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Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea is a small country located on the west coast of Africa.
It was called spanish Guinea
A small country on the west coast of central Africa, Equatorial Guinea comprises the mainland territory of Río Muni (where most people live) and five volcanic islands. The largest island is Bioko on which the country's capital, Malabo, is located. After independence from Spain in 1968, Equatorial...
The Equatorial Guinea has a beutiful scenery of ocean and coastline.
It was a Spanish colony, and Spanish is still one of the official languages.
Blue symbolizes the sea, which connects the main country with theislands. White symbolizes peace. Red symbolizes the blood shed bythe fighters for independence. Green is for the agriculture. what does the flag mean
Equatorial Guinea is bordered by: . Gabon . Cameroon . the Atlantic Ocean
can someone please find an answer for this!! please
The swimmer in question was nicknamed Eric the Eel. He competed in the 100m freestyle heats at the Sydney olympics. Although only 3 competitors were in the race, 2 of them were disqualified for false starts. Eric went on to win the race to much applause from the crowd. He set a national record for...
Equatorial Guinea is actually quite infamous for their swimmers. The most famous include Eric Moussambani (Eric the Eel) and Paula Barila Bolopa (Paula the Crawler). Both had incredibly slow times at the 2000 Summer Olympics.
Effective 2010-04-09, all mobile numbers in Equatorial Guinea added 3 digits to the existing 6-digit number, depending on the cellular provider. . GETESA: +240 222 PQMCDU . HiTs: +240 551 PQMCDU where PQMCDU is the old 6-digit number. Landlines (fixed lines) in Malabo were prefixed with...
Cell phone numbers in Equatorial Guinea were prefixed with 222 for GETESA or 551 for HiTs G.E. S.A. Thus, +240 PQMCDU became +240 222 PQMCDU or +240 551 PQMCDU, where PQMCDU is the old 6-digit number. (The plus sign means "insert your international access prefix here." From a GSM mobile phone, you...
the blue stands for the sea that connects the diffrent parts of equatorial guinea, the green stands for the lush vegetation and agricultual wealth, the white stands for peace, and the red stands for the struggle for independence (from spain)
President Teodoro OBIANG NGUEMA MBASOGO has ruled the country since 1979 when he seized power in a coup. Although nominally a constitutional democracy since 1991, the 1996, 2002, and 2009 presidential elections - as well as the 1999 and 2004 legislative elections - were widely seen as flawed. The...
Malabo is the capital ofEquatorial Guinea, a country on the west coast of Africa.
No, it is a right-wing capitalist dictatorship.
República de Guinea Equatorial
No, they are not Hispanic as per descendents. The culture is of a Hispanic (Spain) origin as the language is used for administrative purpose. The origin people of Equatorial Guinea are of African descent. This differs from the Latin American people as most do have Spanish ancestry (bloodline).
Yes it is on the equator.
It is about 10,830 square miles.
Equatorial Guinea is a sovereign state in Middle Africa with an insular region and mainland. It is one of the smallest countries within Africa and it is known best for its Olympic swimmers. Robert Dimarco is a famous Olympic swimmer.
Cameroon to the north and east. Gabon to the south and east.
Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo is the President of Epuatorial Guinea :)
When I was there 1,000 cfa (about $2 American) would get you anywhere in the city. 3,000 cfa from the city to the oil compounds, unless there was heavy police activity, then 4,000 and up if you could even get a cab.
Chickens make eggs and there are lots of chickens in Equatorial Guinea. However, the bulk eggs for sale at the corner stores and at the grocery are probably imported.
 Mount Nimba, Grande Mosquée, Camp Boiro and Cape Verga.     
Dear Mrs. Wetzel,While exploring for new land, Spain discovered what is now Equatorial Guinea. The gained control and colonized Equatorial Guinea. They ensued to set up one of the most successful countries in Africa. Equatorial Guinea was one of Africa's smartest and richest countries. Its literacy...
Equatorial Guinea only has 1 provider who provides mobile communications. This provider is GETESA.
Río Muni is a region of Equatorial Guinea. Malabo is the capital ofEquatorial Guinea.
Bata, Ebebiyin, and Acurenam.
by boat because Africa has a poor economy from no roads or highways built. so they use their boats to cross to get to trade.
Malabo is the capital city of Equatorial Guinea. It is on theisland of Bikio. Freetown is the capital city of Sierra Leone. It is a majorshipping port.
Vicente Ehate Tomi is the Prime Minister of Equatorial Guinea. He became the 8th Prime Minister of Equatorial Guinea on 2012 May 21, appointed by President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo.
Ignacio Milam Tang was the Prime Minister of Equatorial Guinea in 2011. Tang became the 7th Prime Minister of Equatorial Guinea on July 8 2008, appointed by President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo.
Ignacio Milam Tang was the Prime Minister of Equatorial Guinea in 2010. Tang became the 7th Prime Minister of Equatorial Guinea on July 8 2008, appointed by President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo.
Ignacio Milam Tang was the Prime Minister of Equatorial Guinea in 2009. Tang became the 7th Prime Minister of Equatorial Guinea on July 8 2008, appointed by President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo.
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They speak Spanish really fast
No. There is no legal recognition of such marriages in Equatorial Guinea.
Oyala is the new governmental capital of Equatorial Guinea. * Until February 2017, the city of Malabo on the island of Biokowas the capital of Equatorial Guinea. The new capital, Oyala, wasstill being constructed on the mainland. . The capital of Guinea Ecuatorial is Malabo you mama Malabo is the...
Eric the Eel!   Real name Eric Moussambani who swam the 100 meter freestyle in 1:52.72 in a preliminary heat.
There are no deserts in Equatorial Guinea.
Yes, Equatorial Guinea is a poor country.
Equatorial Guinea is country code +240. ("Equatorial Guinea" is not the same country as "Guinea" or"Guinea-Bissau.") (The plus sign means"insert your international access prefix here." From a GSM mobilephone, you can enter the number in full international format,starting with the plus sign. The...
Equatorial Guinea is a country located in Middle Africa. It has two parts: a Continental Region (Río Muni), including several small offshore islands including Corisco, Elobey Grande and Elobey Chico; and an insular region containing Annobón island and Bioko island where the capital Malabo is...
Country code +240 (dialed as 00240 from many places) is EquatorialGuinea (not to be confused with the Republic ofGuinea, Guinea-Bissau, or Papua New Guinea) . All landline numbers begin with +240 0. (You donot drop the 0 from the domestic number when calling fromabroad, as you do for...
Telephone country codes never begin with zero. Country code +240, dialed as 00 240 from many places, is theAfrican nation of Equatorial Guinea (not to be confused withGuinea, Guinea-Bissau, or Papua New Guinea). Country code +40, dialed as 002 40 from many places, is Romania. To avoid confusion,...
The green in the Equatorial Guinea flag means the forest
Equatorial Guinea National Anthem is - Caminemos pisando la sendaSee the link below for the lyrics in English and Spanish.
Despite its name, no part of Equatorial Guinea's territory lies on the Equator. However, its island of Annobón is 155 kilometres (100 mi) south of the Equator, and the rest of the country lies to the north.
central African franc CFA Franc Equatorial Guinea belongs to a currency union withChad,Cameroun,Central African Republic,Gabon and Congo. Thecurrency is known as the CFA (pronounced Seefah) You need a suitcase full of banknotes to buy anything except bread. CFA franc. CFA stands for Coopération...
Equatorial Guinea is found in Central Africa not South Africa. Its capital is called Malabo and its President is called Teodoro obiang Nguema Mbasogo. Its population which was 720,213 in 2011 speak French,Spanish,or Portugese.
No, Hawaii is in northern Polynesia.
Equatorial Guinea was a Spanish colony.
Vicente Ehate Tomi is the Prime Minister of Equatorial Guinea in 2013. He became the Prime Minister on 2012 May 21, appointed by President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo.
Ignacio Milam Tang was the Prime Minister of Equatorial Guinea at the beginning of 2011. Vicente Ehate Tomi replaced him on May 21. Tang became the 7th Prime Minister of Equatorial Guinea on July 8 2008, appointed by President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo. Tomi was appointed by Mbasogo on 2012...
Green, white and red stripes with a blue triangle at the left side. It has an emblem in the middle which contains the colours Yellow, brown, black and a different shade of green.
Español ecuatoguineano \n. \nit's "republica de guinea Ecuatorial" . it's Ecuatorial. In spanish Q can only make 2 possible syllables : Que - pronounced KE - and Qui - pronounced KI. Qua and Quo do not exist.
Over 90% of the population of Equatorial Guinea embrace Christianity. The great majority are Roman Catholics, with Protestants comprising a small minority. Less than 10% of the population are followers of indigenous religions , are Muslims, or are followers of the Baha'i faith.
Spanish Guinea ended in 1968.
Spanish Guinea was created in 1926.
Aerolíneas de Guinea Ecuatorial was created in 2003. Guinea Ecuatorial Airlines was created in 1996.
Aerolíneas de Guinea Ecuatorial ended in 2004.
Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea was created in 1987.
Equatorial Guinea currently has no national bird.
Equatorial Guinea was created on 1968-10-12.
The area of Equatorial Guinea is 28,050 square kilometers.
The population of Equatorial Guinea is 676,000.
Equatorial Guinea's motto is 'Unity, Peace, Justice'.