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Obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder characterized by repetitive behaviors, obsessions, compulsions and anxiety. OCD is often managed through medication and behavioral therapy. Questions about the disorder, its effect and treatment should be placed in this category.
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder comes in many shapes and forms. Forme, I did not like ot touch anything. For others, it could rangefrom scrubbing there hands "clean" and repeating numbers. These arethe compulsions OCD is trying to make someone do. Maybe you findthat you wash your hands a little too...
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The main difference between the two is that, Asperger's is anautistic spectrum disorder, a neurological disorder, that you areeither born with or you're not and is not something that can reallyever go away for good. Whereas OCD is a mental illness, an anxietydisorder, that you're not born with but...
What is referred to sounds like Emetophobia (Fear of vomiting) which is a phobia, not OCD. I am stating this because it is more believed that a phobia can be treated where OCD is less likely, although if you do suffer from severe fear which is almost disabling your normal daily life, you should...
Very unlikely and nearly impossible. It is important to seektreatment from a healthcare professional. i.e psychologist or apsychiatrist
that would be Disposophobia i didnt know how to spell it so i just copyed it Disposiphobia wold be eaxctly the opposite of a fear of clutter - its a compulsion to clutter. So, its not the right answer
Simple answer. Because they are compulsively obsessive about everything!
Compulsive feelings are internal urges that are hard to resist.This is what people with OCD deal with. For instance, some people are obsessed with germs, and wheneverthey feel dirty they feel a compulsion to wash their hands. Wemight think this is natural, but for someone with OCD, it can getto be...
Yes. OCD has existed for centuries, if not millenia. It is onlyrecently that its set of symptoms has been given a name in the DSM(Diagnostic and Statistical Manual - of Mental Disorders).
Yes it can with therapy group therapy meds and much more!
The best way to beat this disorder is to try to reduce the anxiety that can cause from not giving into your behaviors.
No. Symptoms of OCD involve obsessive and compulsive behaviour. It is a psychiatric problem, not a physical one that could be seen in an MRI.
Symptoms may include repetitive handwashing; extensive http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Compulsive_hoarding ; preoccupation with http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Sexual_obsessions or aggressive impulses, or with particular religious beliefs; aversion to odd numbers; and nervous habits, such as opening...
Yes, a lot of people diagnosed with OCD also are diagnosed withother anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder and major depressivedisorder.
i am 35 yr f 5'31/2. I weighed 158lbs when i first started taking 20mg adderrall xr and 10mg lexapro. Its been 6 1/2 weeks since i began, I now weigh 142 Lbs. You may lose your appetite and get very tired in the evening. I have no problems sleeping at all. I do not have OCD. I was diagnosed with ADD...
It could be, however, a diagnosis needs to be made by a healthcareprofessional. i.e psychologist or a psychiatrist.
No, however, in individuals diagnosed with OCD, when faced with anobsession, you can say that the compulsion that one performs as aresponse to the obsession is a coping mechanism used to reduce theanxiety and distress initially caused by the presence of theobsession.
actually,no. you will know if you have OCD because you will need everything a certain way, or be afraid of certain things. OCD is not a joke it is a serious health and mental condition so stop playing around, it isn't funny.
Howie Mendel. He admits it openly
HOCD is a type of Pure Obsessional OCD. It is more of mental things, when things constantly repeat over and over again. Inside the mind, and you have extreme anxiety and avoid anything that would trigger that thought. When someone has HOCD, it's when they have a fear of being with the opposite sex...
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Marijuana causes a lovely, relaxed mood while you are getting high (which is the short arm of the curve) and irritability, anxiety and bad feelings while it is wearing off (the long arm of the curve.) In Bipolar individual, this makes the tendency to mood swings WORSE, and pretty much invalidates...
OCD is a disorder in which there are obsessions and compulsions. Compulsions being the inability to prevent him or herself from NOT doing something they feel compelled to do. Obsession is more the "thought side" of that, although not necessarily with the behavior that goes with it. People who...
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is what OCD is shortened from.
Some people just enjoy washing their hair and have a need to have it clean. If you see the same thing happening with other things though, then I would maybe check with your doctor to see if you might have some kind of OCD.
The best way of dealing with someone who has OCD has been suggested by research to be gradual exposure. For example, if they had problems touching something seen as "contaminated", a tissue for example, you could gradually encourage them to touch something touched by the tissue until they get used...
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20 milligrams of fluoxetine. which is a type of selective serotonin uptake inhibitor.
well, i used to take lexapro, because i have OCD, now i am on zoloft. but, if you really want to know if lexapro will help, ask your doctor. http://www.lexaprosideeffectshelp.com/
There is a huge difference between PTSD and OCD. PTSD appears usually after some extremely stressful in a bad way event, for example a murder. Whilst, OCD can occur even with slightly heightened stress levels.
Try to think about your actions before you do them. I just finished reading a Howie Mandel auto biography and he tells you all about it. I don't have OCD but to control impulses try to think about it before you take action.
There are no subtypes of OCD, but OCD can manifest in dif. ways... Ppl with OCD fall into categories such as: checkers (obsessively checking to ensure everything is in order), counters, savers (saving unneeded things that are no longer useful), etc.
Unfortunately, no, it's not. :(
OCD is a chronic illness. It is a chemical imbalance in your brainthat you are born with and that lasts your whole life. Medicationsand treatments are available to help, but OCD never quite goesaway, unfortunately
obsessive compulsive disorder
yes, i have had it for awhile. it's utterly horrible and consuming of the most important part of yourself--your faith. it hurts to pray because a little voice in your head will say something blasphemous or you will have to repeat and beg God for forgiveness 800 times before it feels ok again when in...
People with OCD aren't perfect at everything! but they tend to be perfectionists, not al of them but some (depending on the type of OCD ) for example books neatly lined up or things stacked up neatly, on the other hand not all people with OCD are orderly they can be quite the opposite, infact...
A good psychiatrist is going to try very hard not to make you uncomfortable, not to be judgmental, and will probably not get into the "therapy" part (the "why" part) on the first visit. They will want to understand the "what" -- what are the behaviors that are troubling you, what you feel if you...
They eat food any normal person would
It's referred to as 'compulsions.'
Yes ocd can be passed down through family genes.
Not necissarily (sorry i cant spell) i dont think its a recognized symtom but the person with OCD would get frustrated and choose to use foul language
Yes, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD is a characterised mental illness as defined by the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) , ICD (International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems) , and other manuals on mental disorders.
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No, it is a mental disorder. See a doctor.
Answer . USEFUL LINKS CONCERNING TOURETTES:\n. \nTourette Spectrum Disorder Association, Inc.\nTourette Syndrom Association, Inc.\nTourette Sydrome - Now What?\nTourette Syndrome "Plus" .... Many childhood-onset neurobehavioral conditions are often undiagnosed, misdiagnosed, or misunderstood. On...
Can I just point out that not all of these apply to everyone with OCD. Everyone is different and therefore habits very from person to person. . cleaning . hand washing . checking - such as checking that doors are locked, or that the gas or a tap is off . counting . ordering and arranging ....
OCD--obsessive compulsive disorder is curable. firs get into a therapy group, and discuss your feelings with others who also have this disorder. your psychiatrist will give you medications for OCD, and suggest behavior modification therapy with you also. there is hope for obsessive compulsive...
OCD is a mental disability so it affects the brain.
You need to get him some specialized professional help immediately. Contact your local mental health association to see what resources might be available in your area. The pharmacology alone could be causing problems, and there are hints of schizophrenia in what you have written. As I'm sure you...
Listen you need to tell your parents that you think you have OCD. Say to them the things you are doing like your obsessive acts. I have OCD and was nervous as well about it but honestly you need to tell them. Get checked out by your family doctor who should refer you for help.
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Go to https://www.kaiserpermanente.org/ and type in "publications" in the search box. You then have to pick the area you live in.
Cleaning Eating Working out Spelling Correctly Poking someone ANYTHING can become an ocd
they don't, you're born with it just like most mental illnesses. symptoms of ocd don't often occur until late childhood.
No that is just one of the disorders. You can be ocd over just about anything.
Yes, you should. OCD needs to be treated by a professional as a person cannot handle it by themselves and measures need to be taken as sooner as possible, because after all this disorder is liable to control.
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is different than Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCPD). Both are mental conditions that create ridged obsessive tendencies. In OCD, it's expressed in external rituals. In OCPD, it's in demanding standards of perfection for the self and others. For...
Living a healthy lifestyle is the best way to prevent "fears" or unhealthy relationships with food. It is important to eat a well-balanced diet, live an active lifestyle, and not to deprive yourslef of "treats" or dessert-foods.
OCD is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It is when something has to be entirely correct or to your particular way of liking it. Panic disorder is an anxiety disorder brought on by a stimulus, example. flying. It causes panic attacks. OCD is not detrimental to your health. It just may cause you to seem...
Yes, it can be related to having Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It can also be related to having a crooked / bad teeth alignment which allows for it to be easy to bite that way. In addition to that, it can also be related to stress . . . FYI OCD can be brought on by stress/anxiety. Some tips /...
There is NO CLEAR history. Notions of OCD have been present since the middle ages, often called "insanity" & people were put into mental assylums. In the 1900's the mental illness became effical.
Yes, it is perfectly fine. Don't be anxious about that.
OCD has helped in my career as an accountant. I have great attention to detail, extensive ability to focus. I'm pretty good at seeing see relationships between numbers and find patterns in statistics. I can recall facts and figures from several years past. I also keep at a problem until it is solved...
You can be born with a genetic predisposition to OCD (obsessivecompulsive disorder). This does not necessarily mean you will haveOCD but it may mean your or more likely to have it. You can becomeconditioned to OCD as a result of life experiences or a traumaticsituation.
It depeds on what medication your prescribed, but you could always ask your doctor or pharmasist but personally mine is not too expensive.
Yes infact I would prefer an OCD mechanic or doctor as they tend to be very thorough
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In my opinion the answer to this question would be yes, OCD drugs would be effective against addictive behaviors. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder's key features (occording to the DSM IV) include "obsessions (persistent, often irrational, and seemingly uncontrollable thoughts)" and "compulsions ...
Obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Leonardo DiCaprio and David Beckham are particularly well known ones but others include: Martin Scorsese and Billy Bob Thornton.
No, when I was younger I feared darkness but still fell asleep with no problems.
Yes. He mentions this in his video "50 Things
Yes, unless the disorder is so severe that it interferes with the concentratiion necessary to perform.
Some people have OCD and they don't have Bipolar disorder, but, they can get extremely irritated with their OCD which enables them to get annoyed and angry. Some people who do have OCD, do also suffer from Bipolar disorder, but not all people.
Usually, it does. However, that depends a lot on whether it is treated in some way or not.
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None. You got to do the work, just like your classmates. OCD in my day was corrected with a swat to the head by the teacher....or the strap by the principal.
The more viable option is the have them examined to see if it is in fact Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or another anxiety or obsessive disorder such as Anorexia and Bulimia Nervosa which has yet to fully manifest itself. From there seeking medical and psychiatric help would be the best option...
There are many medications, from SSRI's to anticonvulsants to tricyclic antidepressants that can provide a lot of help for sufferers of OCD. A psychiatrist can help decide on a treatment and prescribe these medications.. You can take meds for OCD such as Paxil, Prozac, and Zoloft but you would need...
when first one feels have something wrong with...oh, yea, then found out has OCD!
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