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Invader Zim (TV Series)

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Created by Jhonen Vasquez, “Invader Zim” is an American animated TV series produced by and aired on Nickelodeon in 2001. The story tells of the adventures of an extraterrestrial named Zim as he conquers a dark version of the Earth.
No, unfortuanatally. Johnan Vasquez said it himself. It will not return. EDIT: Since it's getting more and more views, Nick said they might renew the Series of Invader Zim!! as of 2011 they are releasing a DVD called Invader Zim:operation doom. if the DVD sells well acording to the facebook...
Your best bet is to buy the series DVD set. All websites have gimmicks to them and you have to give personal information out.
Low ratings from the targeted audience
You just have to keep getting charries in the factory zone until you have the one thatcan save him
Originally it was on Nick until it started signing off. Since 2006, it has aired on Nicktoons Network. (Sometimes at 6 AM or 10 PM) It's being played for the month of March only this year at 9:00 pm et. But, I've heard that if they get enough views, they'll keep it on!! Pass that along to your...
The Nightmare Begins, The worst X-mas ever, Zim eats waffles, Germs, Tak, the Hidous new Girl, Attack of The Zit-boy, Gir Goes Crazy and Stuff, Crerer Day, Planet Jackers, Did's Wonderful Life of Doom! I
" Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom " original airdate was 2001-10-26 .
Well, I'm in VA in the US, but here we have Netflix, which is where I go for all my Invader Zim episodes. It's also good for instant movies and rentals =] Invader luver 4 life!
In The Wettening, Zim held Gaz above his head to protect himself from the rain. Gaz probably would have beaten him up if Dib didn't intervene with his puddle splash In the unmade episode Ten Minutes to Doom, Gaz only grudgingly helps Zim to retrieve his PAK from Dib. Note that, despite the fact that...
Besides fanfiction.net the only one that I can think of is DeviantART.com. See the links below.
Gaz is a few inches over three feet. Surprising, no?
" The Wettening " . Actually the episode is "Tak: The Hideous New Girl".
I believe it was "Tak: The hideous new girl."
no one really knows. some of the most likely causes are, one, bloody gir. bloody gir is an image of gir covered with blood. jhonenvasquze wanted to put bloody gir in an episode but when they would not let him he got mad and put them in many different episodes very vissible like an Easter egg, two,...
The line were Dib says "your leaders are just taller than everyone else" is in an episode called Tak the Hideous new girl.
Invader Zim is voiced by the inimitable Richard Horvitz .
" The Most Horrible X-Mas Ever " is actually final episode that was aired. The FINAL episode is actually " Invader Dib", but since the show was cancelled before the last episodes were made, the final episode could'nt be aired. A short answer, " Invader Dib" is the final episode.
http://drey.orgfree.com/TV/Zim/ just make sure you go onto the video the links go to, and go to the small button that says: "download video" just above the box where you can preveiw the video first. --- BRYNNA
Invader Zim is a male Irken. It's that pink shirt he always wears, it looks like a dress.
Yes! He's coming back June 5th to Nicktoons Network! I'm currently trying to write the creator of Invader Zim to ask him if he can make another season and also give him suggestions. :)
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Because of low ratings in the buisness (dont get me wrong its a great show) i still watch it but i guess it had a bad timeslot (if you count 4am being late (or early)).
It depends on what you think is good, but in my opinion, it's one of my favorite shows. Invader Zim comes from the planet Irk, and is the worst one of the invaders. As a joke, he was sent to Earth to conquer it. The Talisks thought that there was no planet there, but there actually was. All the...
Zim respects Dib as an enemy, but overall, Zim would rather go back to Foodcourtia than have to keep dealing with Dib. This quesiton is the same as this question so go to this link: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/In_Invader_ZIM_does_dib_like_ZIM&updated=1&waNoAnsSet=2 ~RiddleGirl Edit: ZIM...
YES, TONS! nicktoons.nick.com/shows/invader-zim, invaderzimepisodes.com, invaderzim.tv, zim-wiki.com, badbadrubberpiggy.com, roomwithamooseandgir.com, meatloafmilkshake.com, and MUCH more!
Zim hates Dib with every fiber of his SQUEEDLY SPOOCH!
I am. ;D No, actually nobody really knows. xP
See the link below. Understand that these are NOT in chronological order.
You can find a list of Invader Zim episodes titles at the link below .
GIR's voice was dubbed over twice to make it sound harmonic and machine-like. The voice actor for GIR sounds like a normal man trying to have a high voice.
The cartoon Invader Zim is about Zim who is an alien invader from the Irken empire who was banished (for destroying Irk) who along with his idiotic robot Gir, repeatedly attempt to take over the planet Earth . but at school he meets a large headed boy named Dib who knows Zim is an alien but everyone...
Not hardly , Gaz thinks as much of Zim as she does her brother Dib .
Invader Zim's home is with the Irken Empire ; his Earth residence is never revealed .
" The Most Horrible X-Mas Ever "
Richard Horvitz
Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy , Mortos Der Soul Stealer , there are probably others .
They barely ever talk, so no. The answer is no of course. ~RiddleGirl no not ever in the show, but you'll find hundreds of fan made stories about zim and gaz romance (zagr) on the internet. ~CowsChewingBubblegum
Invader Zim usually wears a "Irkin invader uniform" which is pretty much a red shirt (that might be a dress because he doesn't wear any pants when hes wearing it) with thin black stripes across it. He also occasionally wears ridiculous "human disguises". NOTE: he is sometimes seen wearing the same...
Not on purpose. he wrecked a vending machine on the IRKEN MILLATARY TRAINING COURSE. Dib Graffitis, He scrawed 'ZIM IS AN ALIEN' on the schools toilet wall. You dont see him do it but its obvious that it was him. Sorry, cant think of anything else off the top of my head
Yes unless they destroy his base.
No , but he is mistaken for a bank robber in the episode " Walk of Doom " .
yes. you probabbly haven't ever watched invader zim if you do not know that.
No, ZADR is ALL fan made. According to Johnen Vasquez (the creator of invader zim) Irkens (or zim) can't love or know the feeling of love. he knows what love is but doesnt use it. So anyways Zim is Dibs enemy and they arent gay.
The exact height of Zim is never metioned.
The team who made the Invader Zim episodes split up and are now ondifferent projects. Highly unlikely, but maybe someone else willtake it up? See: Why was Invader Zim canceled? Also, note that a tornado would not increase the chances of a showcoming back.
No. Invader Zim was the property of Nick, and they wouldn't want to give money to Cartoon Network. Besides, some of Jhonen Vasquez's other work has been shown there, too.
Yes, it is the coolest show that has ever been and ever was, EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you count throwing alien rodent vermin through the windows of innocent people to cause havoc or consider harvesting the organs of elementary school children to appear more human as crimes then yes.
No because invader zim is a children's show. And because cuss words aren't in the Irken language.
Yes just about every episode Zim commits a crime.
Probably not. Seeing as how he's survived countless accidents and explosions. No, a tornado probably wouldn't kill Zim... but Nickelodeon can :(
I'm not sure, but he'd probably panic and/or start threatening it. If you're really curious, you might want to ask the creator of the show (Jhonen Vasquez).
I think it would look odd, but I also think it could be pretty cool ;) =]invaderluver4life!
Zim sounds like a kid and a little bit of a teen at the same time.
Of course it is.
There are many reasons why the show may have been cancelled. One may be the shows constant dark nature or low ratings. But there was aslo somehting else. In one episode there was a hidden bloody Gir. On youtube you can see many reasons.
You @#%^^556 he is evil do not hear the laugh he is just bad at being evil
Invader Zim does stuff like... taking over the Earth and trying... well, acting evil and being mean or not nice to the little kids in his school. well, he is kinda mean, but sometimes he is nice. in the second episode, he has a best friend named Keet and he is sometimes nice and sometimes not nice.
Zim wears a pair of black gloves .
Mostly wears them for uniform in respect for his Tallests, but also because he hates germs and doesn't want to touch anything with his bare hands.
Started out to be for kids, but all the teenagers got into it XD
Invader Zim likes to eat waffles .
No it is awesome! It is not a boring OR inappropriate show. I am nine and I LOVE it. And my parents allow me to watch it. INVADER ZIM ROCKS! IT IS NOT INAPPROPRIATE OR DARK HUMOR!
Zim doesnt eat human food as you know. He eats food from IRK, such as snack bars. Johen Vasque, the creator if Invader ZIM said that in the episode 'ZIM eats waffles' (Season 2) the waffles GIR made were made from Irken ingrediants. ZIMs Pack on his back gives him all nutrients he needs to survive....
in the middle, zim is possibly only doing it for his town so only HE can destroy it, thats the only reason he saves earth a couple of times
He doesn't drive. He flys a spaceship.
In the episode 'Back Seat Drivers' the Tallest point to a spot in North America, somewhere around Illinois, Michigan or Ohio. I think it's Ohio, but some people say the Tallest pointed more around the Michigan or Illinois area. in the episode back seat drivers the tallest point to a spot in...
Answer . big dogs have big heads
about 3 feet. UPDATE: ZIM is about the same height as Dib since most Irkens are as tall as an 5th grader.
Zim from the cartoon series 'Invader Zim' is an alien invader from Irken .
Try Nick Toons at the link below .
No, but maybe someone else can.
i'd go to pirate bay.com as long as the catagory has apink or green skull next to it, it wont give your computer a virus.
No. Invader Zim has been canceled. Although, nick toons showed Invader Zim reruns for one month last march. Nick may continue playing reruns, or they may not.
Amazon.com has several T-shirts ; see related link below .
yes you can you can buy them at hot topic and on eBay
It depends on your point of view. One viewer and contributor thinks this: "YES, ABSOLUTELY YES!!! It is the greatest show in the HISTORY of HISTORY" Others may not agree. In fact, it might be possible that at least one person might think it's the worst show ever!!
Try ebay, you can buy the whole set for $20-$30, and that's pretty cheap considering it's originally $50.
Yes zim is on daily but it is only reruns
There was going to be another TAK Episode, however due to cancellation, it was never compleated. :(
See the video tutorial below on how to draw Dib from Invader Zim .
I don't believe they ever have since Dib sees Zim as the evil alien bent on conquering humanity and Zim sees Dib as an annoying hairless monkey who is a thorn in his side. --- Correction: They do, but it was only in a script and it was never animated, since the show was cancelled. In an...
i suggest piratebay.com or torrentz.com you can probably get them from there.