How do you avoid scams and find legitimate jobs for typing or data entry work from home?

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ONLINE DATA ENTRY or TYPING JOBS: Most jobs advertising data entry are scams. Any job offer that request money from you is not a legitimate job offer. A job pays you. For every 46 job offers or work at home jobs postings you see on the Internet, about 1 will be a legitimate offer. Ask yourself: How is a company going to provide you with data entry or typing jobs over the internet if it is already in digital format? It's already digital, why do they need somebody for data entry job? Most of job posting are to sell you information on how to post ads for affiliate marketing, which will cost you money, you are on your own to do these jobs, and good luck in making any kind of money.
Websites and job postings for data entry jobs promising work from major companies making a lot of money for working a few hours a day to for purchasing their offer to access a "database of online jobs". These are not legitimate and don't waste your money.
The job outlook according to the U S government occupation and outlook handbook 2008-2009, predicts this type of work to be declining.

Advise from other contributors: If you are experience in data entry jobs, you might be able to find a legitimate online job, but at very little pay. You would be better off searching another exploring other type of careers

Websites that advertise themselves as data entry are usually not just typing sites. I've been working online for two years, and have been looking for a site where I was paid to type, but have never found one that is legit. Most charge startup fees, and fee = scam. You probably won't make any money with those. One of the things commonly advertised as data entry is GPT sites, where you sign up to let companies advertise to you. These are sometimes legit, sometimes not. You have to find a good one - again, one without fees, that has clear rules, and that has a reachable payout. Good luck finding a real data entry opportunity!
First, never, ever pay a fee to get a job. Many scams will want you to pay a registration fee, materials fee or information fee.
You will most likely not find a true online data entry job. What you will find are jobs that utilize your data entry skills along with other skills. Jobs like at home customer care representative, transcription, writer, proofreader, editor, blogger, telemarketing from home, mystery shopping, virtual assistant, and freelance projects are the most prevalent. You can also network with other home workers at Work at Home Moms - is an excellent site with a forum with honest advise and opinions, where a very experienced community can help you be aware of scams.
Never, ever pay anyone anything for the training or expense of obtaining one of these jobs. You can advertise or put up local ads for typing jobs--university students and others will pay for these services. IT CAN BE DONE You asked: "Can anyone put me on a home typing jobs or data entry jobs that is not a ripoff?" You know what you want. I commend you. My quest in the past was similar.
Should I come across that which you seek, I will gladly provide the information. Not everyone can do data entry because real data entry companies want people who can at least type 55 wpm (some even ask for higher speeds), they may also ask that you have 10-key skills (with a speed requirement), high speed internet, and may ask that you have or know certain software (such as Excel). Many people seem to think that just because they type on the computer that they can do data entry and it is not true. If you do have the skills listed above you may want to look into freelancing (there are plenty online) and you can place bids for data entry projects. Another option is starting your own data entry business. I would STAY AWAY from any data job that ask for money upfront. You should not pay to work from home! Typing at home Try posting your job skills at a local college. Students often need papers typed. They usually pay by the page. scroll down and look at the folder titled : Transcription Never pay any fees for a promise of a job, it will most likely be a scam. A legitimate job is one that pays you. Data entry jobs: - DionData Solutions is a legitimate Data Management Service Bureau. Work At Home Data Entry Processors - Word Processing, Data Entry, General Office Work - is a website in the business of data entry services, that enables you to earn money by typing data entered into the computer at home. refer to links below
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