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An aquarium of fish makes a fascinating focal point in homes, businesses, and offices. Keeping them operating and the fish healthy is a challenge that can lead to a lot of questions. For answers, ask your questions here.
one gallon is 4 cups of water u can do rest of the maths
pretty all types of cichlids do. they might like laser pointers, like a cat does
They do not show certain actions that inform you that fishes areabout to lay eggs. The fish's abdomen will get bigger, and the malefish can get aggressive at times. Gold barbs scatter their eggswherever they please, being egg-scatterers.
Yes, you can! It also depends on the accessories that you have inyour tank. Research the required items/temperature of water foreach fish. :) Hope I helped.
... if the guppies are big enough ;)
That depends entirely upon the species. Some species are actually impossible to determine unless you catch them in the act of breeding.
no!, as their name suggests they live in salt water.
yes.you can teach angelfish tricks like play dead,stand,ect.(and some more tricks)
keep in mind some fish change gender after matting so it would behard or rare
It is about to die or it is old or weak
No they just get weak
Because they are still newborn
I think they come from krill,right i don't think so
When they cant swim and they don't eat wait or is that a gubby
I suppose it would help if there was at least one completesentence, And also if they mentioned how many kilograms motheractually bought. But to read the question it makes no sense.
From 1 to over 150, depending on the size and age of the female.
The babies were too large and they got stuck at delivery time?
How long does what last? The tank lasts as long as it isn'tcracked, The filter lasts as long as it is cleaned, and you must doefficient research on the specific fish you have in mind for itslifespan. And by the way, this site doesn't count as efficientresearch.
im pretty sure that not all crabs eat hermit crab food. unless that u mean that do all hermit crabs eat hermit crab food? then the answer to that is yes. all hermit crabs eat hermit crab food.
Cichlids will do the best eating something like New Life Spectrum (also you may see it listed as NLS). It can be a little bit more expensive than the crappy flake food, but if you want to see good color and health go with NLS. ALSO!! NLS provides alot of food per purchase.. so you dont get robbed on...
Other goldfish, bottom feeding fish (minus the Chinese algae eater)and some live-bearers. There are some others too so do some goodresearch to find them. :)
what species of fish? every one is different. some are very easy like guppies, some are a little more challenging like tetras, and some are completely impossible such as oscars. if its a goldfish, you can't sex them until they're over a year old and only during the spawning season in spring,...
In most cases, no. I cannot name any exceptions myself. However Ido know that the Molly fish is a freshwater fish that can live insaltwater.
Gouramis are beautiful! Their color depends on the type, but theyare all pretty similar looking otherwise. They are tall and thinand have wide dorsal and pelvic fins but a relatively small caudalfin. They have a superior mouth and two long feeler-like rays atthe front of their bodies.
if its a 20 gallon tall, commonly 24" x 12" x 16 if its a 20 gallon extra tall, commonly 20" x 10" x 24" if its a 20 gallon Long, commonly 30" x 12" x 13" measurements are length x width x height in inches exact measurements may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer due to glass...
The female will become very round and swollen with eggs. The male will develop white spots called "tubercles" on his gills and pectoral fins.
Goldfish cannot live properly in a 5 gallon tank. Goldfish need 20 gallons for the first fish, and 10 gallons per additional fish after. It's not simply about their size potential, which is big, but the fact that they produce a lot of waste. Guppies and goldfish are not compatible as they have...
Usually the filters you can buy will specify what size (in gallons)the filter is meant for.
Your guppy could be very old and is life is probably catching up tohim. His final days might be coming. I may be wrong too. Your guppycould also be sick. Have you been cleaning your fish tank? Have youbeen feeding him too much food? These are questions you could askyourself when questioning your...
just leave 2 mails and 1 female guppy in the tank with no other fish in the tank at all times. -Shocker . There should be 3 females to one male. If there are too many males, the females will get stressed out. I would recommend a larger fish tank than a half gallon. Maybe a 10 gallon tank. Remember...
My snails lived up to 9 months. They were eaten by the Angelfish.
Depends on the fish. If its a Goldfish, Zebra Danio, cichlid, betta or others like them then yes, but mollies, platys, Guppies, and many others are live bearers and the fry are born free swimming. meaning that A) you can actually see them and they look like fish, and B) they are born able to swim...
Bottom feeder Cleaning skills: Corydoras Catfish: (Leftover) Food: 9/10 Algae: 0/10 Feces:1/10 Mystery(Apple) Snail: (Leftover) Food: 5/10 Algae: 5/10 Feces: 5/10 Chinese Algae Eater Catfish: (Leftover) Food: 6/10 Algae: 6-9/10 Feces: 1/10 Plecostomas Leftover Food: 3...
:) Veggie matter! :) Whether in pellets, flakes, or just rawvegetables (best) it doesn't matter! A Fightn' Fish Fact- peas(with their outer shell removed) are goodfor the swim bladder! ;)
Like most other creatures, an axolotl will flee when in danger. When cornered, they will bite/snap at their assailants.
yes because like the bottles the glue wont get out so it wontdamage the water so the glue around the fish tank wontdamage the fish
The African dwarf frog can indeed live with fish in a five gallonaquarium. BUT BEWARE!!! dwarf frogs may eat your fish small enoughto fit in it's mouth. so i recommend Platy and live-bearers ascompanions.
To my knowledge, live bearers! Have fun! ;)
I do not believe so. I have never heard of or seen this occurring naturally. No, this is not possible, guppies can only mate with other guppies. Actually, yes. The offspring are all sterile males. So you can't get any further fish from the mating. Do not be missled. Guppies and Mollies are...
My Angelfish love to eat ghost shrimp.
No, they are not acceptable tankmates. Guppies are tropical fish and require higher temperatures than are likely to be comfortable for a goldfish. In addition, the goldfish will eventually grow large enough to swallow the guppies.
yes, but you should plan on keeping more than just ONE tetra.Tetras are schooling fish, and they probably wont breed in yourtank(they may, but they probably wont), so i recommend at leastfive.
The male first inserts his gonopodium into the female's cloaca, and fertilizes the eggs internally. Guppies are live bearers, so the female gives birth to live young that immediately fend for themselves.
Sailfin mollies are near the bottom of the food chain. Some predators include the giant water bug, large mouth bass, raccoon, American alligator, and the bull frog.
i don't know how long corydoras have existed, but they can live anaverage of 5 to ten years. however some people have kept theirs'for12.
Other fish with guppies it absolutely fine but some fish can get jealous. Well guppies like to show off their tail and sort of brag about it. So the other fish depending how aggressive it is, it may nibble of part of it's tail. And usually it won't grow back the same. Lot's of people wonder if...
Live meat, and dead meat.
They are a scavengers and predators so they are carniverous
I havent seen an adult eel smaller than a Spiny Eeel
Well i have 2 tanks running a 55gallon cichlid tank and a 30 gallon cichlid tank.First all you need to do is put the tank where you want it.Then you get the gravel you want for the substrate.You can either boil the gravel or rinse it off good to get rid of gravel dust.Than you put the gravel in the...
I'm going to say no because live-bearers do not have the jawstrength to inflict true damage on each other. However, they areprone to eating eggs and fry.
Mouth brooding cichlids and some saltwater fish to my knew
If they are big enough, you can bury them, otherwise just pop in your normal household garbage bin. Try and avoid the traditional flushing method.
You need to know if the fish are Community fish, Semi Aggressive, or Aggressive. You'll also need to know how big the fish will get when full grown, so you can figure out how many fish you can fit in your tank without over crowding
more numbers means that there is a greater chance of the fishpopulation to sstay living
Heaps and heaps and heaps. You will need a very big tank with lots of hiding spots so the guppies don't eat the babies.
Put a small amount, just enough to be consumed in a few minutes, into the tank. For fries, crumble up the food if it is a flake, like TetraColor.
Angelfish eggs will hatch in about 60 hours at 80° F - according to http://www.angelsplus.com/Breeding2.htm. 3-4 days.
Add a dechlorinator (I like Stress Coat) to remove some of thechlorine and other chemicals found in tap water. Also, use athermometer to make sure that it is the right temperature.
Yes, they can live in groups peacefully as long as there are not females around. Males live happily by themselves, you will probably see some nipping, just to establish who is the leader. But fighting is more common in groups of female. But, yes, they can.
Many species of Macrobrachium (Caridea: Palaemonidae) are very effective predators on freshwater snails.
I'm not sure I never had goldfish before but it might depend on the size
Yes, Saltwater Puffer fish can grow very large and can easily be identified. There are many types of puffers and their habitats are very diverse as well as their availibility to you local petstores.
It really doesn't matter whether it's every day or once in a fewdays. No specific schedule is needed. Some people feed their fishonce or twice a week.
by the presence or absence of breeding tubercles/stars, by thevent/anus shape, by the body shape, and by observing breedingbehavior.
First get a bucket of water, and put the same volume as is in the bowl in the bucket. Let the bucket sit over night, and put water conditioner in it. Net the fish out of the bowl, and put it in the bucket with the new water. Rinse the bowl out, and sponge the inside to remove any algae. Clean,...
Yes, but not nearly as rare as the Orangerind Cichlid.
about 200. only some survive.
yes. In fact, other then pecking algae, It's one of their dominantmeans of food in the wild. (It's also healthier for them thanflakes and pellets.)
Depending on the fish, it might be aggressive towards your tetrasand mollies, which tend to be pretty passive fish. I wouldn't, justto be safe.
This usually means that the fry have already been born. If the fry were born in the tank itself, you might not notice them at first, but they are probably hiding somewhere. If the fry were born in the breeding box and you don't see any now, the mother could have eaten them.
The male honey bee (drone) is slightly larger than a worker (infertile female). It has a wider abdomen and much larger eyes.
That depends on the landlord.
lay eggs of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That depends on how long they NEED to be in the bag. But pleaseedit your question to include more context.
It's a good idea to have a filter for any type of fish. Betta fish can safely be kept in a smaller bowl type aquarium without a filter. Some people keep goldfish in a small aquarium with no filter, though with goldfish, many problems can occur. Goldfish do produce alot of waste so the water quality...
A gravel vac. It's like a syphen hose with a wide head. You can getthem at your local aquarium or pet store.
You should stock your tank heavily, but keep enough specimens to the point where, at least, every specimen has its own housing item to hide in(Stump hides, Rock Formations, etc.). Most say to ALWAYS overstock your tank because they live in heavily populated colonies. That doesn't make the action...
Yes, fish can vomit when they eat something that doesn't agree with them, in fact, there is a species of shark that can vomit it's entire stomach out of it's mouth to clear out whatever is causing it's upset, and then it's stomach will return to it's correct location in it's body.
If you guppy can't give birth to its fry, it will likely die.