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Nirvana was an American rock band formed in 1987 by Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic. Their hit songs include “About a Girl” and “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” By 2002, the band has sold more than 50 million records worldwide.


Well lots of people say yes and lots of people say no but lots of people say that there music changed grunge and music as we know it but in my mind i say yes
3 . Bleach (1989) . Nevermind (1991) . In Utero (1993)
Originally the band was called Fecal Matter, Poo Poo Box, and some other stupid names. On the night before one of the first concerts, Kurt Cobain watched a show on Buddism, in which, Nirvana is their heaven. He made that the permanent name even though they werent the first to use it.
6 with a 7th 1 comin in summer 2010
15x14. Nirvana's drum tech confirmed it.
I know of a couple covers they did. Seasons in the Sun (?) The Man Who Sold the World (David Bowie) The Money Will Roll Right In (I think this is by Mudhoney) D-7 (The Wipers) Where Did You Sleep Last Night (Leadbelly) Oh, Me; Lake of Fire; and Plateau (The Meat Puppets) Molly's Lips (The Vaselines...
Other than the fact that there is a letter "R" in the names, theanswer is no. Both artists are different musically, and most likelyprivately as well.
There is no sure way to know how many people like Nirvana , but since Alice In Chains came out with their new album "Black Gives Way To Blue" , more people are learning about (and loving) grunge . I have also recently noticed more people wearing Nirvana hoodies , shirts , ect.
His daughter Frances Bean Cobain owns the publicity rights to her Father's image. The acting manager is David Byrnes of Ziffren Brittenham
Because Kurt liked to scream . Because he like to yell and sceam. Tourette's is a type of disease that causes people to unvolentarily scream, not that Kurt had it, but that's where the title originated from. I don't think Kurt had a particuliar motive to write the song as Kurt was more focused on...
Yes! He had a great voice!
Approximately 327 concerts/shows.
Yes. When he was alive.
because he wanted to why else did he do anything. HE DIDN'T U DURS!!!!!!
No, he was never a member of the band.
Sorry man, Kurt is dead. He killed himself or was murdered or something in 1994. So, the answer is no. Kurt wrote pretty much all of the band's songs, without him, first off, there would be no singer, and second, it just wouldn't be the same. I know Dave sings and plays guitar and such, but I'm...
He drove a volvo and he was famous for slow driving.
Nirvana's debut album was 1989's Bleach .
The question is irrelevent since he's not, but still... probably, since he was the only consistent member anyway. They probably wouldn't be such legends as they are now though. It is however possible that they would be on the reunion trail with Soundgarden and Jane's Addiction.
I Think it was Aaron Burckhard, but then came Chad Channing =)
The song can be found on the self titled hits album "Nirvana" and on the album "Incesticide" , but the one on "Incesticide" is not the original . It's more heavy .
Kurt Cobain was (and still is) one of the most popular rockers in the world. He was born on February 20, 1967. His band, Nirvana, existed from 1987-94, and some of their records, specifically their 1991 breakthrough effort Nevermind and their darker, more complex In Utero album (1993) have become...
Yes he was! He was the best kisser I've ever kissed!
Most older people are set in their ways. No matter how much it hurts you she may never leave. She was brought up in a time when divorce and separation was unheard of. If it gets to bad try contacting your local Agency for the Aging and see they can help.
officially self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head but many people argue that he was framed or even faked his own death
Answer (1) *Smells Like Teen Spirit Answer (2) *Smells Like Teen Spirit, although it's quite different from their other songs and...to be honest, a lot of their other songs were better (Example(s)- Heart Shaped Box, Come as you Are, Lake of Fire, Polly, All Apologies, About a Girl, etc.) 3)...
I've never heard about that one.. But in "All Apologies" Kurt sings "Married, burried.." That might be the one you're looking for (:
Answer: Nirvana is the state of eternal happiness .Eternal happiness could be achieved by giving up worldly desiresfor things such as food and clothes and follow the Eightfold Path. Answer: Nirvana is the state (not a place) of being freefrom both suffering and the cycle of rebirth. It is an...
He was a genius at writing songs most definetly Heart Shaped Box RULES!
Answer . Well as long as you love each other that should not matter. There has to be something you both can find to do together that you both like. Even if you do not love it. You give and take in a relationship. If you do not love each other than you should have never gotten married in the...
There have been several attempts to make a film about Kurt Cobain, the lead singer of Nirvana. There is currently a movie in production.
Kurt and Layne wernt the closesnds but they had meet a few times and hung out together after gigs. They were friends and watched each other play. "I get sick of people saying we are enermies. We dont hate each other,we are friends and we support each others bands. I know i havent got much of voice...
He probably did what most people do - relax, spend time with familyor friends, sleep in etc. It's simply not possible to providefactual information about his personal life without being someonedirectly involved in his personal life on a regular basis.
Lead Belly, The Vaselines, The Pixies, The Melvins, Black Sabbath,The beatles and a few others
The band Nirvana never officially broke up. It was ended when Kurt Cobain, the lead singer, committed suicide on April 5, 1994.
The cover of the Meat Puppet's 'Lake of Fire', appears on 'Nirvana: Unplugged in New York'. Nirvana also cover other Meat Puppet's songs, 'Plateau' and 'Oh Me' on this excellent album.
Yes there is. On the bank of the Wishkah River in Aberdeen WA. Turn east on E Market. Stay in the right hand lane and continue past the 7-11 store. It turns into Young St which crosses over the Wishkah River. Just before crossing the river take the left hand street called Stanton go down one block...
Kurt Cobain died on April 5, 1994 at the age of 27; it was ruled asuicide by the coroner and police.
After his parents divorce he spent most of his life jumping from relative to relative. His father had custody of him but he left to lived with his mother and step father until his mother kicked him out in 1983. He lived with his grandparents, his uncle and his friend's families.
Answer . No. He may have got France back on it's feet but if you research what he did after becoming emperor and gaining his famous reputation for being tactical as well as victorious you will see that both his Egyptian campaign and his attack on Russia was purely for the sake of conquering and...
No, they are grunge (Alternative)
His well known ex-girlfriend was named Tobi Vail. His wife was Courtney Love.
No. When he passed away in April 1994, he was still married to Courtney Love, who was his one and only wife.
no, Pixie Lott is a female singer, Kurt Cobain was the singer for Nirvana.
He was, even though he resented it. -------------------- He was, however he didn´t like being considered one.
No he wasn't. He stated in interviews that while in high school, he liked to hang around with gay males as this meant that other people left him alone assuming that he was gay or bisexual
Pixie Lott is an English singer & songwriter; Kurt Cobain was the lead singer for the Band Nirvana.
It's called Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac
Well although you are only 16 you could either get imancipated but you would have to be doing well in school And have a job but if you got imanipated you can do whatever you want your mom wont beable to tell you what to do and also you could just call child services and tell them you want to live...
Kurt Cobain formed Nirvana when he met Krist Noveselic in1985.(Known as Chris at that time) But it wasnt't until 1988 when Kurt decided to name the band Nirvana they had used various names such as Pen Cap CHew
The Sun newspaper claimed Robert Pattinson was to play the role of Kurt Cobain in a biopic, and had said he was in constant contact with Courtney Love (Cobain's widow). This whole claim however has been disproved and is totally untrue.
Kurt lived in Aberdeen Washington when Nirvana started but they played in Seattle, Olympia, and other towns in the Seattle area.
it's mostly about fans of the band that don't get the meaning of the songs or the band at all.
No, although there are 36 different bands that have covered this song at one time, Nirvana was not one of them
No, I don't think so. He didn't have any major dental issues. But he didn't brush his teeth very often, according to a biography written on him...
It's a cover song, the original song's origin is unknown. But Kurt performed this at MTV Unplugged because one of his idols, Leadbelly, also covered it once. So that's the background for you. Lyrics (you could have just googled this, ya know): My girl, my girl, don't lie to me, Tell me where...
The term nirvana refers to a state of spiritual enlightenment which the Buddhist religion claims to be able to attain. The use of this term by Kurt Cobain was probably a sarcastic metaphor, which may have been related to his own sense of being particularly unenlightened.
That's debatable...the police say he comitted suicide by overdosing on heroin and shooting himself, but some fans say it was murder. Look into it and decide for yourself.
Well their first song was love buzz on the bleach album (which also is the name of my band not a tribute) and I would say love buzz was a good song but their first big hit was smells like teen spirit
yes he did shout him self with a gun and he did die SHOT GUN!!!!!! He also took a large overdose of heroin in case the shotgun didn't kill him.
It was never actually fully figured out. He was diagnosed with IBS, because he said that vegetables hurt his stomach and dairy products soothed it. He even drank this one type of strawberry milk a lot because he said it 'coated' his stomach. No one really knew for sure, but it was definitely a...
He 'left' under a mutual decision that nirvana wasn't right for him and to move on due to him wanting to be more involved in song writing.
"Dust my broom" according to Blues Wax of Blues Review magazine
its better to burn out than fade away- Kurt Cobain
Cobains Daughter . Frances Bean Cobain was Kurts daughter with Courtney Love
Green Day has been around for roughly 20 years! WOW!
When Kurt was a kid he had ADD so his parents had to give him riddlin which one of the symptoms was depression
Cobain tended to lie and say that it was a Melvin's concert or a Black Flag concert. But the truth is his first concert was Sammy Hagar and Quarterflash in 1983.
When Nirvana's singer Kurt Cobain died, pretty much the band did too. They didn't make any more songs after his death.
As with most people, nothing of any significance to the vast majority of the world.
From what I can recall, Nirvana has sold over 50 million albums worldwide, 25 million of which sold in the US alone. Hope that helped you out, and thanks for your time.. ~ Leisure Suit Larry
No. They were a grunge band, and grunge had some elements of metal while not being metal.
Benjamin Burnley of the band Breaking Benjamin stated in an interview that Nirvana was his biggest influences, and that he learned to play the guitar while listening to Nirvana's second album, Nevermind .
His marriage was in shambles (he and Courtney Love were probably going to get a divorce). He was tired of Nirvana, tired of being famous. He also was suffering extreme health problems for his stomach, which often left him doubled over in pain for days. All were a dangerous combination that led to...
Kurt cobain 1967 - 1994
People seem to think he was killed, but all evidence shows he killed himself. In many post Nevermind era interviews Kurt talks about wanting to die, he was manically depressed since he was 9. He also bought the gun under his name, and wrote a suicide note with HIS hand writing.The majority of...
Bleach (1989) . Nevermind (1991) . In Utero (1993)
Not sure what guitar, but Butch Vig mic'd the guitar cab with 4 mics: a Shure SM57, a Sennheiser 421, an AKG C414, and a Neumann U87. Kurt would pick which sound he liked the best.
They became famous in the early 90's.
I'm pretty sure he used the dcon rat distortion pedal on in utero. i might be wrong about that.
however you remember him