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Breyer Horses

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Breyer horses are one of the best model horses in the world. Loved by people of all ages, they are miniaturized twins of full-sized horses. Here you can ask question about Breyer horses, whether it be finding out how to make your own horse into a Breyer model or where you can find tack for your newest collectible.
The first breyers were actually originally made to go on clocks and weatherpanes and other such decorations. Their tack used to be plastic, molded into the horse.
There are actually very few riders/dolls compared to the horses. Breyer tends to focus on finding more horses than riders. In the major equestrian world, there are few African American champions. Breyer has to agree to the majority of the riders in the world. But you never know, they might make...
Yes, you can show all Breyers, inlcuding Mini Whinnies.
Technically, there are two different sets. There is one traditional model, which looks just like the cartoon. There is also a more realistic looking Classics set.
No such thing, Breyer started in 1950.
Most toy stores carry Breyer horses. New York City's most famous toy store is FAO Schwarz.
There are hundreds of traditional Breyers, so it would be very hard to list them all right here! However, you can look at Breyer's website (see the related links section below) and see all the retired models, and the current product line!
Not very big, about 6 inches tall.
In general you'll get the best selection of Breyer Horses on the Internet. Simply do a google search on "breyer horses" and a number of reputable merchants will show up.
There may be but if there isn't there is loads of breyer to buy on te internet :)
The traditional range from utterlyhorses :)
The highest price normal breyer, not a custom or anything, would probably be around $45 US, around 30 pounds. CM (Custom Made, models that are repainted or remodeled) can cost easily $500. Mint Condition SRs (Special Runs) can go for hundreds of dollars as well, depending on the model.
You will most likely get a light chestnut bay. It really depends on the parents genes.
You seem to have some bad information, because a horse can kick out in all directions. Belive me, i know, I have been working, and training with horses for 10 years.
The last year for a US gold One Dollar coin was 1889, look at the coin again and post new question.
Approximately 4 inches wide & 3 inches high.
Ok you can find the cheapest breyer horses (traditionals,classics,stablemates,padock pals,and minnie winnies.) On the websites www.happyhappysue.com and happyhappyhorses.com I have look for a little while and they have the cheapest there is a breyer horse there for 30.00 and 1 at my breyer store for...
It all depends on which scale model you have (traditional, classic ect...) however, when exposed to heat the plastic that traditional models are made from bends. I would recommend using a hairdryer to heat the plastic and running the model under cold water to harden it.
I will guide you through the steps. Me and my imaginary horse Stinkers will show you some ideas! ;) . Find some old cardboard boxes. Any, does not matter! . Get a knife. Its easier to cut with. . Get cutting! If you want a barn with more then one stall, cut a big square. (Most barns are not...
Naming your horse is totally up to you, especially for barn names! Here's a list of some possible shownames for him! . Shootin' the Moon . Heart's Desire . Belissimo Agape . Seismic Shock . Unworldly Desire What I do to think up shownames is first pick the breed, then try and find a name that...
You can buy popsicle sticks aproximitly 300+ and 300+ hot glue sitcks and a hot glue gun then look up how to make a breyer barn out of posicle sticks by mybreyerbarn100 on youtube then just follow and watch
First of all, the website you're buying it from should either say the inches the horse is, or the size (traditional, classic, stablemate etc.). Then, if you want the inches you can research the inches of the size (traditional, classic, stablemate etc.) it is. If the website doesn't say either format...
breyer.com! there is a sign up somewhere in the website! i signedup a few days ago and the longer you sign up the lower the priceswill be!
Very few blankets/rugs fit Breyers. They do fit larger models like O'Leary's Irish Diamond. I was shocked to discover that the blankets fit the Standardbred Peter Stone mold!
You go to the Breyer website, then you click on Events, select your region, and Breyer will give you a list of shows near you. Here's the link to go directly to the "region" part: http://www.breyerhorses.com/events/
Yes, you can get Breyers in most places. You can go to Breyer's homepage and use their store locator on the sidebar! You can also contact Bentley Sales Company, which is located in the Chicago suburbs. www.modelhorses.com
It's very hard to explain... It's best to look on youtube for how tos! Hope it helped
Can you be more specific in what you need to know about Breyer Model Horses please??
Well, first get one of the Breyer guidebooks, and find the price of the object(s) you are trying to sell. Then, subtract the amount you think is for right for the amount of dings on it. Here's a tip; how much would you pay for your Breyer?
There are 6 main sizes: Traditional, Classic, Paddock Pal, Pony, Stablemate, and Mini Whinny. Of those 6, each horse is different. I own 3 Traditionals at the moment, and all three are different height's. I listed them in order of height (largest first), although I am not to sure about the Ponies....
The rarest breyer model would probably be Trigger, he was owned by Roy Rogers. He was one of the first breyer models. Check on ebay!
Sadly, there aren't very many... or any... grab bags from Breyer. Once every few years they release some, and you can find these on their website IF they are available.
To find local Breyer dealers, go to the Breyer homepage (see related links) and type your area or zip code in the Store Locater and you will find tons of dealers. Kentucky is jam packed FULL of Breyer Dealers, especially towards the end of July: Breyerfest!
It is all about the angles and props. I am working on a Breyer movie called "Breaking Fire" and the shots are going to be Epic and up close.
Im sorry I don't think you can make your own breyer doll. Breyer is very good at making things so if you buy one its worth it. Sorry! :(
First, note that there aren't always model horse shows in your area. Look at Breyer's website (see related links) for a place to check for shows in the Midwest!
Go to breyerhorses.com and enter your zip code. It hasn't been updated in a while, so call the stores first. Also, go to modlehorsesalespages.com and make an account. It is a good way to buy/trade/sell models. To find Breyers, you can use the Breyer website's Store Locater (see related link below)...
A Breyer Fun Day is hosted at a store or saddlery, where you can talk to other collectors, and there might be a show at some. You also have the oppurtunity to buy the Fun Day model, which is a limited edition in the Classics scale. Fun Days also let you paint stablemates, or buy cheap models! If you...
Hi, The way that I make my Breyer food is I just jet things like... -uncooked rice -Crushed weetbix -oats -hay I usually just use rice with some chopped up hay. Sometimes the food can go off and things like bugs can eat it! So I usually have a container that I put all the mix in. And...
I have found that shredded paper and dried grass both work, although the grass must be dead.
you can go onto ebay, and people have lots of cutoms made for sale. and also if you get on youtube, alot of people have posted the customs they have made for sale and how much they are. if you look and keep on looking then.... you may find a good deal
Each Special Run costs a different price. The annual dog SR normally costs about $40. Other SRs cost anywhere from $40-$70. The more intricate the SR (if it's made of crystal or something), the more it will cost. Every year Breyer sends out a packet with all the SR prices and last minute news....
Judges look for a lot in a model. Here are the things to look for in a model, that judges look out for, too. Confirmation of a model must match the breed it is assigned to. Of course you know what breed you want it to be, that's the class you entered it in. That's a huge part of perparing for...
The first obvious place would probably be ebay. But other places are... -garage sales (you never know what you'll find! -Model shops (they have sales on them) -Online (Eg: MH$P) It really depends where you live and what's available. !
Breyer Reeves International.
You can buy Breyer horses almost anywhere. You can probably get a larger selection by going online to order.
Well, in Williston Vermont, there is Guys Farm and Yard which has a lot. Then in South Burlington, there is Kids Warehouse, near Klingers.
I use one of those sharp tools that you get in scraper foil packs, but usually anything sharp will do, maybe a Stanley knife or something. All you have to do if choose where you want to etch and gently scrape away at the paint, not so that you make huge dents in the model but so that only the paint...
, I'm a massive breyer fan and collector myself and i know a few cheats to making breyer tack!! First of all there is a website called Utterly horses where you can buy everything breyer, they also have sections to help you create tack, scenes and much more ideas for breyer things!! Second of...
Breyer are produced by Reeves International and distributed through that parent company. They are made in a variety of locations, but I believe that the mojority are produced in China
It depends on how old it is.If it is 10-20 years old,probably $1000.You have a good deal on your hands
Yes they will and have or have at least made Ben Cartige's horse Buck and Little Joe's Chochise. I don't know about the last.
you can custom one not the good one only the one that is for sale the one that is white you can custom.
Just buy it from tesco's! It's 99p per packet. Quite good value! :) Why make it, when you can do it the stress free way?!
Check the Breyer website. Tips: use an airbrush for pro results set at least 2-3 hours to do a project have many scales of paints onhand use newspaper when painting place a piece of paper behind horse when air brushing Happy Painting!
There is an excellent pattern for the experienced sewer in Folkwear Pattern #135 in the link I have provided. . See also the Butterick pants and tunic pages choose from the many fine patterns available. None of the patterns I have found so far have the matching scarf, but there are many scarf...
85,422 is the largest collection of toy horses
To get a Breyer catalog for 2010 you either should buy a 2010 Breyer Horse, or search for one on ebay.
It shouldn't but if it does remove the felt immidiatly so the model nor the felt tack piece get in worse condition.
yes.lots of the draft horses do and the some appaloosas do too but not that that short
An artist resin is a model sculpted or painted by a "moulder" that is one of a kind
Check out the Breyer website and click pruduct list and scroll to Holiday or Orniments. Find those ponies! Happy Breyering!
No. Not if you want to keep it in one piece.
Sorry.I can't give you an exact price.If I were you,I would have an expert look at it.If you watch Pawn Stars you will definatelly get some good people on there.
you can buy the newest models at breyerhorses.com. you can also buy them from various places online, just Google breyer horses. eBay and MHSP are places to buy from private sellers. Hope this helps.
Star, Amber, Ember, Sophie, Tinkerbell, Lilly, Holly, Buzz, Blue, Lighting, Storm, Thunder, Cloud, Rain, Scooby, Queen, Snowy, Ice, Lizzy, Vicky, Ellie, Duke, Beau, Sunny, Sundance, Willow,Nancy,Caramel, Cream, Duchess the list is endless you think of some i have just given you a head start
Some of the folowing places: Ebay ( on the left choose your price range ) Flea markets Local garage sales ( check classifieds in newspapers, magazines, etc ) Surf the web for cheap prices Wildhorsefeathers is having a year in clearancesale EDIT: I would suggest a local tack shop, too....
I have noticed pn the models I have from when breyer first started, they don't have the breyer/breyer reeves stamp but do have a stamp saying the conrty (MIne say USA on the top of the leg). Hope this helps.
It's not exactly cheap but you can get the newer breyers there. It's called saddlers row.
This is really a opinion question but I would switch to traditionals iihave to say they're nicer
No,they sell them in alot of places,but not there.
Yes. It would not damage the horse at all unless the snpw is like ice, then the ice could sratch the breyer horse.(:
Stablemate tack is extremely hard to make, Live Show Quality or not. Youtube has a few guides. Some Youtube members make LSQ SM (Live Show Quality Stablemate) tack. You can PM some and ask for tips. There are a few model horse hobbyists who have written short packets on making tack. There are...
This question is impossible to answer, the company is always releasing new horses. go to breyerhorses.com and look at products for new models.
This model is pay n go from the hanoverian mold. hes a Dressage Appaloosa. He was sold from 2003-2004. the only way to get him now is by buying him from someone who had him previously.
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Internet, ebay, amazon, utterly horses
RIO RONDO would probably be your best resource. They have EVERYTHING miniature for Model Horse tack
I would suggest a Mare and Foal or a Rare horse and if you have a favorite horse breyer most of the time like 99.9% they will have a hare your looking for. If you have your own horse look for on that looks like your horse. Hoped It Helped On Your Choice On Your New Breyer Horse
You can use hot water, but you have to be CARFUL******
I am a breyer collector myself, and some walmarts have them. They usually are in the toy section. Ugh. I am a teen, so I know how you might feel about this, but they are worth it!
Not that big. The mare is 1/12th of the size of a real horse and the foal would be smaller
Yes he is! :D
IDK but its not fair! i want to show too. usually in NYC. i hate how 4-H hasnt tooken to it yet!! >:(
Well, there is Campbells in Mitchell. Sometimes during holidays Tractor Supply Co, has them. Runnings most of the time does. That is around in the Huron area I have no idea where you are.
Well, the only way that I know of is that when you buy a breyer horse, there is a minature catalouge that comes inside the box with the horse (and rider). On one of the pages, it tells you the size, and price. Sometimes it may also show you how many different sizes they have of that size.
You can find them very cheap at equine site.I found a saddle,and a bridle for $250.To me,that's an extremely good deal.