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Communism is a political philosophy that is defined by a classless society in which all goods and property are collectively owned. Some current communist countries include China, Cuba, Vietnam, Laos and North Korea.


it originated from China, from Mao. organiced in China and  Russia(Soviet), have members like China, nort Korea, ??cuba.
Communism is like a dictatorship, in my opinion, and there are  rules over many aspects of a citizen's life.
after world war two the decline of europe power was shared betweent  the united states and the soviet union.
There is a huge difference because "Communism" was not a philosophy of Plato.Plato wrote "The Republic" in which was a philosophy of unity and power of the people.The Communist philosophy was started way later by Karl Max around the 1800s.Both ideas are not the same but alike
The word Marxism-Leninism is used roughly as a synonym for Communism. (Marx was a philosopher who wrote about his ideas for a Communist state, and Lenin was an early leader of the Soviet Union, which was the name Russia took during its Communist period.)China is still a Communits country, although...
The Germans detested the Communists, even the Communists in their own country. Hitler killed off many of them. He attacked the USSR because they had resources he needed and he hated communism.
For the west it was right as WW2 ended, the allies and the sovietsdidn't trust each other which led to the berlin wall being erected,then in the late 40's & 50's for america especially started theeradication of any communist or socialist and extreme promotion ofcapitalism.
No, Lenin had died in 1924 and the Cold War did not begin till after WWII.
Being a communist he probably liked it. He applied some of his thoughts to it to make a form of communism called Maoism.
to govern everything for his benefit
\n. \n. The term "war communism" is translated from the Russian "voennyi kummunizm.". The term is in itself ambiguous and the results of however it is translated showed political observers the sham created by the Bolsheviks. They refused to follow Marxist theory and practise, resulting in a...
Australia was not so much fearful of Communism, but more because it was associated with oppressive totalitarian governments and dictatorships that did not sit well with our national conscience.The USA on the other hand had mass hysteria and conducted witch hunts and show trials for alleged...
From a painting I saw, they were colored blue.
Answer . Armenians are the most ancient nation in the world and they were the first to accept christianity!
communism is a form of government where the principal means of production are Owen by the government
As a result of the collapse of the Soviet Union: . the threat of the anihilation of humanity was reduced, andperhaps eliminated for a time. . Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania regained theirindependence. . Belarus, Ukraine, Moldavia, Georgia and other former Sovietrepublics bacel independent states. ....
Similarities between Stalin and Lenin were they were both Bolsheviks wanting to make a communist state in Russia.
Both forms of government require politicians to operate them.
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Yes he did propound it in his time; however it was Karl Marx in 1848 who propounded it first in 1848.
Vladimir Lenin was the first Communist Ruler of Russia. He led the Revolution that overthrew the Czar and then took over the elected government that replaced the Czar. He won total control of Russia when the Red army defeated the White army.
  No Turkey had never fallen to communism
Lenin's first name was Vladimir although he was also called Nikolai.
because they did not want ot lose their power,wealth,and in their minds superiority over other nations and there was so many racist in America they did not want to treat blacks and minoritys the same as they treat themselfs
He created the Truman Doctrine, which protected other countries from communism.   <----------NovaNet    
The NEP was supposed to create a stronger soviet union More facts: It was designed to do this by rebuilding the economy. After the Bolshevik takeover and two years of civil war and Lenin's "war communism," the Soviet economy was producing less than it had in the last years of the Tsarist regime. The...
  It would help any countries to stay away from communism, and it would help fight the forces that would prevent that.
Lenin took what he felt was the best of Marxism and evangelized to the Russian people, famously saying things like that the etc
Communism and capitalism are opposing ideas about how the societies of the world should be organized. Each considers the other dangerous for the reason that both dwell on the failures of the other and both often try to incite people to overthow their governments. Both have pluses and minuses. The...
Yes, the war was extremely unpopular. The morale of Russia's  military was broken, having lost all confidence in their  leadership. Supplies were not being delivered due to Russia's  inadequate transportation system. Lenin was fortunate that he was  given the opportunity to simply end the war.
Communism was a philosophy started by German Philosophist Karl Marx. He wrote the "Communist Manifesto" which states his ideas.
It's easy to blame the events of "any" time on any failure. The 80's, must be the Afghanistan war that the Soviets were involved with for 9 yrs, sustaining about 10,000 Soviet fatalities. Since the Soviets collapsed in 1990, and 1989 is when the Afghan war ended, that must be the answer! It's easy...
  because velvet is soft and gentle, and this was a bloodless revolution.
Well, he must have been okay with it considering the fact he was a communist
The USA has a mixed economy with a considerably large, but declining, private sector.
Lenin's older brother had been executed for plotting to kill Tsar Alexander III when Lenin was just a teenager. Lenin was so enraged that he himself had to leave the country.
Some were, yes.
Communism is an economic and political system based on the principle "From each according to their ability, to each according to their need." It stresses that the control of the means of producing economic goods in a society should reside in the hands of those who invest their labor for production....
It was a concentration camp-state in building. Lenin's rule involved the seizure of wealth and property by the state and the construction of the apparatus of international aggression (first given shape in the 1920 invasion of Poland) as well as internal oppression. To clarify or add on to the...
Lenin took control of the more radical Bolshevik faction of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party. This faction ultimately became its own party, the Bolshevik Party and in 1918 became the Communist Party.
Communism has always been around, just not categorized as "communism."
If you want to know why Communism would be a threat to the American Way of Life, look up Constitution of the United States. Read the first 10 amendments to the constitution. That gives a list of the rights you would lose. How would you like to go to court and hear, "You have been accused of a crime....
  It made the US realize that the communists could be stopped.
There is no leader of the communist movement.   Karl Marx was a philosopher not a leader.
because Russia's a big Continent that does what they want.
"Marxism" neither precedes nor succeeds communism, since they are two different concepts. Marxism is an ideology based on all of the theories of Karl Marx. Communism is an economic and political system. According to Karl Marx, socialism precedes and eventually evolves into communism. The idea that...
Republics are normally democratic.
No, Lenin actually opposed Stalin as his successor even to the extent of writing several notes (later to become known as Lenin's Testament" to the Central Committee of the Communist Party advising that a way be found to replace Stalin with someone who had "...greater tolerance, greater loyalty,...
There is nothing 'wrong' with Communism. The thing is that most Westerners get the misconception that Communism is bad. This is because during the Cold War in an effort to get support against the USSR and Communism the US used wildly incorrect propaganda which made most people think Communism...
Vietnam is producing products and is a participant in free world trade, so maybe they are a new form of communists (possibly a successful version of original communism).
There were a number of leaders who planned the October Revolution, but Vladimir Lenin is credited with being the leader.There was no leader in the February Revolution, since that broke out spontaneously and without any organization or leadership. Tsar Nicholas was convinced by his advisors that he...
The Communists seized power in Russia in 1917 (World War 1).
They called themselves Bolsheviks at first. After the October Revolution of 1917, they adopted the name Communists in March 1918.
Lenin had no role in World War 2. He had died in 1924 about 15 years before World War 2 started.
Lenin's last wish was that the Communist Party find some way to eliminate Joseph Stalin from his positions of power within the Communist Party so that Leon Trotsky, rather than Stalin, would succeed him as leader of the country on his death.
When Lenin returned to Russia in early April 1917 right after the February Revolution, his plan was to agitate the workers, peasants and soldiers of Russia to overthrow the new Provisional Government and set up a socialist (not communist at first) government under the sole control of the Bolshevik...
The members of the society own them collectively. They are run by administrators but with no one having ownership interests. -Their answer Communism is an economic and political system in which the state owns the means of production and a single party rules. -My answer
i wonder the same thing.... Smh
  In an idealistic world, it would, and it would work perfectly. However, in the real world, people have ambitions and will always find a way to gain power. And as soon as people attempt to take power from others, there will be fighting, and arguing, and the system breaks down.
democracy and communismDemocracy and Communism are not mutually exclusive. You can have both at the same time. The people need only vote for a communist economic system. Communism is an economic system and democracy is a form of government. A better question would be; "Is democracy better than a...
Marx felt that property, or the private ownership of property, was the greatest evil of the capitalist system. For capitalism to be abolished the concept of private ownership of property had to be abolished.
Yes. Still exists in China and Cuba, among other countries
Answer  Here are opinions:   There is no definitive way to answer that question but Trotsky was certainly no democrat. He still would have been a communist tyrant. If he would have been less bloodthirsty than Stalin that would have been small comfort for his victims.  The USSR would have been...
From the death of Lenin in 1924 to his own death in 1953. Stalin  was a cruel dictator and many communists and regular Russian people  were executed en mass.    Stalin was not in sole power in the USSR at first after Lenin died.  He was General Secretary of the Central Committee of the...
  it affected world war 2 by treating some people the same as others during the war   it affected world war 2 by treating some people the same as others during the war
Not just Vietnam, anywhere; it just so happened that the Reds were putting the most effort and violence into South Vietnam (RVN). They couldn't get enough steam to start one in Central or South America...or anywhere else. But it took hold in SEA (Southeast Asia).
Lenin's "dictatorship of the proletariat" was never like Karl Marx's version. Lenin's dictatorship was preferable to him because he felt that the "proletariat" of Russia were not sufficiently aware of their class status as proletariat. He felt they needed a strong government run by a small group of...
Russia and China. They were the largest two countries where communism was in power. While it did target China, this was mostly aimed at the Soviets, who were also a world power and hated the Americans.
Pragmatism: the old ideas weren't working. For example, war communism was fine when war was happening, but as soon as peace strikes, it is very much a backward step.
These are examples of economic and political ideologies.
The basic structure of Communism is government at the top, whichcontrols the economy, production, and distribution of goods, andthe people, which are expected to work and share equally. Undercommunism the general idea would be group ownership of everything,and the government only there to ensure...
The first country to have a communistic system is the Soviet Union  which is now the Russian Federation since 1991. But in true reality  there waand is no true country that has a system of communism, this  is because communism is reffered to as benign state in which no one  is in rule, so...
Social ownership of the means of production refers to the ownership  of the capital equipment and tools used in the production of goods  and services by all of society. The concept of the "means of  production" refers to large-scale capital goods and factor inputs  that require social or...
Lenin's NEP never did lead to communism. In fact, the NEP was a controversial return to capitalism in the areas of agriculture and small businesses. In that respect, it was a retreat from socialism and the anticipated march toward communism. Lenin introduced it as a temporary measure to bolster a...
Vladimir Lenin wanted a socialist government ruled by therevolutionaries, that would lead to ownership of the country by theworking class and peasants. He was a follower of Marxian ideology,and created an ideology that came to be known as Marxist Leninism.
Lenin's program was called the New Economic Policy.The NEP restored some aspects of capitalism on a temporary basis. Small businesses (under 10 workers) were allowed to operate for personal profit and peasant farmers were allowed to work their land and keep their produce subject to paying a tax to...
Lenin entered Russia on April 3, 1917, courtesy of the German High Command, returning from living in exile in Switzerland.
Lenin was part Mongol, Jewish, Swedish and German. He was not Russian at all as far as ancestry goes.
Communism divides people into haves (governing), and have nots(workers). It is a highly restrictive form of government that doesnot promote equality nor liberty as many see or wish it to have. Itis a totalitarian doctrine that puts the greater portion of asociety into submission for purposes of...
Lenin stood some of Marx's ideas on their heads. One is that Marx believed there would be an economic revolution of workers (proletariat) against owners of the means of production (bourgeoisie). Once the workers took control of the economy, they would change the prevailing political system by...
It completely destroyed the economy for many years which Russia is only recovering from now, It developed an extremely corrupt government and state, There were huge lacks of infrastructure and there was general unrest. It corrupted and bankrupted the nation basically.
Nobody was buried with Lenin. He was buried alone, then embalmed and entombed alone in his mausoleum.