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Visible Light Spectrum

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Join us here to ask and answer questions on the "illuminating" topic of the visible light spectrum. This includes questions about: refraction, reflection, rainbows, prisms, mixing colored lights, and the spectrum of colors that make up white light.


Fluorescent materials are used in illumination, displaying, solidstate lasers,light communication,light memory and so on.
SCIENCe wavelengths . Yes, there are. If youre talking about electromagnetic radiation, they have the same speed 3*10 8 They vary in wavelength (greek letter lambda) and frequency to maintain this as speed of light= wavelength * frequency You'll find this in an Electromagnetic spectrum....
v=fλ Visible light is an electromagnetic wave. All electromagnetic waves travel at 3.0x10 8 m s -1 in a vacuum. Since the question doesn't supply additional info I'm assuming the medium is a vacuum. Hence, v=3.0x10 8 m s -1 and λ=486x10 -9 m. Therefore, f=v/λ = 6.17x10 14 Hz
Yes,visible light is used. Frequencies of blue and red absorbed effectively
Rainbows are an optical illusion, they are not "real". You cannot view them from above; they will always appear the way they appear from the ground.
The innermost color of the rainbow is violet.
An atom is smaller than a single wavelength of visible light
Jupiter does not produce light. It does, however, reflect a lot of the sunlight that reaches it's surface. Theamount of light that a planet's surface reflects is call it's albedo , and it's expressed as a value between 0 (nothingreflected) to 1 (100% of light is reflected). Jupiter has an...
Light goes through the lens but not through the mirror. -- So any imperfection inside the lens can affect the behavior of the light, but an imperfection inside the mirror can't. -- So the lens must be made of the finest, purest material through and through, but the mirror can be made of any...
The wave length of visible light ranges from 400 nm to 700 nm
The rainbow may be very close or very far away. It is seen from the formation around water droplets that can be as close as a few feet to many miles distant.
Yes they are. Rainbows are only an appearance of light when light goes through water. That's why rainbows usually appear after it rains or when it is humid.
I believe you asking if you are right with your facts. Rainbowshappen when sunlight and rain combine in a very specific way. Thebeams of sunlight separate into the colors we see in the rainbow asthey enter a raindrop. Sunlight is actually made up of differentcolors that we don't usually see. When a...
An x-ray telescope. They are far too small to be seen optically.
Upside down rainbows are called circumzenithal arcs. They are not caused by light refracting through water droplets like normal rainbows, the arc is a result of sunlight bending to create a spectrum of colour after reflecting off ice crystals high in the atmosphere. It only appears when sunlight...
bright colors of red orange yellow green blue indigo and violet also known as the man Roy G. Biv...keep it happy
wavelenghts of energy NOVANET! It represent different in energy of photon at different colour range. Different wavelength yield different colour whether we can see it or not. The evolution choose this range of light to be visible for abundant of such spectrum range from the sun while some...
Violet, with a wavelenght between 380 and 450 nm, which is near the end of the visible light, next to the ultraviolet region. Be careful because talk about "colors" is quite dangerous. Firstly, different cultures has different names for the same color. In addition to this, due to the fact that...
The wavelength of a wave (the amount of energy the wave carries) determines its placement on the spectrum of visible light.
Depends what sources of light you call natural or artificial sources. -- I'd call candle light an artificial light, produced by burning refined petroleum products in oxygen. -- I'd call moonlight natural light. It's actually starlight, produced by nuclear fusion in the core of the Sun.
by diffraction. when a light wave hits water or glass, it diffracts into separate waves (colors) due to their different wavelength, the way the sunlight diffracts after raining, giving us rainbows
the colour of the objects which don't reflect any part of visible spectrum is "BLACK". black coloured objects absorb all wavelengths of light
Visible light is between 380 and 750 nm. With lower wavelength you have ultraviolet, X-Ray and gamma-ray. With higher wavelength, infrared, microwave and radio signals.
We know that ultra-violet light , X-rays and gamma rays all have wavelengths shorter than those of visible light.
*"Ray Model of Light- Model representing light as straight lines, called rays, that show the directioln in which light travels" *Pearson Investigating Science 10
The rainbow consists of the visible spectrum ranging from red,orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. =============================== Answer #2: The rainbow has ALL of the colors. Every shade of paint that wasever mixed, every hue of fabric ever dyed, every highlight of hair,every...
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The next name of wavelengths longer than ultraviolet rays is"violet light".
The color of the wavelength lambda = 686.2 nanometers is "deep red". The wavelength lambda = 685 nanometers equals the frequency f = 436,887,872,340,425 Hz.. 1 nanometer = 1×10 −9 meter.. 686.2 nm = 0.0000006862 meters.. Scroll down to related links and look at "Radio and light waves...
They are both electromagnetic rays and both are produced by stellar objects.
Dark lines of the absorption spectrum give the elemental composition of the chromosphere, information about the magnetic field and density of the surface. The peak of the continuous spectrum gives the surface temperature. The Doppler Effect shows the movement of the sun and the sun's surface....
Red is the longest wavelength of visible light
High pressure sodium lamps take a while to fully light up, however they are very energy efficient and save the council money.
Visible light occupies on a VERY SMALL fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum, that is, a very small minority.
Rainbows are created by the rain reflecting the sunshine.
they appear when it is sunny and raining
There is not a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. If youthought that there was, the isn't. It's just an old tale, and therecan't be a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow because a rainbow isa circle. The other halve that we can't see is invisible.
white light.... , The one that comes from the sun , light bulbs ... and that allows us to see.
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Visible light only occupies a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum. In the last 150 years people have discovered and put to use a large part of that spectrum. We use it to take x-rays, treat cancer, communicate with satellites, communicate with submarines, and for many other uses. A number of...
Light is very important. Sunlight helps plants grow, we need light to see, and we can't do almost anything without light.
red orange yellow green blue indigo violet
whenever there are water droplets in the air and the sun is shining through them at a low angle. This angle is 40 - 42 degrees from the observers head. If the sun is any higher the rainbow effect will not be seen as the rainbow will be below the horizon. Secondary rainbows can occur at about 50...
They only form at 42 degrees from the direction opposite the sun
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It means the bending of light.
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Visible light includes any color that the eye can see.
There would not be sufficient heat for plasma to form in a rainbow.
I am only an eighth grader, but read my answer. So, when the visible light passes through the prim and refracts on it's edges, the beam of light splits into a spectrum and it looks like a rainbow, only because white light is acctually all of the colors of light put together. Hope i helped :) ...
Those numbers are very inaccurate for visible light. But it doesn't matter. The rule is that the energy carried by a photon of any electromagnetic radiation is proportional to its frequency. The higher the frequency, the more energy it carries.
Visible light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The visible part has wavelengths of 7000 to 4000 Angstroms. The frequencies are 4.0 - 7.0 x 10 14 Hz.
Because they are the brightest part of spectrum which we can see clearly.
They are measured in terms of a smaller "unit value" to avoid constantly using the decimal or exponential values. That is, it is easier to compare wavelengths if they are expressed as integer values. A nanometer is just a convenient way of saying one-billionth of a meter. Example : Humans can see...
Answer . A rainbow is curved due to angle requirements. Light from the sun that bounces through a drop of water, comes into your eye, and appears red must bounce at a specific angle. Join two sticks together at a set angle. Place one end at a dot to represent the sun. Place the other toward...
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A true "black light" should emit only ultraviolet radiation. Violet light waves have the highest frequency visible to a human eye. Ultraviolet has a higher frequency, and the human eye cannot detect it. When you buy a "black light" at the party store, in addition to the ultraviolet radiation, the...
When you shine white light through a prism, at the correct angle wherever the prism is pointing you will see the spectrum, this is because when the light shines through the angles of the prism, the white light will become dispersed through the angles so that the white light is streched out to reveal...
We cannot see incident light in the visible light frequency specrum. If we could, we would not be able to discern anything, everything would be a bright fog. All the light we see has been bounced off something on it's way to us. We see the reflection of the visible light frequency spectrum off...
we learned this in science today. the answer is the beginning (where red starts) it is the color red. why im not sure
light takes a straight path.
\nRed, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet! You learn this in Kindergarten genious. From: But-smart
You can use the acronym ROY G. BIV to remember them in order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.
Different electromagnetic wavelengths/frequencies.
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Short answer: We don't see them because we can't see them. If we could see them then we would be able to see them and the question is irrelevant. More detailed answer: Because seeing is the definition of a process by which a certain range of electromagnetic frequencies strike a portion of any organ...
Because light is being split up through water no matter what.
Highest Energy Violet Blue Green Yellow Orange Red Lowest Energy
Waiting 4 answer if any one knows
Yes. The longest visible wavelength / lowest visible frequency is the last color you see on the red end of the 'rainbow'. The shortest visible wavelength / highest visible frequency is the last color you see on the violet end of the 'rainbow'. These limits are not exactly the same for every human...
The separation (dispersion) of white light into it different components (different wavelengths) caused by the light entering into a more optically dense medium, such as rainwater or glass from a less optically dense medium such as as air or a vacuum. Each wavelength or colour is slowed down by a...
Some of it reflects (bounces) back to the source. Some of it is absorbed into the glass, and never heard from again. The rest of it passes through the glass and continues on its way.
Light is electromagnectic radiation.
It affects the color of the light. If you change the wavelength of visible light, you change the light's color. For instance. Red is a wavelength of approximately 650 nanometers. Orange, about 590. Yellow, 570. Green- 510, Blue, 475 nanometers. Indigo is 445 and Violet is about 400.\n. \nYou can see...
We can split white light by passing it through a prism
With visible light, and the individual's ability to perceive it, comes the constant danger that you might unwittingly be exposed to sights that you don't want to see, or to the sight of things that you would be better off not seeing.
I'm not sure maybe someone else should answer it because it's on my science worksheet