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Atlantic Ocean

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The Atlantic Ocean is the large body of water that separates North America and South America from Europe.
constructive because the two plates are pushing together
He wrote a bestselling book "We" and helped a French scientist  develop an early form of artificial heart.
lake superior, lake Michigan, lake Huron, lake Erie and lake Ontario
At the very bottom of the Atlantic Ocean it is about 2.5 degrees  Celsius, so 36.5 degrees Fahrenheit
Therese Peltier flew across Atlantic in July 1906 but she was apassenger. Baronees Elisa Reymond was first licensed pilot in 1910.Aug 1911, the first female American pilot Bessie Coleman achievedfirst license in USA. Anyway for info- the first woman to fly inCosmon was Valentina Tereshkova of Soviet...
The mid Atlantic ridge is a divergent plate boundary.At divergent boundaries, two plates move apart from each other and the space that this creates is filled with new crustal material sourced from molten magma that forms below.
  Africa is southeast of the USA and it is also across the Atlantic ocean   a site to prove it: http://go.hrw.com/atlas/norm_htm/oceans.htm
yes it is a small strip of land in the south eastern part of Pennsylvania containing major cites like Philadelphia and Chester
  The explorers went across the Anlantic ocean because they wanted to find land. The were also looking for gold and fish.
Antarctica is surrounded by the Southern Ocean.
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The airline Vigin Atlantic was founded in the year nineteen eighty four. This airline is still in use as of today and it is said to be of great service.
Raymond Orteig was the challenger, he offered $25,000 to the first person to fly across the Atlantic Ocean.
Africa if you don't believe me check a map.
Vermont does not border the Atlantic.
Because he was one of the first people to attempt to flyAyanna
Because they burn completely in the Earth's atmosphere.
1492 is when Columbus sailed the ocean blue
Actually, the Pacific Ocean is the biggest ocean on Earth.
how does the sun affect the formation of ocean currants
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Massachusetts is the New England state that has the longest cape  extending into the Atlantic ocean. This piece of land is known as  Cape Cod.
No she was the first woman to receive a reward to become a pilot across the Atlantic yes. she was the first woman to fly across the atlantic, but she was not the first person to fly across the atlantic. Charles lindberg was the first which is where Amelia got her nick name Lady Lindy
Just a guess, but i think you might need a boat or an airplane, but that's just a guess
probably either Point Pleasant Beach or Seaside Heights, both in NJ.
  == Answer ==   This question is too big to answer. It's easy to read a map, but navigating safely by it requires skill and the knowledge of several tricks and trades, so I suggest taking a course. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nautical_chart
there are three major zones , Surface Zone, Thermocline Zone, The Deep Zone
brizilbrazil, french guiana, argentina, guina, and suranom
The deepest point of the nile river is up to 6000 ft deep!!
Blue whale is one herbivore
ANSWER  Are you sure that you mean "hexagon"? If "yes" - you won't have an answer.  But may be you mean "cube"? Cube 25x25x25 inches contains 256.05 liters of water
There were many battles on the Atlantic Ocean during the War for Independence. The most famous of which involved John Paul Jones.
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In all oceans except the arctic ocean
The Pacific Ocean has the deepest point in the Challanger Deep.
the curved sea wall deflects waves from getting onto shore
On May 20, 1932, Amelia Earhart took off from Harbour Grace, Newfoundland, and landed the next day in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. More specifically... In answer to the question "as written," Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly across the Atlantic in June of 1928...as a passenger....
Monmouth and Essex counties are of eastern NJ and only border the  Atlantic Ocean. The Delaware River borders western NJ separating NJ  from Pennsylvania.
Yes, all the Oceans including the Pacific Ocean are salt water.
The ocean that Japan is located is the Pacific and the other seas are - Sea of Japan (East Sea) East China Sea (Southwest) Korea Strait Sea of Okhotsk (south)
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The Dead Sea is more salty than any of the Oceans.
she wanted to show that woman could do the same as man
The pacific ocean is the largest and deepest ocean.
At "Atlantic Ocean's" border Brazil is located....
After becoming the first person to swim 3,716 miles across the Atlantic Ocean, long distance swimmer Ben Lecomte's first words were, "Never again".   The 31-year-old Frenchman arrived at Quiberon, in north west France at 3.30pm (1430 GMT) on Friday afternoon exhausted after the 73-day journey.  ...
none , Switzerland is landlocked
Rocks rubbing against each other wearing down and breaking tiny bits off which are worn down and all the endy worn down bits are sand, and all the tiny bits that were worn off are sand.
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christopher colobus sailed on the Santa Marina. He was in charge of the Nina, Pinta, and Santa marina.
Florida, South Carolina, and Maine all touch the Atlantic Ocean. Alaska and California touch the Pacific Ocean.
The North Sea is the sea that is part of the Atlantic Ocean and lies between the British Isles and the continent of Europe.
The Atlantic Ocean's area is 41,081,000 square miles.
The English Channel and the North Sea.
The Saint Lawrence Seaway links the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean.