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Atlantic Ocean

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The Atlantic Ocean is the large body of water that separates North America and South America from Europe.
constructive because the two plates are pushing together
He wrote a bestselling book "We" and helped a French scientistdevelop an early form of artificial heart.
lake superior, lake Michigan, lake Huron, lake Erie and lake Ontario
France's capital, Paris, is located inland and therefore has no border on any ocean or sea, but instead it is located on the Seine River. France itself borders both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.
At the very bottom of the Atlantic Ocean it is about 2.5 degreesCelsius, so 36.5 degrees Fahrenheit
Therese Peltier flew across Atlantic in July 1906 but she was apassenger. Baronees Elisa Reymond was first licensed pilot in 1910.Aug 1911, the first female American pilot Bessie Coleman achievedfirst license in USA. Anyway for info- the first woman to fly inCosmon was Valentina Tereshkova of Soviet...
The Atlantic ocean is a food source for Africa.
Marianas Trench is being subducted under the plate on which Guam sits (You can see it on a google map:))
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The mid Atlantic ridge is a divergent plate boundary. At divergent boundaries, two plates move apart from each other and the space that this creates is filled with new crustal material sourced from molten magma that forms below.
As their name indicates, sea sponges mostly live in salt waterzones. Most notably, they live where the water is mostly still,because any sediment that's kicked up next to them on theirwaterbed locations can block the pores they use for respiration.
In England - none. Around England - mostly the Atlantic.
There is a mid ocean ridge that forms because the hot magma is lighter (less dense than the colder magma. The ridge is located at the spreading center. There are magnetic anomalies that can be thought of as stripes that mirror each other on either side of the spreading center. There are remnants of...
Africa is southeast of the USA and it is also across the Atlantic ocean. a site to prove it: http://go.hrw.com/atlas/norm_htm/oceans.htm
At the surface of the Atlantic ocean\n
yes it is a small strip of land in the south eastern part of Pennsylvania containing major cites like Philadelphia and Chester
yes tho the Atlantic only in a few places
The explorers went across the Anlantic ocean because they wanted to find land. The were also looking for gold and fish.
Antarctica is surrounded by the Southern Ocean.
It really depends on the size of the boat, as well as start/stop locations. It took Columbus three months sailing from Spain, and it was not unusual for sailing vessels like the Mayflower to take four or five months. It may take 30 - 45 days in a contemporary sloop-rigged sailboat. There are...
The Great Lakes are substantially above sea level.
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The airline Vigin Atlantic was founded in the year nineteen eighty four. This airline is still in use as of today and it is said to be of great service.
Raymond Orteig was the challenger, he offered $25,000 to the first person to fly across the Atlantic Ocean.
Africa if you don't believe me check a map.
Vermont does not border the Atlantic.
Antigua, and Barbuda , Dominican republic, Grenada, St. Kitts
You sure can. You can fish from a boat or from the shore, but make sure its in a legal area though. You also need to be careful because in some lakes the fish contain high levels of mercury which can make you sick and even kill you.
As this is entered under, In part Amelia Earhart- it is worth pointing out that in l964 Joan Merriam Smith made a successful global flight- largely along the route of Amelia and even following something of the same timetable- she took off on March l7 from Oakland. Also in the same year one Gerry...
As its name suggests, it is a Channel which lies between the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea. However, it is no mill pond and the water and waves can be very rough in bad weather and many, many ships have sunk in the area.
Micronesia is a disappearing group of islands, parts of Indonesia, Parts of the Solomon Islands, theCook Islands, Fiji, the Marshall Islands, the Maldives, Zanzibar, parts of Bangladesh and the German Frisian Islands
Because he was one of the first people to attempt to fly Ayanna
Because they burn completely in the Earth's atmosphere.
1492 is when Columbus sailed the ocean blue
Because of the Influence of the Coriolis Effect, the general motionof surface currents in the north Atlantic is to the right. In thesouth Atlantic the general motion is to the left.
for 5,000 years Answer taken from Wikipedia. 'Sponges in temperate regions live for at most a few years, but some tropical species and perhaps some deep-ocean ones may live for 200 years or more. Some calcified demosponges grow by only 0.2 millimetres (0.0079 in) per year and, if that rate is...
Congo and Zaire among others, have banned UK beef imports but such is the confusion and panic over imported beef that in Lubumbashi, for instance, consumers are boycotting not just beef but all kinds of meat. Congo in fact has gone one further and banned all meat imports from Europe.
Actually, the Pacific Ocean is the biggest ocean on Earth.
It depends on how its done. a Man and a Women have both done it, different routes. One from Africa to south America. One from the New England area to Europe. it took the 2-3 months, but distance was also gained while sleeping on a boat at night. A Guy named Dan Martin is going to be doing the whole...
how does the sun affect the formation of ocean currants
There is a rift down the center that pushes the ocean floor outward, expanding the ocean continuously. The rift is life a long volcano spewing out lava.
the sun affects the ocean cause the water gets hotter... when the water becomes warmer it rises and stays on currents that are shallower in the ocean while the cold currents run deeper. The sun heats up the water which in turn rises to the surface of the ocean. Many of the current in the oceans...
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The waves of the pacific oceans (all of them) crash upon the shores of the continents it touches; among other little things...like weather.
Four states border the Pacific Ocean. California, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska. Hawaii is in the Pacific Ocean. So that could count also.
At one time, they were one land mass that pulled apart, leavingmatching outlines.
John Cabot was the first person ever to cross the Atlantic
because it has the maximum amount of salt.
Massachusetts is the New England state that has the longest capeextending into the Atlantic ocean. This piece of land is known asCape Cod.
You would have to cross at least two oceans, perhaps three. If you left from a port on the east coast of Africa, you will start in the Atlantic Ocean. If you go south around Africa, then the Indian Ocean and then the Pacific to Hawaii. If you go north, through the Mediterranean, the Suez Canal,...
No she was the first woman to receive a reward to become a pilot across the Atlantic yes. she was the first woman to fly across the atlantic, but she was not the first person to fly across the atlantic. Charles lindberg was the first which is where Amelia got her nick name Lady Lindy
Just a guess, but i think you might need a boat or an airplane, but that's just a guess
probably either Point Pleasant Beach or Seaside Heights, both in NJ.
American aviator (pilot) Charles A. Lindbergh was the first person to make a nonstop airplane flight across the Atlantic Ocean.