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Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)

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An undergraduate degree in commerce, the Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) is a popular course in India, being offered in various universities. It aims to help students understand methods and processes of commerce.
business oganisation and management question paper 2013
question is X2+2x solve the step by step with differentiate
The OU Bcom 2 year exams is from April 1st 2010.
i have exam time table of summer 2010 b.c.c.a & b.com part 1so pls find out for me the time table
incometax important questions
You can get a non college date sheet for the 2nd year at Delhi  University. You may also be able to find the date sheets in a  school store.
B com 1st year question bank madras university
in computer subject: 1. what is LAN and WAN, 2.COMPUTER stands for?, 3.and you must explain what you write in practical examination, 4.what is importance of computer, 5. how many generations in computer, 6. which version now we are using, and also windows.
The BCCA program at Nagpur University consists of classes 3 days a  week. These classes focus on statistics, e-commerce, programming,  and accounting.
discribe the six variables used in visual basic?
How many subjects should you pass including practicals to get  promoted from b.com 2nd year to 3rd year osmania university?
Bcomm refers to bachelor of commerce. It is an undergraduate  degree. Bcomm(hons) means a degree with honors. This degree is no  longer available in the United Kingdom.
    Yes.it is good option than bcom but its not best becoz if u wanted to do MBA than go for BBA orBMS and if u wanted to go for CA than only BCOm is also good no need to go for BAF       Yes.it is good option than bcom but its not best becoz if u wanted to do MBA than go for BBA...
s.y.b.com oct result of punr university
I need time table of ycmou b.com 3rd year marathi medium
bcom 6th sem exam time table 2013
One advantage to the Right to Education Act in India is that  private schools must reserve 25 percent of their seats for children  belonging to disadvantaged groups. A disadvantage is that it only  applies to elementary education.
contact the Director of Correspondence course if you do from distance learning or go to the university and find it out from the Registrar(exams) office.
I want 1st ba economics hall ticket
honesty,courtesy,leadership,intelligence,kind person,friendly,hardworking
No. The only NBA rule involving going to college is that you must go to college for at least 1 year to be eligible for the NBA draft.
from 15th December guys... get prepared well
Certainly not....BFM is always a better choice than BAF or any other course bcoz it provides practical knowledge about financial markets which has a very wide scope in equity markets, debt markets, forex markets, and many others. On the other hand BAF has limited exposure in accounting, taxation,...
Computer is well known device in the field of business & commerce
== Seminar Topics == There are many computer seminar topics. They are: Java RingJava servletsOptical computerZigbeeSmart QuillHome networking
what is the date of FYB .COM admission
DID I GT ADMISSion for hr colledge for 86.18%
Electronic commerce, commonly known as e-commerce or eCommerce,  consists of the buying and selling of products or services over  electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer  networks. The amount of trade conducted electronically has grown  dramatically since the spread of the...
b.com.,1st year first and second semester question paper
when will the b.com forms are meet
Sir, actualy iam kannada medium student that this year i am taken admission to b.com 1st year in Kuvempu university, i am getting difficult to study, because all subjects are in english , so can you help me
Now they will announce soon the result of B.com Part 1 and bcom  part 2. here below are the links where you can see the Punjab  University results.    http://www.lahorimela.com/education/pu-b-com-part-1-2-supplementary-result.html
when the degree 2year supplementary exams
i want to know how can i register for b,ed in gndu
i want sy bcom eco & stat papers gujarat university.
    for account student, exam starts on 11th of june.
ty bcom external addmission is open
osmania lanja kodula ammalani akkalani denga correction cheyadaniki rani madarchod lanjalu . eela ayyalanu barrelu denga .
one can also do mbs after doing
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Contact the institute involved.
Usually about two years, if you are going 'full time' The requirements are usually around 40 to 50 credit hours.
solapur university m.a. first semistar hindi syllabase
Preliminary time table is as below: October 12- Methods and techniques of cost accoutingOctober 14- Income TaxOctober 17- AFAOctober 19-AuditOctober 21-EDPOctober 24-LPB
human resource accounting in human resource management
  == Answer ==   according to an ACT universities have their own area. hyderabad region comes under OSMANIA university region. no college in hyderabad cannot get affiliation of acharya nagarjuna or any other university. if u r very particular about nagarjuna univeristy go to vijayawada. al...
which date of s.y.bcom result ?
you are partly qualified brother but you will be treated as a  casual student which means you have to clear all your suppliment  papers and will not be eligable for sitting in honours papers for  the next higher part . :)
Dude ders no shrt cut? U cannot appr fr tybcom unless u clr ur fy nd sybcom, its NT like 10th or 12th whrin u fail in 7th std nd u appr prvt;y fr ssc or u fail in 1th nd appr fr fr hsc. U shld pass in sy nd fy to give ty. But if u gt 1kt in tybcom u cn stll appr fr ty but ull be gvn d result or d...
yes,bt some of the que. are ny complete
As it relates to LDC's mainly Nigeria. the contemporary challenges are poverty, religion, politics and culture. Nwabueze, I. E.
  i want know the result of bcom final year exam-2008 result   My Reg.No is GAAFBP1209
There is no provision for B.Com students to get the direct admission in CA Final. Every student will have to follow the procedure to become a CA.(i.e. CPT, IPCC, FINAL). for more info ask me on my mail vikram.jakhar.ca@gmail.com By- Vikram jakhar CA Student
When will stat B.com Part 1 Admision in karachi colleges
well i am studing it because its a very well known languager in Europe but i heard recently that the most spoken language in Europe is not now french, but German
which one of the following is an unincorporated organisation?a) General partnershipb) Limited liability partnershipc ) Public limited companyd) Private limited company
Within the United States, there are many excellent online degrees. However, it is most important to recognize which colleges and universities are legitimate and valid. This basically is very easy. Make sure the college or university has a regional accreditation. Below I have listed the...
I want datesheet for b.com regular part 1
The father of commerce is Poseidon.
please tell m wen r degree supple revaluation results r going to declare becoz xams r nar by in 4 days
B Com Hons.. Bcz it has more pre course outlines for new Participants
  Bba is much better than B.com
Am Anitha.C am study in B.Com commerce in the year 2005 - 2008 am finished all the three year .i have two arrears in third year exam my enrollment no X5101SCM6144. can u tell now i can written that two paper than what the time table pls tell me sir soon as possible am wait for u r answer my Emil id...