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Digimon is a franchise that started in Japan based on the Tamagotchi concept however it evolved into other areas. This category is to discuss all aspects of the Digimon franchise which includes the Trading Card games, all of their video games, the movies, the animated TV series and anything else about Digimon in general.
Armor digivolve hawkmon with the digiegg of love. PS:it has to be at a sutain level
you DNA digivolve a seraphimon with a gallantmon at a certain level with certain requirments or in digimon dawn you can get 100% scan of gallantmonCM by beating the gaia origin challenge (it's not recommended because it will be very (and i mean "very!!!") weak)
It is the Crest of Courage.
It was 4kds, but changed to NickToons. I believe it is on cartoonnetwork too.
You have to take out the batteries.
Advanture 01 had 52 episodes en 02 had 50 episodes
According to Digimon Wiki you obtain him by having either MetalGreymon or Risegreymon with 30 battles with 50% won and 2 egg reverts. Almost impossible. I have yet to confirm it myself. . "I am sorry to say but it is entirely impossible to get VictoryGreymon in Dawn/Dusk, however in the unannounced...
Yes. There are several PC- only Digimon virtual pets and the Digimonm mmorpg, of course. You can also download ROMS of the games, but it's kinda illegal.
To get new Digimon beyond your original 3, you must find DRI Agents scattered around the world. There is really only one requirement: to have strong/weak enough Digimon for the DRI agent to talk to you (make sure to get the extra Digimon early in the game, because they may not talk to you if you...
digimon world data squad wont be released in the UK :( the only place you will be able to buy digimon games is grainger games :)
Maybe in prehistoric time but not anymore He may be real but only in the digital world
I don't know for sure, but I think you need Angemon (Lev 40) andDevimon( also lev 40).
If I'm correct it's the legend tamer quest.
Go to your farm PC then select digimon list and go to the digimon you want to move then press A and move it to farm you want it to be on. Select the farm with L1 and R1
Digimon with over 300 Attack and an Obedient Personality+ Dragon Digimon = Serpent Egg
Heres a list of digi egg locations. Courage: Palette Amazon Friendship: Access Frozen River (Access Glacier) Kindness: Register Jungle - Chaos Area Love: 2nd Union Quest Reward Honesty: found in access glacier-- dark portal Purity Digiegg - Resistor Jungle - dark portal Miracles: Log-In...
Normally, It would be Mega, but apperantly, there is a stronger stage:. "Super Ultimate: a level even higher than Mega. Shown in manga V-Tamer and some NDS games, it has appeared in the anime series on certain occasions. Only a few Digimon are at this level, and sometimes they are just classified as...
digiomn wolrd dawn dusk packs it doesnt matter which pack they are all the best and if you want gaomon lunamon devimon then trade it from dusk just get anydigimon i know some are stonger but train them! hope htat helps
go to trade mode! got it
complete every other tamer rank test, then connect to another player
Just buy some costume in party shop.
find someone who has it in dusk and trade
you go to the digimon fighting bit and then you talk to monmon or the digimon next to him monmon is the green monkey digimon then you trade your digimon to your pal i have that game and i nearly got all champions and soon im getting a 2 ultimates parrotmon and flamedramon
Play as Agumon or Gabumon and defeat Reapermon without losing. Then, play as Gabumon or Agumon and defeat Reapermon again. This will unlock omnimon from the game. You have to do this because he is the DNA digivolved form of Wargreymon(Agumon's mega level) and Metalgarurumon(Gabumon's mega level).
Yes, degenerating a digimon will increase its growth range.
no. YOu can not go to the digital world in real life like in your DS.
Answer . Nothing inspired it. PokeMon stands for Pocket monster, and DigiMon is based off a Tamagotchi-like virtual pet, where in, the original, you could have either Agumon or Betamon.
It really depends on the type of Digimon Digivice you want. As you may know, a Season 5 Digivice would be easier to get then a Season 2 Digivice. They should have the newer Digivices and maybe some moderately old ones in Toys 'R Us. Check the website first though. If you want an older Digivice from...
\ngamefaqs. go to\ngamefaqs
animalish digimon
I have Digimon Dusk and I absolutely love it. It is kind of similar to the Pokemon games, but there are quests instead of badges and you can fight in a competition thing to increase your rank. There are also Digifarms, which are like the PC boxes, but you can train specific stats. I would recommend...
nope noway not at all
To get a Zeedmillenniummon you have to get a Machinedramon and Kimeramon . Then you have to DNA digivovle them together which creates a Millenniummon, which you must digivovle it to Moon=Millenniummon then you digivovle it to Zeedmillenniummon.
These games can be found with a simple search. You can play alongwith your friends or find some new friends to play with online.
You can go to the official Digimon site at:. http://www.bandaicg.com/digimon/. Or, you can go to a fan made site. My personal favourite is:. http://www.digimonspirit.net/
there may be a show but not sure if it is coming here.
\nYou can't. I don't think that there is any Hybrid Digimon there either.
DNA Digivolve Susanoomon with Valdurmon(Requirements : got chicchimon, friendship 100%, LV 83+)
It makes your digimon's hit s stronger and keeps them from getting hit. . -Yuji . It would appear I have been driven to madness, might've been faster to walk
Lilymon+Lilamon. lv. 60+, Holy exp. 22000+, Dragon exp. 11000+
i think it is white with pink square-ish sort of things on it
Go to the website and look for the item, "downloads". This link will take you to the latest patches. Download your patch, then do a defragmentation on your computer to integrate the patch to your computer.
You need to have a lot of Soma's [heals MP HP and disorders]. They cost a lot though. You should also have some revives. Digievolve disks would do too. These are the digimon you should expect to see Water pod [the healer, you might want to kill it before you kill anything else] Fire Pod [an...
there are 50 episodes in adventure 2 of digimon
Not that I know of. There is going to be an MMORPG released in South Korea. Yes.There is now.It was just released on May 2010.It is called Digimon Battle.The game that is like Digimon Tamers,actually,made for Season 3.
yes it is possible just go to the portal that displays the map of the digital world when you go throught it there should be a hole in the sky go there
watch digimon movies . The same website where you watch the digimon episodes.. on www.tv-links.co.uk click on movies scroll down to "D" then click on digimon movies and there you go.
yes there's digimon world dusk, digimon world dawn, digimon world ds, digimon world championship and digimon story. There are a few for you!!!!
well the newest digimon game is Digimon world re: Digitize its a reboot of the first game, but im hoping that they make a Digimon rumble arena 3! ;)
Veemon appears quite rarely (since I only saw it once) in Login Mountain. Tough luck getting it this way. You can get Chibomon, its degenerated form, in Task Canyon, but I've never been there. You can get Monodramon in Login Mountain. Then you can degenerate it into Chibomon (as long as you've...
yes you can make a digimon real i got one all that you need is a digimon card from the game any type and a digivice any type too but it under your pillow go to sleep and think about the digital world then you will be in the digital world be careful it may be a dream or real then grab your digimon...
You can't. It's unobtainable.
real to beleivers and belevers might be crazy
patamon oops may have spelled wrong sorry
I don't know exactly but, you can surely watch it on YouTube. Its how I watched the whole season. Just type in : Digimon Frontier Episode (Which number episode) , and that's it. I hope you enjoy.
Well, if the guide that i read isn'n wrong, u need Garudamon+Blossomon (both wit level 52 or higher, lesss holy exp 1500 and 290 or more spirit) or u could make it with Yatagaramon + Karatenmon and the same pre-requisites.
SPD = Speed meaning your speed must match the requirement for the digimon digivolution
reptiledramon cant digivolve. it does not digivolve
Youtube has loads of episodes on it, but if you want to watch season 3,4 or 5 try tbp for torrents.
DNA digivolve exveemon and stingmon (lvl. 36 friendship 80% attack 230
I don't think you can actually find a 'wild' Diaboromon, but you can find it's In-training form and it's rookie form in some places. Tsumemon, the In-training form, is found in the Shadow Abyss, and you can Digivolve it further from there.
IN A brazzilian site called view animes
I believe if you get level 18 or 19 you get another beginner and you can do this to get all the starters you were able to choose the start. The other ones you have to beat the game and do some certain things to acquire them you can easily find the list of you look it up by typing "digimon world 4...
On the Digifarm PC go to all digimon and then go to the Digibank menu
the best digimon is either zeed garurumon or victory greymon or slayerdramon or last but not least gallantmon.no wait gallantmon sucks sorries.
I'm pretty sure both accounts must beat the game to be able to trade one another.
Goumon (i don't think it is spelled right)
i dno but i really wanna know
you can't i learned this the hard way trying for an hour You gotta train them and they might transform, but the small ones are easier like SkullMammothmon. But if it's Slayerdramon and Shinegreymon, you gotta train them differently. Just look at google and type in: Digimon World Championship...
in which game In digimon world dusk you just go to the digilab PC
exveemon pailfrmon i dramon idramon fm i dramon pm
digimon adventure, Digimon Adventure 02, Digimon Tamers ,digimon frontier and digimon data sqaud in that order. When they initially aired it was Digimon Digital Monsters Digimon Digital Monsters Digimon Digimon Digimon Data Squad In that order
beat all the bosses again i think.or on evolution map(the menu) go to a digimon(and makesure the digimon you look at looks like one of the demons) you didnt digivolve into yet and press "X"on it then press R2 until you hit requirements and see how to get them PS.i think there is a easierway to do it...
Patamon. Answer . Of course, Patamon refers to TK's digimon in Rookie form. The forms of TK's digimon includes:. Fresh/Baby form: Poyomon. In-Training: Tokomon (this is the form first encountered by TK). Rookie: Patamon. Champion: Angemon. Ultimate: MagnaAngemon. Mega: Seraphimon. Armor...
I know that you need an Imperialdramon FM (Evolved from Paildramon) and an Omnimon (Metalgarurumon+Wargreymon DNA Digivolve one of them @ lvl 65+, w/ speed 400, and Friendship 100%). To get Imperialdramon PM, DNA Digivolve Omnimon and Imperialdramon Fighter Mode by being level 68, at least 50,000...
somewhat but not alot they are bath monsters that get stronger and have human partners but the similarities end there because digimon can change back to there first form when they want etc.
Pokemon was first released in japan in 1996 as gameboy games. Then it came to America in 1998. Digimon was first released in Japan in 1998 as a tamanochi based game. Then it came to America in 1999. Witch means Pokemon came first.
I am not amazingly knowledgeable but I do know it can be used for the following Dawn/Dusk Digivolutions: Wormmon->Aurumon Patamon->Pipismon Other Love DE Digivolutions Armadillomon->Pteramon Hawkmon->Halsemon Hope this helps! :) If it doesn't, sorry!!!
Track Listing . 1. DigiRap - MC Pea Pod f/ Paul Gordon . 2. All Star - Smash Mouth . 3. The Rockafeller Skank - Fatboy Slim . 4. Kids In America - Len . 5. Hey Digimon - Paul Gordon . 6. One Week - Barenaked Ladies . 7. The Impression That I Get - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones . 8. All My Best Friends...
Digimon Season 6, Digimon Xros Wars, has started to air in Japan. The first episode aired on the 6th of July, 2010.
In Darkmoon City, find 3 tamers and fight them
If you mean the boat to Numemune river, you have to get boat key. Get the 3 ID passes and enter the X-lab, and later you get the boat key. If you mean Venom Jungle's boat, just hop in. You get to the mangrove forest without any recuirements, if I remember it right. If you mean Machine Pit's...
she likes Henry but she doesn't show her feelings in digimon.
In Digimon Frontier it gives us a hint that Zoe and Takuya likes each other but it doesnt show any hints that Zoe like Koji. So I guess Zoe does NOT like like Koji I guess only Takuya.