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Perfect World (game)

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Perfect World is an online role-playing game based on Chinese mythology.
When you level up in perfect world, you get 5 attribute points. Press c, then chose out of the for skills: Dexterity, vitality, magic and strength which ones you want to distribute points to.
To use your wings, press e (the emotes hotkey) the find the flying icon at the top. Drag it to your skills and start flying.
Ussually they run around the Timberfeild area. If you dont find it there, i have a risky 2nd option. Up by thousand streams, a snow hare pops up every 10 minutes, but beware, all the monsters there are 80+(except the hare).
Forsaken World is a whole new game out. The graphics are much better and the quality of the game is better. there are about the same races of characters but there are some new ones. the races are Kindred ( vampires ), stone men, dwarfs, eleves, and humans. and in these categories are even more...
No perfect perfect world international and forsaken world are 2 different games made by the same people.
\n. \ni dunoe lol im just testing if my answer rocks lols XD
Player data base has gone down alot due to the cash shop driven by perfect world. What once was a great game that you had to work at for a long time is now bought at the blink of a credit card. End game items are sold thru ani packs and people left because of this. As did I. Took me over a year to...
Perfect World messed up my computer and i will never play it again i loved it besues it was fun i got a level 25 Elf and around that time i found out Perfect world gave me a Viris I was really mad affter that.
No. It does not have a virus it could be either false or positive and if you do get a virus or Trojan, it's not from the game. Perfect World International is free to play. I prefer English version has more players and servers. Well translated.
Yes. Perfect World has a filter that they're updating all the time. Not all words are blocked, but it is still advised to be careful about using them, you can still get reported. Though with all the updates, words that are not blocked at this time may end up being blocked in the future.
Perfect World is only available for the Windows operating system so the Mac would need to have Windows installed to be able to run Perfect World.
It is almost a strictly PvP private server. It has just about everything regular perfect world has, except the tideborn and tideborn monsters. If you just want to hang out with friends, this is not he private server you want. You start out with a level scroll that puts you to level 102 so that you...
yes and the updates are very safe for computers and laptops
i dont think you can.. sorry..
you have to be level 30 for a flying mount, level 40-60 for a ground mount. when your level thirty goto the elder of a Archosaur and do his quest.
As far as i can tell with researching it. There seems to currently be no purpose. it just sits there
No, mystics can not tame creatures like venomancers. Although, when you level you get a skill which guves you pets. You can't tame the actual creatures, or pick what they look like. But they help you in battle.
There is no such thing as a flying mount in jade dynasty, but skyblades to fly and there are skyblades that are animals.
You must be a lvl 9 Tide-Born. When you do you will get this quest. Press Q and the quest box will show up. The quest will be in yellowish gold. Then once you complete this quest, you go to the assassin trainer or physic trainer and learn the skill to turn into a mermaid. Or merman. :P You must be...
You can in perfect world game.
when your making a character, theres a box on the top left. click save and choose a name for that file of the charcter u wish to edit. open computer, perfectworld, element, userdata, then find the file u named by checking the dates. open in and scroll down to the eye code and replace it with [Eye...
So you want a motorcycle in perfect world this be challenge for youas it is new and still in rare mode meaning there is a chance ofgetting the motorcycle or maybe not that is the chance your goannahave to risk it and dam it is high priced. step .1 open perfect world step .2 enter perfect world step...
The best way to make lots of coin is to buy the PWI cards from a local store. After getting the card activated and getting your gold, you can sell each gold for 1,000,000-3,000,000. It depends on how the sale of the gold is on the day you're trying to sell it.
In terms pf multiple targets its a vampire but in terms of 1v1, defiantly a mage.
Really, it depends on what role you want to play in the game. They are all important in there own way making them all the best in the ways they are ment to be played.
Basically, at lvl 30 you want to visit your Bard Tutor Norkathy (open up the map (M) and in the search bar type in No or Norkathy and you should see the name, click on his name and u will auto-route directly to) And purchase the skill Sonata of Life. First party heal skill. You can improve on these...
No, Cheat Engine only works for flash games. Besides, cheating is wrong. So please don't try to!
Yes you do. It takes a long time too .
I'm afraid only venomancers can hatch pet eggs but baby pets are available to all classes.
no one has ever gotten one from it
while running or jumping press "X"
You would be very lucky if none did attack you so basically, you could wait until your a higher level or form a squad and do the quest together.
You can get them from lucigold envoy but they are either turtles or pigs. Try to check some of the shops. hope this helps
You cant, so please stop trying to hack my favorite game -.-
the game is rated "T" (teen) for, violence, suggestive themes, and partial nudity, according to ign.com. it is reasonable for people ages 13 and up to play.
Try downloading it with xfire (don't forget to set download rate when using it) Xfire can give you PW MY-EN or PWI for picks as well as let you take video and pics.
The cast of A Perfect World - 2014 includes: David Alan Graf as Rizzoli Jennifer Aspinwall as Anna Shaughnessy Dixson as Meter Maid Nicole Laino as Maggie Alex Llera as Jake Elizabeth McIntire as Courney Dean Milos as Ethan Harlan Post as Ryan Morthyn Roc as Sidney Avery Spooner as Girl Ethan
yes.you can purchase it from a pet manager for roughly 2.5 mil coins you have to be lvl 40 to ride it tho
Perfect World happened in 2005.
The duration of A Perfect World is 2.3 hours.
World Heroes Perfect happened in 1995.
The duration of Living in a Perfect World is 3600.0 seconds.
If Perfect Didn't Exist How Is Too Perfect Perceived In The World? . The world will never know because there is no such thing as "too perfect." We all have our flaws no matter what positions of authority we maintain, or in any other walk of life. Life is about learning by making mistakes, so if we...
Perfect World - 2000 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:M Netherlands:MG6
Well, first off you'd download the game. . And then get it up and running. . After choosing a server and logging in you'll get the option to create a character. It's quite simple.
u get one at lvl 3, a wolf or scropion and you get the skill at level 8...but how do u power lvl i wanna know tell me plz im fking desprate
yes read the bible book Gen1:.......
It depends on your definition of "perfect." Overall, we really don't know the answer because everyone has a diffrent view of "perfect.". Well, actually, my answers just like the one before mine, but explained more. There's no such thing as perfect, because everybody has a different view of it, but...
computers more than 4 years old seem to have a bit of trouble running the game, but as long as you have the recommended requirements its runs pretty well. Alt-tabbing while playing screws the game over and freezes up ur computer though. Also, sometimes it will slow ur computer down for a hile after...
Perfect world is a 3d multi massive online role playing game wherehuman untamed and winged elves live in harmony until the discoveryof heavens tear the story is below: In the beginning of time, the first God of the universe, Pan Gu,lived an immortal life. But with no subjects to lord over, Pan...
If this question is reffering to the aerocraft that each character receives at lvl 30, then the elves get eagle wings, which are brown
We can get golden lion king by buying the perfect lucky box from the item mall. It may also contain another great pet ride which is vulpine. It' s not easy way to get it, some people said that you need to wait for minutes and hours but i don't know. So just try your luck guys.
There aren't cheats. Lol. You actually have to work to get something. . There are in game glitches people take advantage of, but using those can get you banned.
Perfect World International is completely free. You can experience and have access to everything available in the game without spending any money. - That being said, there is a 'Boutique' that does sell many items. To buy items from the Boutique you need Gold. This is different from the in-game...
go to the trainer that corresponds to your class (barbarian, venomancer, wizard, blademaster, cleric, or archer) that person teaches your skills
Before you can go on PW you need to activate it on the site (cubizone) that you made your account on. Some times you need to "force" a log on (there the a check box for it on the log in screen)
Answer . 'A Perfect World' (1993) starred Kevin Costner as an escaped convict who kidnaps a young boy.
Oracles is the fastest way but it is very expensive. Also do missions for Eunice or Rosa when you can. Helping in FBs also give an okay amount (only if you lvl is higher).
I have some good Graphics cards for you and the best deals to find them. Well there are graphics cards that are called to be in the 9 series for nvidia, which is the company that makes them. The best one in the 9 series is the 9800 which 99% likely to be able to take these graphics on full. You can...
yes connect four. yes connect four
Go to your skill master they will be in your home city and in the north and south of ADC as well as a few other towns. http://www.pwdatabase.com/my/search_npc
Perfect World International is completely free. You can experience and have access to everything available in the game without spending any money. - That being said, there is a 'Boutique' that does sell many items. To buy items from the Boutique you need Gold. This is different from the in-game...
Perfect World International is completely free. You can experience and have access to everything available in the game without spending any money. - That being said, there is a 'Boutique' that does sell many items. To buy items from the Boutique you need Gold. This is different from the in-game...
the last time I heard it takes about an hour, but it also depends on your internet spped
If you mean Perfect World International age of spirts yes it does.It takes a long time but it works well.If you were thinking about dowloading it i think you should it's a great game :)! Hope it helps!!!
Lol heres the problem. To hatch an egg you go to a pet manager. The Veno trainer for veno skills. Mrs Zoologist is for giving ur pet a name (by buying pet collar and going on rename pet.)or for venos to give their battle pets new skills Go to a pet manager or trainer and click 'hatch pet egg' then...
Actually when you downloaded the game (for PW MY-EN at least) the song and all the sounds where added to your compute, you just have to find it. . Perfect World (EN)- Henley . Fly With Me (Instrumental)
at the boutiqe - u need in game "gold" not coins to buy from the boutiqe. You get gold from zen which u must buy with real money. Roughly $1US = 1 gold. U can also buy gold with in game coins but u need huge ammounts ofthe stuff. The best way is to just buy from other players.
No, Only WFs (venomancer) can have combat pets. Though everyone can have an all calls pet which are just for show and can not fight.
lvl 150 on Malaysia version lvl 150 on Fake lvl 105 on International version lvl 118 on Korean version
SWhite88 says: According to IGN.com a game information site, Perfect World got 7.5 out of 10 and Jade Dynasty got 9.5 out of 10.. The fact is that Jade dynasty is still in open beta, BUT it's released after Perfect World and Ether Saga Online. Jade Dynasty is said to have some quite useful functions...
It depends on your class. . Elves get their first pair of wings at level one, you'll find the FLY option in the actions menu (press E). . Untamed get their first free mount at level 30 after completeing a quest. (Also press E to find the FLY option). . Humans are the same as Untamed. Level 30. Quest...
E / Actions window , it will b the action right next to trade.
You cant, they are only for looks.
You need to bring it to the pet master and incubate it like one would do w/ a pet egg. The mount will be added to the Pet Backpack (P)
with what you mean the world is not perfect without you .if you was not in the world how is your family will be without you .
20, and you must have 100k(100000) coins