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Do you have a painting or piece of artwork that you have often wondered who the artist is, or what the value or origin is? This is the place to ask questions concerning paintings and other pieces of art of unknown or indeterminate origins, with an eye to identifying the artist, title or value, and the work, . Are you knowledgeable about rare and unidentified works of art? Come on in and share your knowledge by answering questions.
DeLano Taylor born March 23,1995 is a Alabama graffitti artist whose name says it all
If it's really, really old, you could try the vatican's aquisitions department. Otherwise try your local auction house and then maybe add 25% to what they advise.
No A. Sargent is not related to John Singer Sargent but his pieces of work are still worth a fair bit of money
i think what you mean is batique, it is when you draw something on a piece of cloth in hot wax, and then after the wax has dried, use dyes to create a pattern and colours, then you iron the wax off, and leave a patter. that's a brief explanation, jsut Google it
I'm not sure if this will help but I just bought a print of this piece... It seems to have 2 signatures one in each lower corner. One looks very authentic. If u'd like to see photos and see if u can make out the signature(s)... Email me novuscera@gmail.com
Abra evolves at level 16
It's one from Antonello da Messina. He painted it around 1475 and the work is currently at the louvre.
In Paris and New York.
Hell-moc is a website with pictures that a group of school kids created in their spare time. It was when the group got kicked out of their normal hanging place and went to art. And now produce BEAUTIFUL art work and put it up on a website. if you would like u would like to visit their website...
No. He worked for Cesare Borgia briefly as a military engineer but never painted him. The most popular portrait of Cesare Borgia was painted by Altobello Melone. You will find a picture of it online if you look it up.
Do you mean Murals? Murals are paintings done on walls or ceillings.
Fold the card in half. Cut from the bent side across, a centimetre to half an inch from the edge, stopping about the same distance from the other side. Now cut from that other side a similar distance from the previous cut and stopping early as before. Continue to cut across from alternating sides...
She is or was an artist with a studio at Koloa, Kauai.
Hello I can not answer this, however it is the same question I have, the one I have is in an orange blouse with the same discription, can u help me out please, thejonesteam2@yahoo.com
John William Waterhouse painted "The Tempest", not sure if this is the painting you had in mind. You'll see pictures of it on the internet if you search it.
You can't really have a good opinion about art, you can only have an honest opinion. There is no right or wrong. The work of art either is appealing (or makes you think, feel, etc) to you or it doesn't. In order words, you either like it for some reason or you don't. It's a simple as that.
To me, it would be a coffee cup. To represent a person leisurely browsing the Internet instead of actually doing some work.
Attributed to Myles Birket Foster (British, 1825-1899): A Country Flirtation. Monogrammed (twice) l.l. Watercolor and gouache on paper
You are a fan of 'Guns and Roses'
Unless it was a painting from the 17th century it ought to have been by Frida Kahlo.\nI cannot find it on the web now.
he is a 19th century Silver Smith and artist
Yes, Sirani painted a portrait of Beatrice Cenci in 1662.
There are these things called Magnetacks that will hang up your poster without damaging it. They use magnets so they don't actually puncture or damage your poster in any way like tape or thumbtacks would. They're pretty inexpensive too. http://www.themagnetack.com
\nA good target is around $1,000 per square foot per year. WalMart is somewhere around $900, Best Buy is at about $1,000. Higher up, Tiffany's is at around $2,700, but probably the most successful chain is currently Apple Computer, whose retail stores bring in about $4,000 per square foot per year.
Click link below! You'll find a lot of pictures. Some of them are landscapes by Carl Madden.
It's that sort of driftwood at the bottom of the image in the fire,you have to look at it from the right angle to see it though, it'san anamorphic image .
I don't know if this is the artist you are looking for but an artist with the last name Dupont is: Gainsborough Dupont. However, the painting you are describing reminds me of a painting called "Lady with a parasol" by Monet. Hope this helps.
If you know what that the symbol for infinity is also the number 8 then you are well on the way. Rotating the number 8 until it is vertical will be the next step. It is up to you if you want to add a frame around your hourglass. It is up to you where you start and stop the drawing.
There's Lucy Edwards, sculpter; Lucy Edwards, painter; Lucy Edwards, aspiring model; Lucy Edwards, video maker; see the links below.
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. I have a beautiful Oil Painting of a Woodland Scene by this artist. I am currently trying to learn more and if I do I will reply. Sam.
I have found one by J Warner, one by Liudmila Kondakova, one by Jandy Small, one by Amber Alexander, one by Barbara Speck and one by Zvetan Mumdgiev. None, however, by any famous painter.
When you put your heart into it like for example paint a apple with passion and comes out beautiful But if you don't it comes out like NASTY AND UGLY BY: NINE STARR
No, miniture art is just a scaling issue, an illustration is a drawing that is often intended to go along side a text. For example a famous use of illustration would be in the books of Beatrix Potter.
the wrought ironwork formed into curvilinear, whiplash lines
Yolande ardisson signs his paintings "ARDISSON" also I have only seen his work in oil paints not sure if their oil based or water I have a set of 2 matching clown paintings maybe around the late 50"s early 60"s I was wondering the value if any?
Sounds lika one of Paul Delvaux's paintings.
I worked at Lyman Brothers in the 60's. I can tell you it was framed or fitted there because the 78063 number is the order number and the letter A is actually the initial of the person who did the framing and fitting. A would be for Annie, but I forget her last name. I don't see an image of the...
Very often you can just google the name of the painting and find the artist. what if you don't have a title on your painting?
Take a look at a painting called "Nighthawks" by Edward Hopper. Hopefully that's the painting you are looking for...
Depends on which paintings. They are different artists but I know for sure one of them is Kelsey Hochstatter.
I too was interested in such an answer (Groucho Marx refers to a painting of such title being tatooed on 'Lydia the tattoed Lady' in his song of that name). An entry on Google states that William McTaggart RSA (presumably Member of Royal Scottish Academy) painted a picture with that title based upon...
Apparently there is. I have one that fits that description. And it sounds like you have seen one. There are so many H Hargrove paintings I'm sure there are several variations on this same theme. I'm about to put mine up for sale on that auction site.
Cherubs is a painting by Ruth Baderian that depicts two cherubsinteracting. The depiction of the fanciful cherubs is a departurefrom her usual art style. She is particularly known for her fineart that celebrates nature.
The blue period came first (1901-1904). Rose period (1904-1906).
Nina Stevens was an old family friend of ours. We have quite a few of her original pieces. Where did you acquire the painting? Nina and her husband lived in Washington state for many years. I would love to see a picture of your painting.
Nor Ashraf Norazman This is a Malay name; the name "Norazman" is a patronymic, not a family name, and the person should be referred to by the given name, "Nor Ashraf" or "Ashraf". Nor Ashraf Norazman was born on April 25 th , 1989, in Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia. He is a small time genius and is...
Old Crayon Portrait Hello, "Crayon portrait" is an umbrella term for an art approach that encompasses both free hand, and photographic renderings. Photographic crayon portraits, are large format, most around 16 x 20 inches, with a vignetted or sometimes domed oval format to the artwork. They were...
This sounds like Girl in a Garden with a Red Hat. That painting (see related links below) features a girl in a red dress and red and white hat.
Sir Edwin Henry Landseer and the painting is called "The Faithful Hound".
This is a title that has been used by many artists,
The Jean Beraud painting is from the well-known Café de Paris in Paris.
U might want to try deviantart and serebii.net first cause I know of no Pokemon officials. Deviantart is an art community and if your freind is really good everyone there will notice. If u send to serebii.net idk
I'm an artist, i love to paint , but usually i don't have any imagination, so sometimes i just take some colors and just paint something then it turns out to be something, that's my opinion, / Sandra, p.s sorry im not so good at English.
Blumenfest means Flower Festival from the German words Blumen (flowers) and Fest (festival or party)
I have seen it listed as "Boy Picking Apples". I bought that painting in 1988, and on the sales receipt it just says "Apples". I think that's an abbreviation.
To identify your painting some knowledgeable person has to see it which would be difficult on the web. Take your painting to a gallery or auction firm.
about $40 that's what his other prints are selling for.
obviously you would see darkness, as long as your not blind yes it still considered to be seeing something even though a blind man would see the same thing, or does he?
I just bought a piece by an artist that was printed by Beech Street Art Company in Mokena, IL. I called the City office there and the nice lady said they had no listing for that company in her city. That means they are either out of business, or moved to another location. I tried . . .
i don't know but i have the painting
He is a Navajo artist. That's all I know. I was hoping Google couldhelp.
greyson art California vase need to find out information on it
I have a Paul N Norton original water color, also, of East Lawn - White House. Have no idea it's worth. Any help?
A man called Collin Bobster.
I just realized that I don't know how to post pictures on here... Any help?
I believe the painting is titled "Grandmother's Kitchen." (I am looking for a bio on the painter (C Carson) but have struck out to date.) Answer I also have a painting signed "C. Carson" and am trying to find out about the artist. Of course, it may not be the same person. Mine is of a shelf...
H.G. Plumb painted The 5 senses, a Victorian painting, featuringfive cats. This was a very colorful, in detail painting of cats.
You might mean 'The Angelus' by Jean-Francois Millet.