beams are less intense than laser pointers.
Here is the price list:  Monday-Friday: $7  Saturday & Sunday: $9  18-23 mos: $4 daily  12-17 mos: $2 daily  0-11 mos: Free  Does that help? 
4.99 to 5.99 per person depending on the day of the week
Usually 15 minutes, unless you go at manic 45, then it's 45 minutes.
If you're asking about the Laser Tag in Algonquin, IL, it appears as though one game of laser tag is $8.
It's probably ducking or jumping or chasing another person to score more points . You can also kneel sometimes and stay well hidden . And get as many as 6-8-10 people on your team and dived the team in half
  No. While Laser Quest owns the company who designed the original equipment, the lasers and packs are not available for purchase by the public.   The only way you could "purchase" Laser Quest equipment is to become a frahchisee, and Laser Quest is currently franchising only overseas, and 58...
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Yes, however all legal requirements of a laser tag arena are dictated by local building codes which vary from state to state, and country to country.
One additional use of lasers in entertainment is that of laser tag. Laser Quest is just one of numerous laser tag companies that are considered to be in the entertainment industry.
It depends on which laser tag facility you play, however some general rules are that you cannot run, climb, jump, sit, kneel, lie-down, make physical contact with other players, use offensive language, nor cover any sesnors.
You can buy laser tag stuff at Toys R Us. It should be about 40 dollars. If you cant find anywhere there you can try Walmart or you can buy them online. You get 2 guns and 2 vests.
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1 MW is not a distance it is a measure of power.. 1 Megawatt=1million watts MW can also stand for molecular wight which also is not a distance
Laser tag is an interactive game wherein you wear what is typically known as a vest and carry a laser. Depending on the system in which you are playing, the vest and typically the laser have sensors and flashing lights where in the objective is to tag your opponents flashing sensors without being...
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My best rank was 1st place out of 30 people and I'm a 13 year old girl. Want the address? 23520 Overland Dr.
Ignore the previous answer for obvious reasons. Few are worth significant amounts. Decent early ones used to be worth between 25 and 75 dollars, but the market is pretty much dead, like many markets these days, and they're probably only worth 10-30$.
Its not bad its just like having a handheld laser shined in your eye. It won't hurt ones or twice but be sure to wear some sunglasses when playing laser tag. Also, make sure its not for a long duration. But your OK if you did.
No. In order to be coherent, the light waves have to be in phase and stay in phase, and the only way for that to happen is for them to have the same wavelength and frequency.
Regular games like at Birthday Parties are just 15 minutes each, But they do offer "Own the Zone" to actually rent the store for a longer period of time. There are also summer camps too.
In short, Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Now, to explain. In a laser, there is something called a MEDIUM. This is where the photons are made. In all substances, there are atoms. In the atoms, there are electrons. The electrons are on orbits around the nucleus of an atom....
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  Generally speaking, no matter what laser tag company you visit, the games are typically no longer than 15 minutes. Some companies run shorter games, i.e. 6-8 minutes but you get two games with your purchase.   Most laser tag systems have the ability to run games up to 99 minutes long,...
That depends on what's wrong with them. If you're looking for basic instructions on how to make them work (assuming nothing is broken) I suggest you check out the related link below as it provides a lot of information on the set.   The text on the page provides much more info than the video.
yes two people can play laser tag
The ability to see laser beams has nothing to do with black lights. Lasers need a reflective property in order to be seen by the human eye. Often times, the reflective property is a simulated fog in laser tag arenas. Something as simple as air freshener can be used as a reflective property in order...
Yes. It can cause minor concussions and even death in extreme cases. Alway be aware of the deadly lasers they use in laser tag arenas. Always wear protective clothing at least 1" thick, because if a laser comes in contact with bare skin, it can cause major 3rd- degree burns.
Its not compulsory, but you can fo medical reasons.
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This depends on the specific store.
I think between 1- 10
There are many places to buy used laser tag equipment, including Ebay and Amazon. Be cautious of where you purchase the equipment, to ensure that you get the best deal for your money.
Laser tag equipment is generally safe. There are safety requirements that must be met and there are few reports of injuries. Teenagers however can usually find a way to get hurt.
It is recommended that the youngest age a person can be to operate laser equipment be 6 years old. I personally would not allow my 6 year old to operate such equipment. I've never personally been involved with laser tag games so I am unaware if special goggles are given to individuals to protect...
Depends on length and type about 20 minutes.
to increase the wavelength of the beam and increase the laser action
yes they certainly are
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Laser Quest is a laser tag company. There are many laser tag companies in the world, and Laser Quest is one company that offers laser tag. Laser Quest has approximately 58 Centers in North America, as well as numerous centers world wide which are owned by Franchisees.
You try to shoot other people in specific spots of their body with a laser gun.
When I called one of their centers, here's what I was told.   It's 15 minutes of instructions (man, that's a lot), and 15 minutes for the actual game.   We have gone to many parties, played many times on our own, etc. The games are 20 minutes. Instruction includes putting on the gear. Since...
There are some special sprays that can be used to make laser beams visible for the naked eye. The particles from the spray gather around the light particles and make them visible.
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The Cuesight Laser Cue is a billiards training aid designed to help improve a players consistency. Aside from being super cool (I mean it's a pool cue with a laser shooting out the end), it will demonstrate any inconsistency in a players stroking motion as they watch the crosshairs on the cue ball....
No Laser Quest's in North America have a cafe~. You are allowed to bring your own food and non-alcoholic beverages, however.
It depends on where you are. You can search on google or any other search engine. For example, if you are in San Diego, search Lazer Tag near San Diego, California.
== lazertag range ==I dont know for sure, but it should shoot around 700 ft.
at Paintball arena in Fun Addaa, Pune you can play paintball using  Co2 and compressed air as well, Co2 is used to give the paintballs  extra pressure so that it can travell with a high velocity.
Laser tagging is way cooler !
Laser Tag is an expensive affair, Fun Addaa is India's best  entertainment consulting first which can help you to set up a laser  tag arena in just fraction of your fortune which otherwise charged.
To play laser tag, you must wear a special outfit. It's kind of like playing at war in that you must try to shoot the enemy. You can hide and sneak up on people to get the advantage.
Outdoor laser tag was started in the 1970s by the United States Army as a combat training game and was originally called Photon. In 1982 George Carter saw this and thought it would be fun for non-military personnel. He opened the first Photon (Laser tag) arena in March 1984.
There are several places one can buy laser tag equipment. Some good online resources would be for example "Laser Maxx", "Delta Strike", "LaserBlast" or "Adventure Sports HQ".