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The Principality of Monaco is a Southwest European neighbor of France. As the world's smallest monarchy, its entire length can be walked in just under an hour. Contributors typically raise questions about Monaco's comfortable living conditions, local culture, multilingualism, royal family, scenic views, sophisticated city life, tax haven status, and tourist activities and sites.
Prince Albert ll took over in 2005 just before his father died.
in 2009, there were roughly 3.6 million visitors to monaco (including ships that have docked but not necessarily unloaded people into the country/city)
mont agel - 140 metres
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There are no major cities. Monaco is a tiny city/country, less than one mile square.
About one day of driving. 2-3 hours flying. 6-8 hours by train.
It is mostly gardens and parkland.
it takes roughly 56 minutes to walk the width of the entire country
The highest point in Monaco is 163 metres (or 535 US feet) above sea level.Guess it depends on your definition of "mountain"...
Monaco is rich by gdp cause it does not have a high populationn.  It is a developed country. 
Its the second smallest country in the world! Vacant city is the first. Central Park in New York is twice as big as Monaco A person can walk across the country in 56 minutes Monaco has the most expensive real estate in the world It has the largest police force in the world.
Monaco is basically a very small city/state. There are no  individual cities within it.
There are no rivers in Monaco.
Monaco- which means (Monk) in Italian is as close as you can get to Italy without being under the Italian Flag. The Monacan flag is Red-Over-White ( two horizontal bars) It is obvious from name and photos the Grimaldi family is of Italian origin, but the Principality is well, closer to France- and...
Prince Albert ll of Monaco was married in 2011.
Monaco is a micro state in Europe. It is on the Mediterranean coast and is surrounded by France. Monaco is part of Europe.
There are no rivers but there are streams.
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Her Royal Highness Caroline Louise Marguerite Grimaldi, Princess of Hanover, Hereditary Princess of MonacoHis Serene Highness Albert Alexandre Louis Pierre Grimaldi II, Sovereign Prince of MonacoHer Serene Highness Princess Princess Stéphanie Marie Elisabeth Grimaldi of Monaco, Countess of Polignac
Monaco covers an area of just 0.76 square miles.
Prince Rainier's children are Prince Albert ll, Princess Caroline and Princess Stephanie.
Monaco is less than one square mile.
It's about ten miles from Nice Airport to Monaco.
Your Serene Highness is the proper address.
The younger sister of Prince Albert II and the youngest child of Rainier III of Monaco, and Grace Kelly, is Princess Stephanie Marie Elisabeth.
Grace was there to film "To catch a thief" for Hitchcock.
There are all types of food in Monaco. There are mostly French and Italian styled foods, as Monaco is heavily influence by both countries.
If you are thinking of a luxury getaway, the sovereign city-state of Monaco is definitely a good choice. Its high-profile casinos, grandiose restaurants, elite hotels and paradise-like coastlines adorning the city make it a picture perfect spot for affluent travelers. Highlights in Monaco include...
  GDP (PPP) 2007 estimate Total $976 million (?)   Per capita $70,670 (€50,000) (Mid Sept. 07 est.)
No, Monaco is not a member of Schengen. But, Monaco has an open border with France. If you are legally in France you can cross into and out of Monaco any time.
I would like to know if there is a train from rome to monaco what train station in rome and the schedule.
As far as I'm aware, Montenegro is in Europe - So you can go anywhere in Europe without a Visa.
A person from Monaco is a Monegasque.
Monaco is a romantic place witch is beautiful and is peace. Some celebrities go there. They have the music awards there
it is autocracy run by grace kelly, soon to be seized by charlotte and queen elena and their peasants xoxo
It was in a church, the biggest or Main Church- probably a Cathedral in Town.
You would fly to Nice, in France, but less than 10 miles from Monaco. Average flight time 10 hours.
2 ceremonies - one on July 2 and the other on July 3, 2011 ( later one to be televised)
Yes, it is a stable successful country.
Some common foods in Monaco are pizza, pasta, crepes, croissants, and quiches.
The road distance is approximately 380 miles
Switzerland and Luxembourg do not have any water around them.
It's its own country, a principality. It's an indepentent city-state of France. Monaco's capital and largest city is Monte-Carlo.
Monaco is a Principality on the Mediterranean Coast surrounded by France.
Very good question!Yes, despite winning the previous year Monaco did not host Eurovision in 1972 and the contest was instead held in Edinburgh, United Kingdom.Monaco did not have the resources to host the contest. The French National broadcaster offered to host but only if the contest would take...
pianos and violins ,cellos ,violas ,or basses
I would say fishing, but the rest is imported. This is what I read and what I wrote in for my project. Hope this helped.
It is very small, but it is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. So it has a large population for its size.
French is the primary language.
Grace Kelly had 2 daughters and 1 son1) Caroline, Princess of Hanover2) Albert II, Prince of Monaco3) Princess Stephanie Marie Elisabeth.
I live in Monaco and there is nothing really wrong here, besides a few minor gambling problems.
Monaco is itself a famous city
This came up in a pub quiz the other night and there was some  dispute about the answer, so we checked. Monaco's coastline is  about 3.2 km long, depending on how you measure it - could be 3.4  km. The rival answer, Bosnia-Herzegovina, has a massive 7.7 km  coastline at a place called Neum. Yes,...
principality of monaco that is... if your talking about the country :P
It is not part of any country. It is an independent country. It has a coastline and all of its land border is with France, but it is not part of France as some people think.
France surrounds Monaco.
Monaco is bordered by France and French is the official language of the country of Monaco.
Monaco is located in southern Europe on the Mediterranean with France as a neighbor.
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Monaco is about 3 miles from Nice. A 15 minute train ride.
Prince Albert ll of Monaco is the current ruler.
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Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland and Italy are the five countries that border France on the north and east. - The others, Monaco and Spain are on the south.
Prince Albert II is the current head of state of the principality of Monaco. He is the son of Ranier III, Prince of Monaco, and the American actress Grace Kelly.
It is a beautiful city, with a lovely seascape.
Monaco is a sovereign city-statecountry. The country consists of a single city.
Monaco is located in the French riviera.
  They live in apartmants or Hi-rises   They live in apartmants or Hi-rises
Well... you could probably look for a book with a title like "Flags of the World", but since you already have access to the internet, just do a google search for monaco flag and you'll find there's a wikipedia page: https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Flag_of_Monaco It's red for the top...
Eight countries border France: Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, Spain, Andorra
Constitutional Monarchy. The reigning family is the House of Grimaldi. If there are no Grimaldi's left, Monaco reverts back to France. The present sovreign prince is Prince Albert II of Monaco
He is from Germany.
6442 kilometers or 4003 miles or 3478 nautical miles
France The Prince of Monaco would be a little shocked to hear that ! -He thinks his country is independent !
Monaco's land is used for housing, hotels, restaurants, casinos, museums, stores and parks.
You go there and find a realty agent who specialises in small shops.
He died of old age basically. His organs were all failing possiblydue to a life of excessively rich food and good wines.
Only a little, mainly by the hotel and restaurant staff.
Monaco is a country bordered by France, near Italy.
Yes, he is a very benevolent leader and has made things very comfortable for his citizens.
They met in Monaco while she was there filming "To catch a Thief" in 1955.
Monaco IS a city/state.
Monaco is NOT in Spain . It borders France on the south, but is NOT in France, it is a separate country.
Monaco has many hotels and restaurants with French names.
Monaco borders France on the south east coast, near Nice.