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How can you gain weight without eating?

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You cannot gain weight without eating a calorie surplus. Weight gain is caused by eating more than you burn off. One good technique, however, is to build MUSCLE, which weighs more than fat does! Muscular athletes weigh more than non-athletic people the same size.
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Can you gain weight eating fruit?

Yes, you can gain weight eating fruit! Carbohydrates almost always cause weight gain, especially when overeaten. Fruit contains a great deal of fructose, which should be eaten (MORE)

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Foods to eat to gain weight?

Foods that are starchy, sugary, or fattening, or are very processed Ex.) White bread corn starch corn syrup (foods that have a lot of it in them) lard processed meat (MORE)

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If you burn 500 calories exercising can you eat 500 calories without gaining weight?

Not necessarily. A certain amount of the energy that you're going to be burning in the gym is going to be sugar based, readily available energy that wouldn't have translated i (MORE)

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If you dont eat will you gain weight?

  Essentially it will take a long time for your body to start losing weight because you body goes into starvation mode. So if you do eat very little like one strawberry a (MORE)

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How do you gain weight without eating as much?

Some wrestlers, for example, eat certain weight gaining bars to go up in weight class.
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How do you start eating normally after starving yourself for a week without gaining weight?

Starving Herself First of all, STOP starving yourself. You are  actually doing more harm to your body that way than by eating fast  food every day for a month. When you star (MORE)

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How to gain weight without eating vegetables?

You can eat lots and lots of potato chips, french fries, burgers, KFC...   All that stuff! You can take the veggies outta the burgers. It is really easy to gain weight with (MORE)