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A population refers to the collection of organisms that belong to similar species and live in a single geographical area at a specified time. An example of a population is all the people residing in the United States.


The current population is unknown because of the little informationthat is know about its ability to reproduce and the depths thatthey live at.
The culinary nature of speciation I think. If a species is isolated in two different environments, the gene pools of each environment vary, this is known as genetic variation. The environment selects the genes from the gene pool, equipped best for survival. The species with the most genes will live...
Around 2,266,883 are in the military to this day.
About 1,000 (more or less) at the time.
Actually its 67,101 people live in Maize,Kansas.
 Population and geography   The total population of the West Indies Federation was between 3  and 4 million people, with the majority being of black West African  descent. Minorities included Indians from the subcontinent (called  East Indians), Europeans, Chinese, and Caribs. There was also...
Walk, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, buses, boats, airplanes,  trains... their technology isn't much different than the rest of  the world.
As far as I know, the RH Bill (now RH Law, if I'm not mistaken), is probably the only measure taken by the current government to somehow control the population of the country.
During which stage is DNA in the nucleus duplicate?
About a million but more in the burbs.....One of my favorite cities in the world!
According to Pakistan Demographic Profile: The estimatedpopulation in 2017 is between 197 to 200 million. Median age 23.4years male vs 23,3 years female. . Here are gender ratio. At birth-1.05 male/1.0 females; under 15yrs-1.06/1.0; between 15 to 64 years-1.09/1.0; over 65years-0.92/1.0. For all...
The 2011 census listed Ireland as having a population of 4,588,252. The population growth rate of Ireland is about 1.11%, one of the highest in all of Europe.
About 8 billion, but that is only registered citizens in  residential areas around the world, counting children and  unregistered adults, about 9.7 billion.
A total of 3,064,000 live in Wales (2011).
the part of the population the researcher is interested in researching
== Answer ==   The three most populated cities of Iraq are:   Baghdad - 7.000.000 Basra - 2.000.000 and Arbil - 990.000
The 2010 Census recorded 238,300 residents in the City.
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It depends on how the question is to be read.    In the United States, there are between 39-42 million  African-Americans, depending on whether you count biracial persons  where one parent is Black. This number also does not count  Hispanics with dark skin, like Dominicans, who do have...
The population in Wyoming as of July 1, 2015 was 586,107 per theU.S. Census Bureau. Wyoming is the least populated U.S. state.
many people dont live on islands because it is near or on the see and a lot of people is afraid of any water what so ever or they dont want to be near or on the see so they live not on a islands and it is totaly up to evry body people on this island if they wont to live on a island or not and nobody...
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GDP of Tokyo is raked as highest in the world. The second is NYC. Although NYC has the largest stock exchange market, Tokyo has the 3rd largest. In the end of 80s, Tokyo's land prices were equivilant to the whole USA. In Ginza district, approximately $120,000 USD per square foot. Yucho bank, the...
overcrowded, polluted, dirty.
currently the us army has around 738,699 soldiers active/reserve
The religion that is most widely followed in Central Asia is Islam.  Buddhism is also a widely followed religious practice and had more  followers before the dawn of Islam than it does now.
In feudal society, most people were peasants. In many countries the peasants were mostly serfs.
  louisiana was purchase on 1803 for 15mil
As I understand it nobody died due to the Soviet blockade of  Berlin. The US Air Force began flying in supplies long before that  would have become an issue. A few deaths did result from airplane  crashes during the airlift operations to supply Berlin.   However of course some people did die...
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as of 2013 only about 47% of the population is against gay people,and this population consists almost entirely of Christians andMuslims.
Only Winnipeg can be classfied as a major city in Manitoba.
About 2.2% of the US population is Jewish.
Tundra and subarctic climate dominate the environment
the factors of population in Canada are..LatitudeHistoryWaterAgricultureFishingManufacturingLumberTradealso Mining
White settlers (overwhelmingly Hispanic colonisers from Mexico)  numbered probably fewer than 5,000. The Native American population  in the early 19th cenbtury is variously reported as 14-45,000. 
== Answer ==   women had to take men's places in factories and shops. their clothing changed from skirts and dresses to pants and overalls. Many took up jobs that they never knew that they could do.It affected them by giving them better jobs and more money so they liked it in a way and some of...
The US Census recorded 520,116 residents in 2010.
== Answer ==   About 3,000,000,001 people watched the FREAKIN OLYMPICS!!!!!!!!!
Inprovement in medical health care which would reduce the death rate of people and uncontrolled frequency of having relationships with his or her spouse will certainly increase the population size.
The most populated city in the world is Shanghai, China with an  estimated population of 14.01 million people. The most populated  city in the United States is New York City with an estimated 8.337  million people as of 2012.
i would say half the countries in the Middle East in Asia forexample Syria, Lebanon, Egypt,Iraq, Iran etc in the middle east
Any answer based on "official" statistics would be wildly inaccurate. Due to the Hukou system of China in particular, and the local ID Card scheme of Shenzhen city to a lesser degree, you have official government numbers that do not really match the amount of people who live and work in Shenzhen....
False, the cities are more densely populated than the countryside. This is universally true.
Unofficially, there are over 576,000 persons currently living in  the US under the surname of Perez.
Since it is a ghost town I would guess that no people "live" there.
The latest census (June, 2006) set the population at 2,008,516 people. As of 1 January 2010, the population of Slovenia was estimated to be 2,054,480 .
they occur in least developed countries (LDCs)
The last official population count was 5,266,214 (as of July 2009). The results of the 2010 census should be available in the Spring of 2011.
It is like counting sheep, you have to go and count them your self :)
Yes. It is estimated that the population of Australia trebled from 430,000 in 1851 to 1.7 million in 1871.
The population of Stowmarket is currently about 17,000; however,  this figure is set to increase due to the ongoing plans for  extension.
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The worldwide Muslim population in 2013 was 2.04 billion people. As  of 2014, the estimated worldwide Muslim population is 2.08 billion  people.
The population of a is 30 million in 2003 what will it be in 2020
that's because undevoloped nations do not have the infastructure to create a large city.
There are about 400 million vegetarians 6 billion people so that would mean 5.6% are vegetarians.Hope this helps
China is known for their many exports. A few of China's exports aremachinery, plastics, electronics, vehicles, and footwear.
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Anderson is a city in and the county seat of Anderson County, South Carolina, United States. The population was 25,514 at the 2000 census, and the city was the center of an urbanized area of 70,530. It is the principal city of the Anderson, South Carolina Metropolitan Statistical Area (population:...
The population for Los Angeles in 2010 is 1,2009.