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LEGO is a brand of construction toys for children. Designed in the 1940s, the colorful bricks are still popular today.


Bounty Hunter Gunship . Clone Trooper Battlepack(Bomb Squad Trooper,ARF Trooper,Commando Trooper) . Mandolorian Battle Pack(Death Watch Troopers) . Jedi Shuttle . Imperial V Wing
jonah and his friends go apple picking.jonah fills 5 baskets.each  basket holds 15 apples .if 4 of jonahs friends pick the same amount  as jonah ,how many apples do jonah and his friends pick in all?
Ninjago DC Comics Friends Hero Factory
The very best way to learn that is to go to the official LEGO web  site.
whenever you do a vehicle mission it pulls enemy vehicles towards you
You would need to get the set and view the directions.
Probably star wars Jango Fett
The Star Wars collector's edition Tantine VI which is a large  several thousand piece spaceship model; the ship that is the very  first seen in Episode 4.
To heal, hold the up and down keys at the same time.
You can find demos of Lego universe currently at youtube.com
LEGO is successful because people like playing with Lego. It also provides unlimited fun with different creations!
It is still unclear because the contract with tinseltown toons expires after 2010.
uh, hello? go to Lego.com and look at any Lego set.
the first level from Lego star wars 2
Day 4. We have finally embarked on our quest to find the last essence of pure imagination of the universe. I can barely contain my excitement. Controlling the essence and applying its power to my work is a long-held ambition. I feel the ramifications could be positively mind blowing! Leaving behind...
Well, first of all, you should wait for 2009 or at least late 2008. And when that comes, go on www.brickshelf.com and search 2009. you'll find it.
If you are R2-D2, R2-Q5, or R4-P17, you can fly if hold "Jump" and you move. You should then get over the pool. Astromech droids can swim, too. Boba Fett and Jango Fett also have the jet pack to fly over; double jumping activates it.
Because if you like star wars you would be drawn to buy it and buying it means $$$!
It is called the Glatorian.
They will be kept on sale until their whole stock is bough out. So  basically, as quickly as the consumer demand wants it. However, as  of 2014, it is rather unlikely that you will run into any Bionicles  on store shelves any more.
Because ihts big red and yhuu can read it L'MAYUR
The official Lego Universe launch was October 26, 2010.
The best Lego mini figures is the limited edition solid 14K gold C-3PO. There are only five of him.
well it is really a opinion what is the best but i think that the 14k gold c3po is the best and yes they did make a 14k gold minifigure.
go next to the power crazed penguin this and the go up the lift, im not really sure of this since i havent played it in a long time so to make sure its above the place where you put suitsc on in the batcave(im really sure of that)
The whole diary page is always the same words, but the missing words are always different. Lego Universe Mission 2 Day 4. We have finally embarked on our quest to find the last essence of pure imagination of the universe. I can barely contain my excitement. Controlling the essence and applying its...
You can get BIONICLE building instructions from the official LEGO  website. Go to the LEGO official website and scroll to the bottom.  Under "Customer Service" should be a "Building Instructions"  option.
all you need is : a little bit of clay, black Lego helmet, black Lego goggles. what to do : make little triangles for mask ears, put on helmet, put goggles on. Simple!
im sorry to say but you are wrong! bionicle did not end! greg farshtey the writer of bionicle has announced that Lego hero factory is not a new series of Lego, but a different name for bionicle! greg farshtey also said that Lego hero factory will and does have the same technic pieces for bionicle ...
Beta testing will be starting very soon! Alpha testing is now ending. There will be a limited ammount of space. You will either be selected or self-chosen.
Hi,   If you visit the links below you can get cheats for Lego Starwars 1/2 + The complete saga.   Link to Game Winners cheat code home page:   http://www.gamewinners.com/Cheats/index.php/Main_Page   Note:You must copy this link into your browser to access it.
The INVENTOR of LEGO was a woman. Her name was Hilary Fisher Page, and created the famous toy in 1904
Sadly,the series has already ended earlier this year,they are making hero factory but its not the same.
Ole Kirk Christiansen invented the blocks now called LEGOs in 1932. Gotfried Christiansen, his son, took over LEGOs in the plastic period.   The company began being called Lego in 1934. The word is derived from Dutch words meaning "play well. 
  when u get to last part and u are in the line and being chased by darkfader go in to the large part and go to the back and on the right u will go in to a hole and bang u have it (u mite have to move around but u will find it)
As it is a retired LEGO set from 2006 and there are not as many  being sold right now, the prices will fluctuate a lot. Set 10204  can range anywhere from $100 (opened) to $600 (unopened).
It's Not that possibly, If you buy the Intelligence brick (NXT or  NXT-3 (The New Version) It comes with the program, if you like  don't have it, contact the seller and explain the problem, but if  you just wanna download it for free, it is rarely free online, it's  either cracked or Breaked ...
Yes, there will be a mandolorian battlepack. the number is 7814 and is going to be $11.99.
chicken health force I do not know the fourth one
The Bionicle movie was not made in chronological order, or in order. The second movie (BIONICLE 2: Legends of Metru Nui) is actually a whole flashback from years ago, when the Turaga of Mata Nui were the Toa Metru. The whole story of the movie is told by Turaga Vakama, who tells about his live as a...
No,I'm a big fan of avatar the last airbender myself but sadly no.
Good question! Certain sellers on eBay for sure sell custom Lego helmets. Just type in to eBay - Lego Custom Helmets, and it should come up with loads of results. Always check where it is coming from, and how good the seller really is before buying off eBay though. :)
The band who made it is the All Insane Kids, AIK for short
they pour melted plastic into a mold then let it dry and then put it with other pieces to make a product.You probably can see how its made on youtube or the science channel. They have a show called 'How it's Made' and have clips of how stuff is made. Pretty interesting
I hope so, but I am not sure. They will, however have Pirates of the Caribbean LEGOs.
Yeah, I completed the game. So if you have a question ,ask me on Lego.comPS. There is a place to answer your questions on www.lego.comYou need a profile to answer questionsFrom lego.com,Mary2009
Most likely not. 1)Postage is expensive, 2) They will think about who are you? Are you a terrorist? 3)Security reasons.
bricklink, ebay.com, or amazon.com are a few good ways to get pieces.
You do not have to do this yet.If you are on free play, turn into batman and throw a batarang at the yellow handles. This same thing happened to me
All Ga-Matoran, Plenty of Toa of Water, Almost everyone who is a Toa, Turaga, or Matoran of Water is a girl.
You can find a cool preview of the product if you search in: shieldofages in youtube.com!
There is a red block in 1 of the levels (i forgot the level :/) and then u can buy the upgrade in the shop
up down start select square left right circle
Less than anyone would know of. LEGO has a clear warning of choking hazards on their toys. Children of small ages should buy duplo or quatro sets. Lego also is not lead painted.
If you are asscing June 10. They are alredy out.
Ole Kirk Christianen founded the Lego group in 1932 in Denmark. Lego bricks were originally wooden. In 1942 the company switched to producing plastic bricks. The world famous interlocking Lego bricks were patented in 1958.Lego was invented by a man named Ole Kirk Christiansen in the early 1930s as...
Lego was invented in Denmark, and actually means 'play well' in Danish.
Yes, the creator worked with his son day and night making Legos for  everyone and for companies to sell.
Yes All Matoran, Toa, and Turaga of Water, Lightning, and Psionics are female excluding Orde.
You could drop them a nice Email at the link listed below!
Sorry, Lego does not make it anymore. You must buy it from a retailer site like amazon or ebay.
Yes, it is set to come out in 2013.
When is "back then"
Lego lady is not a employee, simply a AFOL [adult fan of lego].
Try trying to trade something for one add my for friend that's gay up there
Getting to Rank 3 in MyLegoIngredients for Giant's Hat Masterpiece: - 80 Lumber - 40 Blue Lego Bricks - 1 Giant (30 blue bricks + 40 red bricks) - 80 Red Lego Bricks - 1 Millstone (25 red bricks) Hint: Make full use of Gallery Modules Rank 2 to grow red bricks when you start this quest. Later...
Ingredients for Giant's Hat Masterpiece: - 80 Lumber - 40 Blue Lego Bricks - 1 Giant (30 blue bricks + 40 red bricks) - 80 Red Lego Bricks - 1 Millstone (25 red bricks) Hint: Make full use of Gallery Modules Rank 2 to grow red bricks when you start this quest. Later when you get a few blue...
Because they were marketed for the 6-16 year-old age group.
yellow rahkshi blue nektann and skrall witch is black
You must unlock and then buy them.
Yes you can. Go to 1-player, select story, pick out the story and act, and then the level.
I'm not sure you can get the whole compete set, but you can get  both of the Triologies pretty cheap on Amazon. Check it out!
because they were not very popular unlike say... Lego starwars.
Ebay, amazon, or Lego if it is still available.
When you reach the site, they will have a video with instructions.
I don't know. I have it and I have no idea how I got it. Its the Slave 1. its a pretty lame ship too.
Nothing he just walks around and if you hit him fall down for a minute.
The best places to buy cheap Lego are: - Charity shops. - Car boot sales. - eBay.
LEGO Bionicle Phantokas are discontinued sets. Thus, you will be  unlikely to find them at large retail stores. You may consider  looking for the best price online on Amazon, eBay, or another  website.
you got to put clay/play doe put it on a guy and mold it in to what you whant it to be let it dry an then you paint it or spray the clay to what color you whant it to be an there^^)
Good question. If you like glatorian arena 2, maybe you will like glatorian arena 3. Search about it on BZPower forums!
you can buy waterslide decal paper from normal printing companies , they usually carries all types of paper and if they dont they will be able to help you get it but you are paying a little more or maybe much more through them .
Six. One to screw it in and five to figure out how to build one!
Well, if you are a kid, you can do chores, enter contests, etc. If you have a job, earn it!
it is use so that people can make things and show them on websites and they use there imagination.
Look on Google but here's one: puceat (unlocks teacups,just spell teacup backwards to remember,plus no space!):-)
If you want instructions for any sort of Lego creation (that isn't owned by Lego) then I'd just search it and look at the first couple of links. I know that quite a few people have made Halo Lego on Moc-Pages and on personal sites. Try the related links below. Saber-Scorpion (need to buy...