How do you increase water pressure on a swimming pool filter?

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Is this pressure of water going in a filter or pressure of water coming out a filter? Do you mean increase the flow of water? An increase in the filter pressure alone without going to a larger size impeller or newer pump will only indicate that the filter is getting dirty. If you need more flow consider changing the impeller or even upgrading the pump BUT you have to know what the outcome of that change will be. You have to know what the hydraulics and pump curve is in order to keep from overpumping the water. Too much flow can be detremental to the plumbing, the pump, the heater. Going to a large size pump most likely now increase your flow if the pipes can not handle that extra flow of water. Sometimes whrn a pump is not sized properly - going to a smaller size pump or impeller - whichever the case may be - will increase the flow of water or GPM. There is a is a trick or formula for sizing pool pumps, filters and heaters to a particular pool.
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How do you lower the water pressure at the pool filter and increase the pool return pressue?

Answer . Back wash for 5 minutes, then rinse for 10 seconds. if you sand is over 7 years old or you've had water issues, chemically clean your filter, or just replace the s

As a person dives toward the bottom of a swimming pool the pressure increases noticeably Does the buoyant force also increase Justify your answer Neglect any change in water density with depth?

The reason why things float is that gravity addresses only the mass regardless the volume. so when a person dives deep, although he moves away the same volume, the buoyant for

Why does dirt and algae pass through your swimming pool cartridge filter The pump and filter are brand new The pressure and water flow is good?

Check to see if the seals at the ends if the cartridge are properly installed. Otherwise get advice from the manufactures or retailer that sold you the gear.. What does "good

Sand from filter in swimming pool?

If sand from the filter is ending up in the pool then the laterals are getting worn. These are at the bottom of the sand filter and should only allow water to pass.. A: You h

Has pressure to be released from water pump on swimming pool before removing the pump filter lid?

No just turn the pump of before you open the filter or else you may get a little wet and electrocuted.. Humm, lets make sure what specific peices of equipment we are talking

How do you increase pressure for a pool vacuum with a sand filter?

A pool with a sand filter or for that mater any filter is set up to push water through the fitter to be filtered. when the filter is clean the gauge in front of the filter Wil

Why does the swimming pool filter have too much pressure?

The pressure gauge that is set up in front of the pool filter is there to show you when the filter needs cleaning or back washing. when the pressure gets high it indicates tha

How do swimming pools filter the water?

The usual method is by forcing the water through a membrane that has very fine perforations that do not allow particles over a certain size through. or the water is forced thr

How do you lower swim pool filter pressure?

High filter pressure is cause by one thing. (resistence to flow) This can be as simple as a dirty filter. Clean filter or backwash, You may need a new filter element, or new s