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Ancient Greek Art

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Your portal to information about works of ancient visual art, artists and architecture in Greece during the sixth century (c 110 to 700BC). Come on in and ask questions and explore answers.
You can write about socio cultural impact of Greece on anothercountries. We all know Greece's culture was refined and had variousaspects. I think this will be a good topic to write on.
primarely through commerce.Also art played a role (decorative drawings).
The predominant pattern was the meander. It looks like a small squre labyrinth with only one way (no intersections).
Bilingual vase painting is composed of the two most commonly seen types of vase paintings from Greece. These vases consist of either a black background with red figures and details, or a red background with black figures and details.
Rome stold Greek art ideas, and then made them better
if the man has 2 snakes and they are collied together. It is Hermes.
Wet drapery was a technique developed by Ancient Greek artist that allowed the clothing (drapes) to have a more fluid and flowing look. This "flow" helped to show movement and shape beneath the clothes donned by sculptures.
well... the Parthenon was a tribute to Athena and is now a museum.
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Think it is naturalism.  Answer 2:  Rather beauty and harmony.
A statue of Venus, which is the Latin name for Greek goddess Aphrodite.
The Greeks had gods for just about every natural force, emotion and intangible concept you can think of, so they were nearly innumerable. However, the most commonly referenced gods and goddesses were the Olympians, and they numbered 12.
Tragedy~serious showing a downfall of important charactersthemes include love, hate, warComedy~less serious drama; often made fun of politics, people, ideasan example is Aristophanes' The birds
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Mathematics , such as the right angles and and shapes. Greeks discovered the largest right angle Also Geography Greek astronomers mapped the positions of the stars and discovered the planets. The Greeks were able to identify the spring and fall. See More Information in other websites.
A traditional way to represent men is to paint them in a darker value.A traditional way to represent women it to paint them in a lighter value.
Melanthius was a Greek painter in the 4th century BC. Melanthius is also a character in the Odyssey.
Greece is located in Southeastern Europe and has its roots in the ancient Greece civilization. Greece is well known for its philosophical and democratic background. Let us have a quick look at some famous things in Greece: . Greece is famous for its beautiful buildings. . Greece is famous for its...
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some things are interesting to some people but not to others but in my opinion Greeks believed there were monsters, and gods that lived on mount Olympus, many English words come from 1 or more greek words,greek gods are where scientists get the name for planets like venus i think is aphrodite.:)
There is a difference between "art" and "fine art". Art is a general term and can also refer to ceramics for example. Fine arts, historically, were painting, sculpture, architecture, music and poetry, with minor arts including drama and dancing. Today, the term "fine arts" is mostly associated with...
Greek art and literature provided the basis of most western art and literature today, as one can observe the Greeks were very enchanted by the human form, and truly brought a new degree of realism into their art and sculpture because of it. As for their literature, the Greeks laid a foundation that...
Terracotta coffin (larnax)Minoan, about 1400-1200 BC From the Zafer Papoura cemetery, Knossos, CreteThis terracotta coffin comes from a Late Minoan cemetery. The cemetery lay to the north of the town that surrounded the palace at Knossos. Minoan burials were placed in tombs and were frequently made...
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they make a clay which they painted and forms into a pot........so they made a pottery.....
The oldest Greek sculptures known were made by anonymous artists.
Helios, The sun God from greek mythology. According to the myth he would ride his charriot everyday and bring morning to earth.
It's a great example of perspective. Look at the point of view. That's one major characteristic.
the answer is that they made temples and realistic statues.They also were great writers, philosophers ,and scientist whoseideas change the world. Some images represent the manycontributions the Greeks had made to worldhistory.
Hippocrate was born in 460 A.D. from a Greek family interested in medicine.So he grew up interested in the art of cure too.Hippocrate didn't believe in fairy tales and evil spirits; he said that any malady has a reason and men should study and try to figure a medicine for it.Hippocrate have made an...
The vase has three registers - or tiers - of carving. The bottom register depicts the vegetation in the Tigris and Euphrates delta, such as the natural reeds and cultivated grain. Above this vegetation is a procession of animals, such as oxen and sheep presented in a strict profile view. The...
With a mark, a special symbol, or a name of a tribe. It could be painted or incised.
Roman republican sculpture was sculptural portraiture (busts) which  was highly realistic in a "warts and all" manner. It highlighted  the signs of age of statesmen because age was associated with  wisdom. It also represented the republican ideas of dignitas,  integritas et gravitas. With rule...
69.5 by 30.9 m (228 by 101 ft)
Myron, Phidias, Polyclitus, Praxiteles, Scopas, and Lysippus) are among the most famous artists in Ancient Greece.
The first mathematical system of painting perspective
Marble is not a color, but rather a type of rock. The color of  the sculptures are due to the natural colors, shades, and patterns  in the rock.  The reality is that the Greek marble works were brightly painted  in reds, blues etc - the Greeks lived in a riot of colour, but this  has...
This ancient statue has disappeared, but many replicas were made  before it did. The most accurate and complete of these replicas is  located in the Vatican Museum.
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To present images of perfection in a balenced and orderly way
Ancient Greek sculpture aimed at expressing perfect beauty and harmony.  The Romans revered their ancestors and wanted their exact looks.
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The Partenon's roof was a Orangish-Rust color.
He gave up his immortality voluntarily, and was granted a place among the stars as Sagittarius.
== Answer:Nude ==   == ==   == Shaped perfectly ==   == godlike ==   == Answer ==   The famous statue of Zeus at Olympia, created by the sculptor Pheidias, one of the seven wonders of the Ancient World The majestic statue of Athena, at Parthenon, in Athens Acropolis also a Pheidias...
The sentence that describes a convention of Classical Greek sculpture is figures show a combination of ideal beauty and naturalistic detail and proportion. Classical sculpture refers loosely to the forms of sculpture from ancient Greece andÊancient Rome.Ê
The word "photography" comes from the Greek words photos which means "light" and graphe' which means "drawing" or "writing," giving us "drawing with light."
They didn't have "jobs" per se, they were divinities. They did whatever they wanted. That said, there were a few gods who performed specific tasks regularly. For example, Helios (later Apollo) drove the sun chariot while Selene (later Artemis) drove the moon and Hermes guided souls to the...
the greek believed in myth gods (haties and so on). so they needed a temple to serve them. they created statues of them to honor them.
yes, they were made from pottery, but not in the same way we do pottery now.
Enrico Scovengi commission the flight into egypt . Giotto also painted all the other frescos in the chapel and helped design it as well
Greek artists favorite subject was the human body. 
They were made as a sign of honor and remembrance. Most of the busts and sculptures were of men/women who did a great thing or were connected to a powerful family. They were made as a sign of honor and remembrance. Most of the busts and sculptures were of men/women who did a great thing or were...
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Philotes daughter of Nyx is not known to have any children.
Philotes was the daughter of Nyx in Greek myth. Her father may - or  may not -have been Erebos.
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Seas were a source of trade and food - also a great advantage to travel.
Of course and they should go back to Greece! The British Museum has no legal right upon them, they belong with the Parthenon! Oh, and it's the 'Parthenon marbles' not 'Elgin marbles'.
It was destroyed by a fire in Istanbul,Turkey.
by body of water and those high mountains that develop small city sate 
BC+AD= time elapsed 530+2011= 2541 years ago
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According to ancient sources, the aged Aeschylus died when an eagle, carrying a turtle aloft so it could drop it on a rock and crush its shell, saw the elderly Aeschylus' bald head and unloaded the poor creature on him, killing him-and presumably the turtle as well. Such fanciful stories accreted...
Literature and Drama: 1. Homer's The Illiad 2. The tragedies of Aeschylos, Sophokles, and Euripidies 3. Aristophanes' comedies Visual Arts: 1. Sculpture = Peplos Kore, The Kritios Boy, Doryphoros, etc... 2. Architecture = the Athenian Acropolis the Parthenon the Temple of Athena Nike the...
Perseus needed to find out where Medusa, the woman with snakes for hair, was. As he was looking for her, sorry if I'm incorrect, he met the Gray Sisters; three sisters with only one eye that they had to share between them. Perseus stole the eye from them and threatened to throw it in a large, deep...
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Art flourished in Ancient Greece, from the archaic (late 8th century--480 BC) through classical (480--323 BC) and onto the Hellenistic (323--27 BC) period. Sculpture was prolific, particularly of the human figure. During the archaic period sculpture was mainly used in temples but later became...
for decoration and to beautify their house.
Homer wrote "The Odyssey" , and also wrote another well-known work "The Illiad".
Pericles used his money on gold,ect. to make statues and buildings
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