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Names of Top 10 businessman in India?

  1. Kushal Pal Singh
  2. Sabeer Bhatia
  3. Dr. Vijay Mallya
  4. Vinod Khosla
  5. Yusuf Khwaja Hamied
  6. Mukesh Ambani
  7. Baba N. Kalyani
  8. Naresh Goyal
  9. Adi Godrej
  10. Uday Kotak
  11. Vikrant Bhargava
  12. Dilip Shanghvi
  13. Venugopal Dhoot
  14. Rahul Bajaj
  15. Subhash Chandra
  16. Ajay Piramal
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Names of Top 10 businessman in India?

 Kushal Pal Singh  Sabeer Bhatia  Dr. Vijay Mallya  Vinod Khosla  Yusuf Khwaja Hamied  Mukesh Ambani  Baba N. Kalyani  Naresh Goyal  Adi Godrej  Uday Kotak  Vikran (MORE)

Top ten businessman in the India?

1. Mr. Zaheer Husain MD.,IDCE- Managing Director,IRTO- Managing Dircetor,2. Mukesh Ammbany,Relince...3. Rathan Tata4. Brill Groups of Company..,5. Kalanithi MAran ...Sun Netwo (MORE)
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List of top 10 businessman in India?

Anil AmbaniMukesh AmbaniAzim PremjiVijay MallayaSunil MitalShubhroto Roy K.V.KamanthBhavish SanghviRatan TataLaxmi Mital
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