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Spanish Language and Culture

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Spanish is a major language of international organizations such as the Organization of Ibero-American States; and of countries in the Americas, Europe, and Africa. Until 1973, it was the official language of the Philippines, where its impact still is seen in the vocabularies of such native Filipino languages as Tagalog and Cebuano. Contributions typically raise questions about the language's local dialects; regional variations; and worldwide achievements in business, entertainment, and literature.
As of 2013 Hispanic or Latino people made up 17.1% of the US  population. Around 37.6 million people spoke Spanish in the home as  of 2011, that is two-thirds of the non-english speaking population  in the US.
When Spain colonized panama in the 1500's, they brought spanish with them. It's stayed there ever since.
Una taza. 8 onzas es el medino De una taza De liquido.
The goddess Artemis' responsibilities are to watch over children,  protect new born creatures, aid women during childbirth, send  plagues through wicked cities, kill men who committed rape, and  help the hunt.   She was responsible for hunting and the Wild (along with Pan). She  led the group...
Let's see. You can be a lawyer, you'll get paid good for being bilingual. You can be a teacher, but who wants to live on that crappy salary. You can be a receptionist. You can also be a nurse, if you're willing to do medical school.
it depends, if you were born in a spanish speaking country, no... because that would be your main language. If you speak a different default language, like English, yes. Because you don't speak it normally.
Translation: How many [fluid] ounces are in a gallon.    Respuesta: Hay 128 onzas en un galón | Answer: There are 128 fluid  ounces in a gallon.
it means i wanna know more about you in a less direct way.
How do you make a game for times tables
Ella tiene treinta y dos años.
It means American, and it is derived from the Spanish words "Estados Unidos" (United States in English)
Hola, primero que nada todo depende el tipo de ecuaciones quequieras calcular. Sería bueno que fueras mas explicito.
Entre los mejores se encuentran: JuanLuis Guerra. 211.917 oyentes. ... ElvisCrespo. 157.808 oyentes. ... Chichi Peralta. 78.716 oyentes. ... EddyHerrera. 44.277 oyentes. ... Fulanito. 46.658 oyentes. ... Proyecto Uno. 46.472 oyentes. ... Wilfrido Vargas. 37.267 oyentes. ... Sergio Vargas....
Es importante que incluir todos de sus datos cuando se aplica por empleo--su nombre, numero de teléfono, información de correo electrónico, y otras formas de communicación. Experiencia de trabajo pasado y cuálificaciones como educación son necesarios. Tambien, es una buena idea incluye el raz...
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Traducción: In the countryside
lección is a feminine word in Spanish, therefore its plural is las lecciones
Woodchuck or groundhog
1. You would say le presento a Alejandra which translated literally means "to you (Sr López) I present Alejandra." Since Señor López is receiving the action of the verb, you should use the formal pronoun. 2. This is the opposite of the first: if Jorge is a peer, you could say te presento a Se...
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The Spanish had enormous success in the New World for several hundred years. They conquered all of Central America, most of South America, the area that is now the southwest United States, Florida, Texas and California. They became fantastically wealthy during the 16, 17th, and early 18th centuries...
elmasqueridop15 ahí esta Arnaldo Vallellanes, cantante conocido como "El Mas Querido" síguelo a través de Twitter en elmasqueridop15
Ingenieros, constructores y esclavos, siguiendo los designios de los grandes faraones.
Este sitio web no busca informacion que pertenece a una persona especifica segun Las Reglas.
Septimo lugar, con 2.602.000 barriles/dia
telefono de dirigente sindicato aduana de matamoros tamaulipas irma segoviano aldape
Thousands and thousands. The book Breaking Out of Beginner's Spanish [BOBS] by Joseph J. Keenan gives the figure of more than 4,000 (pg. 168). Some Spanish words are Arabic-influenced like "ojalá from "wa-sa Allah" (En: "May Allah wish it") . Others are direct translations. Words that started with ...
"Cuidado" means "Careful!" "Cuidar" is the verb's infinitive."Ciudad" is the word for "city".
What is your name? It is used as a formal question.
Springfield, Massachusetts
  the luck of the ugly ones to wapas is worth mother to us       In continental Spain we use a similar phrase:   "La suerte de la fea, la guapa la desea"   Literally this means that beautiful girls are jealous of the ugly girls' good luck. In other words, physical beauty is not...
Just put the name of the food... usually your teacher will introduce the names of the foods used in these pictures. Example : Problem number 1 says:Te Gustan ( guisantes )No, ( no me gusta guisantes ) You just have to fill in the lines will the "Best answer", its not a thing that has the same answer...
"Te quiero como a ninguna otra."
Where can I buy clay to make ceramics?
Yes, you do. However, in Spanish you can drop the subject whereas French tends to keep them.
Spanish explorers sailed in ships using wind. They did not use gas.
"Enfermedad" en inglés es: "Disease"
"Te amo" is "I love you". "Viernes" is "Friday". It could possibley by confused with "Te llamo el viernes"? That could be translated as "Call you on Friday?" Or simply it means "I love Friday"
Watch as in the device that you strap around your wrist is RELOJTo watch = Observar or mirar
telefono de la parroquia de nuestra senor de guadalupe de la placita olvera
It means "how many". www.wordreference.com is a very good dictionary site.
how do you say "hallway"in Mexico
A Spanish Omelette has many varieties. I make mine with eggs, potatoes, mushrooms, cheese and bacon.
la energia que posee un cuerpo siempre se conserva
today is (i don't know what snule is)
de que estado en estados unidos es la lada 951?
La traducción más simple de "hasta" es "until".   Este significado se aplica, sin embargo solo para casos como:   Hasta mañana = Until tomorrow   Hasta el lunes = Until Monday    Otras traducciones:   Puedo pagar hasta $30.00 = I can pay up to $3.00   María me trajo hasta mi...
todo lo que podias hacer era llorarsaludosPISKIARG
English: As of 2010, approximately 34 million people have contracted HIV globally. Espanyol: Hasta el anyo 2010, aproximadamente 34 milliones de persons han contraido VIH globalmente.
Place is a French equivalent of the Spanish word plaza. The pronunciation of the feminine singular noun -- which may be preceded by the feminine singular definite (la, "the") or indefinite (une, "a, an") articles and which translates as "(public, town) square" -- will be "plahss" in French and "PLA...
hoh much is banco de espana 1 1953 worth
para = for para is a preposition ti = you is a prepositional pronoun and therefore follows a prepositiontú = you is a subject pronoun and therefore does not follow prepositions; it serves as a subject of a sentence as in: Tú hablas muy bien = You speak very well
The clicking instruments are called castanets. castanet: a percussion instrument consisting of a pair of hollow pieces of wood or bone that are made to click together in rhythm with the dance
En el enlace debajo econtraras musica cubana, puedes descargar las canciones, ver videos y mas.
quien invento los dulces
Estas nubes, de gran tamaño y apariencia masiva, se llaman casi igual en español: Cumulonimbos.
esos camarones a la diabla me dieron pa bajo
No. Un tercio es más grande que un cuarto.
se llama jose, es una persona muy comun y corriente pero tenemosmuchos años de amistad y compartimos muchos gustos, nos conocimosen 2do año de liceo, y siempre soñamos con tener una banda de rocko ser comentaristas de futbol, a dia de hoy formamos una banda ymuy pronto sacaremos un disco
Spelling , pronunciation and grammar differentiate Portuguese from Spanish. Generally, it's easier to communicate in Spanish because of more frequent contacts between Spanish speakers from Latin American countries. Specifically, Spanish has a reputation for being spelled more or less the way it...
I get butterflies (in my stomach) when I talk about him.
she killed people and yh :)
What classes do you have after lunch?
28 gramos = 1 onza, pues 50 gramos = poquito menos de 2 onzas
La ventaja única consiste en que el nivel de producción en una empresa debe ser alto. La desventaja es cuando aquel nivel es bajo. ¿Cómo podría ser desventajoso un nivel alto de la producción? Obviamente, la cuestión principal en una empresa es la dirección. Cada empresario quiere un nivel...
Hay 150.000 plantas que dan flores,eso equivale a 150,000 variedades de flores con las cuales podemos poner en nuestra mesa un arreglo diferente a lo largo de 700 anos.Esto es una mas de la evidencia de un creador inteligente y amoroso como dice 1 Juan 4:8,k dice ,El k no ama no a llegado a conocer...
Jungo means Jungle in spanish.
The most well known Spanish dish is Paella, made with rice, tomatoes, and meat.
    In Ingles, pollo es chicken.  Chick-en
la celula pulmonar es aquella que nos permite respirar
Dependienta means salesman in English
El Pacto Edénico [Génesis 1:28-31; 2:8-17] El Pacto Adámico [Génesis 3:14-19]El Pacto con Noé [Génesis 9:1-27]El Pacto con Abraham [Génesis 12:1-4; 13:14-17; 15:1-18; 17:1-8]El Pacto Mosaico [Éxodo 19:5-8; 20:1-26]El Pacto Israelita [Pacto de la Tierra; Deuteronomio 27-30]Pacto Davídico [2...