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What are the different musical instruments used by the Visayan?

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Instruments used by the Visayan include these listed below:

Kudyapi (guitar of flute)
Korlong (fiddle)
Bayog and Karatong (percussion tubes)
Guimbal and Tugo (drums)
Pasyok and Turutot (ribbon reeds)
Buktot (lutes)
Litguit (violins)
Subing (jew's harp) clarinets or
Lantoy (clarinets)
Tulali (flute)
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Examples of Visayan musical instruments are:   1.Bayog   2.Buktot   3.Guimbal   4.Karatong   5.Lantoy   6.Litguit   7.Pasyok    8.Sista 

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