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The white and yellow flowers of the common dandelion, of the family Asteraceae, are often considered bothersome weeds to gardeners, but are popular among children for the puffy white parachute head that develops when mature. Questions in this category are about the propagation, control and removal of Taraxacum officinate, and include some of its beneficial uses that include culinary and medicinal.
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Dandelion is the common name for it.
Dandelions may be weeds but they are not poisonous for cats. If  your cat pounces on one and eats the leaves, they will be fine.
Dandelions have yellow petals but are asexual plants; they use wind dispersal in order to spread their seeds away from the parent plant.They have clearly been sexual plants at a point in their history, but have changed to become asexual and continue to pass on the genes coding for their colourful...
If you mean parachute - the seeds are unbrella like and are distributed by the wind
DMT is present in most forms of life, but in incredibly small amounts. The practical answer is no. If you wish to extract DMT, use Mimosa Hostilis, Acacia, or Canary Reed Grass. Mimosa Hostilis is by far the most available and easiest to extract DMT from.
they became yellow because it was there special color.
Yes, the whole plant is edible.
dandelions don't actually "eat" they use photosynthesis- they take the cabon dioxide and turn it into oxygen plus they turn sunlight into energy.
Mow your lawn then buy weed killer and spread it all around the yard
they live in a habitatthey live in sunny places in the grass
Nothing, unless it has bacteria on it from various things such as animals peeing on it or stepping on it, or something layed eggs on it. Dandelions can be used in salads. Just make sure that you rinse them off beforehand.
They probably shouldn't be consumed if the yard has been recently  fertilized or sprayed with weed killers. Sources say they are  completely edible and are actually used as a detox for the blood.
Dwarf hamsters love dandelion leaves. Make sure that the dandelion was not by a road, this may be pollution. The flower should not have any pesticides either because this may cause health problems. I'm not sure if your hamster is a dwarf hamster or not I'm also not sure about syrian hamsters....
This is a traditional British soft fizzy drink first used in 1265. It is made from fermented Dandelion and Burdock roots
It uses the warmth water and light to grow The structure of the flower when it sets seed allows the lightness of the seed and its sail to be dispersed in the wind.
  it is a vassculer plant haaa
dandelions live with food water and a family with out that it would die
They are not listed as poisonous by the ASPCA's poisonous plants to dogs and cats guide, but it would be best to: 1.) ask your veterinarian to verify. 2.) avoid them anyway if the yard in question isn't yours. Someone might spray pesticide or harmful fertilizers on their yard.
the difference is that a dandelion is yellow MOSTLY and a rose is MOSTLY red Jahzy :)
they're a tap root plant, which is a plant that grows one extra long, thick root straight downward. all of the other roots branch off from this main one and spread outward
It weighs about half a pound
== Answer ==   Dandelion has been traditionally used for general detox and has always had a special reputation for cleansing the liver. Today practically all herbal formulations for the liver include dandelion root as a major ingredient.
The dandelion seed is spread by the wind. The puff ball on the flower is designed to catch the wind. Even a light breeze will pull the little seeds off the puff ball and send them flying. Wind flow can create wide strips of dandelions across lawns.
They are edible
the yellow dandelion then it dies and turns into the white fluffy seed
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  hamsters can eat dandelions as long as it is part of a balenced diet   hamsters can eat dandelions as long as it is part of a balenced diet
I used a dandelion bar this year because I couldn't find any 2,4 D weed and feed in my city anymore (maybe a good thing). Anyhow, I went with the weed bar and dragged it around my lawn twice this year. I found that it did a great job of killing just about all weeds, but did not get rid of the clover...
Colonists brought the herb to North America true, but not only as a source of food but also for its medical benefits. HORSEISLE REAL-TIME QUIZ ANSWER~ True (Courtesy of ScarletChick of Roan)
no, no they don't. Ladybugs like to eat leaves not flowers! ( as thats what i think) ......
  a bee uses the plant for polination and of course to make honey
No, a lion is a lion, there is a flower called a dandelion, which means tooth of the lion. it is a "dent de Leon" French for lion's tooth
No. A dandelion is a plant.A mushroom is a fungus.These are totally different organisms that belong to different kingdoms.
They both have cell walls and are immobile.
yellow white light (as in not heavy) fragil green stem
Dandelion: - Dandelions look like flowers, but they are in fact weeds. They can grow very tall and the top of them looks like a big yellow flower. Most of the animals that eat them just eat the dandelion leaf and not the flower because the flower can be harmful and the stalk of the plant can be...
Dandelions growing in your back yard today can help a dandelion grow miles away because when the flower itself dies, it turns into white seed, and when it is windy, or a child blows these seeds away, the seeds travel, and travel and travel until the seeds are able to be fertilized, or until they die...
  it's believed they will wet their bed
The adaptations of them are completely different...eg.dandelions have thick tapered roots where as goosegrass roots are thin and long
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Most of the dandelion plants grow in places that we will mow every two weeks or so, but only after the dandelions have gone to seed. We want to keep dandelions around the garden because we value the pollinators that they attract.The bees need the dandelions as an early source of nectar and pollen,...
Yes, they are very clever as they have an affinity to grow where the soil is calcium deficient
Dandelions are flowers with yellow petals.But before it turns into a flower it's a little fur ball type of plantwhich people blow on. when blown the little parts of the seed head (what it's called before it grows into a yellow flower) float around in the air.
All parts of a dandelion are considered as edible except for the stem.If you plan on eating dandelions, be sure that pesticides and weed killers have not been sprayed nearby.
Dandelions grow their leaves close to the ground to avoid animals  biting them off. They have a bitter taste so animals are less  likely to eat them.
Dandelions get dispersed when they are blown away to make wishes on by us , they can be carried away on animals fur , they can also be drifted away by water . The most used dispersal method would pro bally be the wind .
In case you didn't already know, a dandelion is a plant...plants don't eat...
The dandelion produces seeds mainly in spring but continues through  summer and autumn. The bitter leaves mean that not many animals eat  it, so one flower can survive for many years. Dandelions are also  adapted to being disturbed, so being moved doesn't limit their  ability to grow. The deep,...
The word comes from the French "dent de lion" meaning lion's tooth.
Acts as a cholagogue, which means that it increases the flow of bile. Not to be used by persons with closure of the biliary ducts and other biliary ailments.
For the common dandelion:Genus-TaraxacumSpecies-Taraxacum officinale/ Taraxacum vulgare
Dandelions are originally from Europe, but they are on most continents and all over the United States and Europe in temperate areas.
Can be up to 400, but the average is 180
because there is not enough space in the woods to spread . also there is not much open spare space area.
No, no part of a dandelion is poisonous. They are safe to eat, and are, in fact, eaten often as a 'super food.'
  hunger, if you're into salad.
My father used to eat dandelion greens. He also used to make dandelion wine, with mixed results.
warm weather and anywere i an quite sure
because thet are weeds that you should not smoke. You can smoke them but why? That's just dumb!
Sprinkle brown sugar on the yellow part of the dandelion. This messes with its cellular respiration and should kill it. If this doesn't work, spray the dandelion and the surrounding area with vinegar.
Yes.. The drink is made from fermented dandelions. It also contains fermented burdock roots. Hence the name, dandelion and burdock..
No A dandelion bud, which is an immature flower cannot grow into another dandelion plant. Only the seed-head can do this.
It is a species of orchid native to Europe, eastern United States and Eastern Canada. It is known as the Fen Orchid as it grows in fens and bogs
Edibility, landscape color, soil pH-raising, and wildlife-friendly contributions whereby eco-system benefits are realized while prolific rooting and seeding take over space are deeds which make dandelions ideal competitors on garden lawns. The Compositae family member in question challenges...
It grows into a yellow plant then turns into a fluffy ball with parachutes that carry seeds.