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Underground Railroad

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The Underground Railroad was a group of secret routes and safe houses that allowed slaves to escape to free states in the mid 1800s.


becasuse she knew the way to freedom and knew the safe houses
Yes she did she and the others walked all the way.
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because she treat it was under fair.
The Undeground Railroad actually has its beginnings in Africa when the Portugese captured their first slaves in the 1400s. It' s been estimated that around twelve million Africans were uprooted from their homeland and sold into a life of slavery between 1450 and 1850. From a multitude of conflict,...
They tell us she wrote a book that became very influential across the nation - Uncle Tom's Cabin. This book helped open people's eyes to what was going on.
1789 so stop changing it she wasnt born that time 1990 was eqaulblack and white civil rights movement
Harriet Green (mother) and Benjamin Ross (father)
we have them here click it now
there was just one main group which was called the antislavery groups which had many different antislavery groups attached to the main one. there was a network of freed African American and white abolitionists who helped free those who came along trying to escape.
she got hit in the head with a two pound block
She did carry a gun to threaten people...and also to protect her "passengers", or the fugitive slaves that followed her to the north.
she hase 4 childrens named by Karen , steven, carolin and Michael. her husband died when her last children born .he died in 1932.
harriet Tubman never went to school
station ment hideouts conductors ment leaders railroad workers ment slave helpers station masters ment place for food
Because if the slaves fled the US altogether than they were out of US Jurisdiction. And at that time blacks were free in the north but if a slave escaped and their owner found them in the north than they could take their slave back to the south and all of that hard work would have been in vain. And...
she hid them in wagons and sometimes sacks.
Harriet made a difference by freeing thousands of slaves while risking her own life
Ignorance, lack of initiative and accountability, poverty and low self-esteem. Generations which have a background of slavery cannot appreciate their success in life or even the success of their relatives or friends or same background and origin. Creativity is limited and devlopment life skills...
Harriet Tubman was hurt by protecting a slave. This is how she was hurt, her slave master threw a 3 pound wait at her!
Harriet Tubman was a strong supporter of the Underground Railroad and directly participated in actions that put herself in danger but let to the freedom of many blacks (African-Americans) during her time.
harriet Tubman was a woman
Ain't I A Woman That's not correct - "Ain't I a Woman" is by Sojourner Truth. I'm not sure if Harriet Tubman had a "famous speech, " but that poem isn't it.
She made nineteen trips from the South to the North to help runaway slaves.
she free all the slaves
Slavery started many thousands of years ago, it was a worldwide occurrence. The underground rail road was an escape route for slaves in the US
Harriet was called Minty because her real name was Araminta Ross. She took the name Harriet from her mother's first name and Tubman was her husband's last name.
I think it's because she in a way lead people from the south to the north. Witch in a way would be like how Moses lead the people to the promise land.
She was born about 1820. She escaped from slavery and began helping others escape in 1849, so she was about 29 years old.
Ni, I believe it was a heavy sack of something.
Harriet Tubman's job after her freedom was cooking and cleaning in New York, and helping elderly folks.
No, She Died At ninety four.
At the Harriet Tubman store.
Although a few parts of the network involved tunnels or underground hiding places, most of the "underground railroad" consisted of houses and farms of anti-slavery Southerners. They used these locations as "stations" to feed, clothe, and hide the slaves as they made their way slowly to the North. ...
The Underground Railroad was a well-organized system created byHarriet Tuban to help slaves escape to freedom. Mostly the slaveescaped to the free northern states and Canada, but depending wherethe slaves were from they also could escape to western territories,Mexico, and the Caribbean. From 1830...
she was half black .her father was white . Harriet Tubman, an African American, was born to parents Harriet Green and Ben Moss in Dorchester, Maryland. It is interesting to know that there exists no proof about her exact year of birth. She is believed to have been born in 1819, 1820 or 1825. . At...
yes she was a nurse for the union army for a few years
Because she was tired of being a slave and getting beat all day or having to work for people that didn't treat her with respect.
the stationers and Nat turner and Quakers :)
She didn't go to school. She was a slaves and slaves weren't allowed, by law, to learn to read or write.
John Tubman did not beat Harriet Tubman, according to my sources. He threatened to tell Harriet's master that she ran away if she did. Harriet was angry and ran away anyway. I am still confused because John Tubman was a free black so i thought he would want to help slaves escape. John Tubman still...
no she had 11 brothers and sister im not lying it was a big family on an plantation farm
Harriet Tubman (born Araminta Ross; c. 1822 - March 10, 1913) was an African-American abolitionist, humanitarian, and Union spy during the American Civil War. After escaping from slavery, into which she was born, she made thirteen missions to rescue over seventy slaves using the network of...
because he believes, that to many people know of it. and it isn't underground. if it was, it might be a little safer.
Harriet Tubmans fight for freedom inspired her to help others.
5 feet tall but she was smart and strong
She got hit with an iron weight.
The Union Draft Law signed into effect on 3 March 1863. But it had numerous exemptions and the Law and wasn't nearly as Draconian as the question implies.
I think she wanted to be a person who helped people get out ofslavery. That is probably why she built the underground railroad.
The only child Harriet Tubman ever had was Gertie, and she was adopted.Harriet Tubman married a man named Nelson Davis on March 18, 1869 and they adopted a baby girl named Gertie in 1874. In about 1859, Harriet Tubman returned to her home in Auburn, New York with a girl named Margaret. There is...
Harriet Tubman really did not have time for any hobbies. She was a slave you know. Work go to bed get up work over and over again. :)
She was born as Araminta Ross at Dorchester County, Maryland, approximately 1820.
she was a slave of a big white family
No, the Underground Railroad was not legal. In fact, one of the people who helped with it the most (Harriet Tubman) was wanted by the government. The government offered a lot of money for someone to find her and turn her in.
\nThe underground railroad was started to help black slaves from the southern get to Canada to gain their freedom. It was very dangerous and many people were killed, but because of the brave people who helped transport the slaves many were granted their freedom and a chance to start over in Canada.
Harriet Tubman never got a formal education. She never went to school or had a tutor. science she was born a slave she learned how to work on plantations, cook, clean, sew and many other chores. I don't know if she ever learned to read and write but if she did, she would have learned from elders....
Negoitators were brought to the White House until an agreement was reached..
Harriet Tubmen suffered from narcelepsy and seizured as well aslifelong pain from an untreated head injury.http://www.caringvoice.org/tag/harriet-tubman/
1) Freedom... 2)family 3) Go do SOME .. RESEARCH .. You LAZY bum!!
Im pretty sure you can visit some places that still has tunnnels or underground houses that was apart of the underground railroad.
Harriet Tubman's mom's name was Harriet Ross. Harriet Tubman took her mom's first name
Harriet Tubman had 8 siblings four sisters and four brothers, including her and her parent they had a family of 11
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Harriet Tubman (born Araminta Ross) did not have children of her own. Harriet Tubman married a man named Nelson Davis and they adopted a baby girl named Gertie in 1874. Gertie would be more than 100 years old (139 years old in 2013).
so she can help the slaves escape from slavery
No one knows it dates too far back. It probably was an African American b/c the slaves didn't know how to write back then(most of them) to tell someone in the future they named it.
Harriet Tubman was born circa 1822
As the woman who set slaves free
She saved African Americans and put them into freedom.
She was hit because, an overseer threw a 2 pound lead weight at another slave.
no but she was hit by a small object on the head that she suffered from until death
She helped ascaped slaves, like herself
Harriet Tubman was about 10 when she got hit with a brick
yes she did she won a medal for a war nurse
it was very had they did alot to get where they are now. she was a strong woman what no fear in life. but they rape and shot in her eye
no sweetie she was born in 1820 thanks 4 asking