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The pyramids were built thousands of years ago. They were built to honor their Pharaohs, Gods and Goddesses. These days, they are one of the greatest tourist attractions.


The ever greatest pyramid in the world is pyramid of giza which has  been 146 metres which is 479 feet tall.
None. No mummy has ever been found in any of the Giza pyramids.
They match the three stars in the constellation Orion's belt. They  also match up with the placement of the three Pyramids in Mexico  City and a set of pyramids in Xian China. There may also be a  similar set up in the valley of the Bosnian Pyramids.
The Aztecs, Olmec, and Mayan in Mexico and the Inca and Peruvians  in South America. Also ancient and unknown groups in Europe and the  Mississippi valley, as well as an ancient Chinese group in Xian  China. There are also pyramids in the desert of Sudan as well as a  top secret, large, ancient,...
Experts and archaeologists can only guess. We do not know for sure.
The first pyramid was the Step Pyramid at Saqqara, built for King Zoser in 2750 BC.
We do not know. It may have been at the same early and unknown time  as the Egyptian and other great world pyramids were built. But it  may have also been later on when the Aztec were at their height in  power which is about the time of the Roman Empire.
The Pharaoh's tombs are carved out of rock right into a cliff side  in the Valley of the Kings. No pyramid in Egypt has ever officially  been documented to even have a mummy found in them, let alone a  Pharaoh. It is simply a traditional archaeological assumption that  the pyramids were built...
Giza is right on the border of Cairo - it practically is in Cairo,  right o the southern end of the Nile Delta on the Western shore.  And the river no longer runs next to Giza as it did in ancient  times. But it is not far from the Nile's shore to the Giza plateau.  Definitely within walking...
Only one! And that is the great Pyramid of Giza, traditionally  called Khufu's pyramid.
Yes, well, it pretty much is. Form the shore to the base of the  pyramid is within a few miles. And the Pyramid sits right up on top  of the Giza plateau.
Almost the same as it appears today with one major exception. In  the 1800s a large earthquake cracked the outer casing stone layer  so that the Muslim leaders of the time took and removed the outer  layer of the pyramids to build their fortresses and buildings in  Cairo and Alexandria....
It only took two women. Learned this at school.
There are several ancient pyramid mounds in Mississippi just across  from St. Louis a the Cahokia Native American site. There are also  modern pyramid structures like the building in Memphis Tennessee,  the tower in San Fransisco, and the Hotel in Las Vegas. And there  are many more smaller ones...
No mummy has ever been officially discovered in a Pyramid. There  are separate buildings that house mummies and these are called  mastabas. And the Pharaohs were buried mostly in special places  like the valley of the kings which is in the Egyptian dessert. It  is only a theory that the pyramids...
The Pyramids at Giza are all mad from limestone quarried locally from the plateau. Later pyramids were often made of mud bricks cased in stone.
King Zoser accomplished building the first step pyramid.
Royal funeral architecture.
there culture and writing and beliefs 
No it is in Egypt close to the Egyptian capital city Cairo
to reflect the sun onto the rest of the pyramids complex
Evidentally not! Plenty of ancient coins have survived from Greece, the Roman Empire, etc, but nothing from Egypt.l Paper money was too far ahead of the time, anyhow ( The Chinese, who perfected papermaking, came out with some in the l2Th Century AD) Evidentally they had what amounted to a moneyless...
Glass pyramid discovered in Bermuda by unknown scientists? What do you know about that? Can anyone verify this as fact?
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15 meters each together they are the size of a blue whale
That would be the Step Pyramid. It was created by the architect Imhotep. According to Egyptian lore, he became a deity when he died because of his great contribution to Egyptian architecture.
I'm not sure but I'm guessing it is a cone =)
King Tut was buried in a pyramid and other kings were too.Like kingKhufu. King Khufu but not Tut he was buried in a tomb in the Valley of theKings (KV62). Nearly every pharaoh in the old and middle kingdomswere buried in pyramids.
22 feet is equal to about 6.71 meters. It is also equal to exactly  264 inches and about 671 centimeters.
There are pyramids in Central America and in Egypt.
mayan pyramids are about 3000bc
There was no 'Greatest Pyramid'. The largest is in Giza (Khufu's pyramid - Largest of 3 pyramids of giza). The oldest and original was the step pyramid at sakkara
the question is not so much why they were made .. the answer to that question can only be answerd by asking your self another question .. "where were they made ...?" i have been building pyrmids on a web site named minecraft . i have just completed my second pyrmid or 42 thousand blocks , the first...
The pyramids could be seen for many many years and unnoticed of their shape but it was Semir Osmanagic who claimed to have said those are real pyramids.
Pyramids were built in Ancient Egypt as tombs, or burial places, for Egyptian pharaohs, or kings.
The Pyramids of Giza are located in Egypt.
it was biggerToday the Great Pyramid is without its capstone and its outer casing of white limestone. 
It weighs alot but to be exact 5.9 million tonnes -----It is estimated at 6.5 million tons.
You are entering the Sphinx, not the pyramids. The four hieroglyphics by the entrance are the key to the Falling Blocks challenge (number three of four), so you can jot them down or wait until you fail the challenge the first time. The second sign on the wall is for the scorpion pit. Three of the...
A pyromaniac is a person who sets things on fire when they are angry. This name came from the pyrmaids. When someone was in love, they broke up, and set the pyramid on fire.
Round about from 100 BC to 450 BC
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The word "necropolis" literally means "city of the dead"; so, a necropolis is a cemetery, a final resting place. A royal necropolis is basically a cemetery for members of royal families - particularly kings and queens, but also their relatives. Well-known royal necropolises include the Basilica of...
I like this question! :) ok. Well, it shows the intelligence of ancient civilizations, such as the Mayans and Egyptians of much earlier centuries. By analyzing how they were generally created, man-power aside, the tools they had back then weren't advanced, so you know they had to be smart. They...
the ancient egyptians are believed to be religious and honored their dead. The pharohs were honored by a wonder today called pyramids. After a pharaohs death they were buried in the pyramids
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It took about twelve years for the Colosseum to be completely finished. Titus dedicated it in 80, but his bother Domitian finished it a couple of years later.
They built tombs. They mummified their bodies so they would be  ready.
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The egyption Pyramid is maily made out of limestone, granite, and  clay.
a pyramid is shaped like an triangle but 3-d
the adequate information about the mystery of pyramid has not been collected yet, but it is believed that it has many physical and spirtual effects on life.
Ecological PyramidsDiagrams of food webs only show qualitative information. Pyramids of numbers, biomass and energy provide us with quantitative information. The diagram below shows the appearance of these ecological pyramids for three food chains, all taken from the previous foodweb . Ecological...
So that their soul will be on the afterlife and their tomb will be placed in a good position
It is believed by Egyptologists that thepyramid was built as a tomb for Fourth Dynasty Egyptian pharaoh Khufu (often Hellenicised as "Cheops") and was constructed over a 20-yearperiod.
  Defining the height of a pyramid is by taking a straight line from its base at ground level to its highest point.
mummies were found inside the pyramids
About six million tons all moved by human muscle
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Shortly after coming to the throne the Pharaoh would command his overseer of public works and architects to prepare a burial place in keeping with his status as a god-king. The chosen site was usually one on the edge of the cultivated land in an already established pyramid field. The royal survey...
There are actually eight periods in Egyptian history.   Ancient: 3100 BC - 525 BC Achaemenid: 525 BC - 332 BC Ptolemaic: 332 BC - 30 BC Roman: 30 BC - AD 639 Arab: 639 - 1517 Ottoman: 1517 - 1805 Muhammad Ali Dynasty: 1805 - 1882 Modern: since 1882
They are made out of sandstone.
No. The Great Pyramids at Giza are in Egypt. There are many more pyramids scattered about that country and in addition there are even more numerous amounts of pyramids in the Sudan. However, Israel has no Pyramids.
egyptian obelisks are considered one of the most amazing architectural feats ever achieved because obelisks need alot of planning and advanced technology and knowledge of geometry to be made
Type your answer here... 300,000
they are used for tombs for the kings and wealthy
So he could use it in the afterlife. The Egyptians believed that they could take it all with them.
the pyramids where not only perfectly aligned with the stars but the corners of the pyramids were perfectly aligned with north, south, east, west
A tetrahedron or triangular pyramid.
Many of the pyramids were built in the valley of the kings.West of the bank of the nile.West where the sun set.
The Arabic term مِصْطَبَة (misTabat) means "bench", particularly a low bench of mud or mud-brick used in poor people's houses. From this word the term "mastaba" derives, since the earliest Egyptian tombs resembled the misTabat bench.
The prymad of giza's single side is 36524 inches long. Add a decimal point in there and you ger 365.24 which is a single solar year. Weird
the slaves built the pyramids and the palaces where the pharos lived.