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How can you gain weight without eating?

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You cannot gain weight without eating a calorie surplus. Weight gain is caused by eating more than you burn off. One good technique, however, is to build MUSCLE, which weighs more than fat does! Muscular athletes weigh more than non-athletic people the same size.
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How do you start eating normally after starving yourself for a week without gaining weight?

Starving Herself First of all, STOP starving yourself. You areactually doing more harm to your body that way than by eating fastfood every day for a month. When you starve you

What foods can you eat without worrying about gaining weight when you're starving yourself?

Fruits and Vegetables. Don't overdo heavier calorie ones like Avocados and Bananas, though. But technically, if you eat anything while you're "Starving" yourself, you're not t

How can you gain weight without eating more?

To gain weight without adjusting your diet, think about weight lifting and start doing some strength training. Muscle weighs more than fat.

How to gain weight without eating vegetables?

You can eat lots and lots of potato chips, french fries, burgers, KFC.... All that stuff! You can take the veggies outta the burgers. It is really easy to gain weight without

If you burn 500 calories exercising can you eat 500 calories without gaining weight?

Not necessarily. A certain amount of the energy that you're going to be burning in the gym is going to be sugar based, readily available energy that wouldn't have translated i

You are bulimic how do you start eating normally without gaining weight?

The body is like a furnace and needs energy so it must always be fed and also be fed the right things. If you stick to the plate model it works. If you want to loose weight yo

How do you gain weight without eating too much rice?

The recommended way to do this is to eat healthy foods in amounts that are more than your body needs.Eating unhealthy foods would also add to your weight but might harmyou i

What food can I eat a lot of without gaining weight?

there isnt many foods however i recogmend a lot of fruit, vegtablesand salad. it might sound horrible but it actually does work. hopeyou finnish your diet or what ever it is :