What became of the empire of Austria-Hungary after World War I?

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After World War 1, Austria-Hungary was broken into pieces, roughly along ethnic lines. Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia all became independent states. Land was given to Romania (Transylvania, the Banat and most of Bukovina) and Italy. The Austrian Province of Galicia was combined with the former German-Polish lands, and the Russian-Polish lands taken by Germany at the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, to reestablish the republic of Poland. Dalmatia and Croatia and Slovenia all merged with the formerly independent Bosnia to create Yugoslavia.
At the end of World War 1, the Austrian-Hungarian Empire had collapsed into ethnic violence following the death of Emperor Franz Joseph.
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Did Austria-Hungary start World War I?

Yes they did. After the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie had taken place by a Black Hand member, Austria started war against Serbia. Yes, but becauser Serbia refused the ultimatum sent. Austria-Hungary did not start WWI. They all had their part in it, because simply p (MORE)

What was the impact of World War 1 on civilians in Austria-Hungary?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nBy the end of WW1 civilians in some of the big cities, especially Vienna, were close to starvation. Their condition was utterly wretched.\n. \nIn Hungary conditions were somewhat better, but the country was sliding towards a Bolshevist revolution, bloodshed and foreign int (MORE)

Why did Austria-Hungary enter World War 1?

Because Franz Josef I's (the ruler at the time) son was assassinated by Serbians. TehGrunt's Longer Story Austria-Hungary entered WW1 because of long withstanding reason to believe Serbia was uniting the Balkans against it. Also, Archduke Franz Ferdinand (Franz Josef I's son) was indeed assas (MORE)

Why were Austria-Hungary Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria Germany's allies in World War 1?

Answer . Both Austria-Hungary and Germany feared Russia, the Ottoman Empire was also an old enemy of Russia. Also, Germany had been diplomatically isolated pre-WWI by contesting France's takeover of Morroco so that it could demand more colonial territory. Austria-Hungary was one of the few nation (MORE)

What were the effects of World War 1 on Germany Great Britain France Austria-Hungary Russia the United States and the Ottoman Empire?

Five great empires entered World War One, and only one emerged. Germany, Austro-Hungary, Russia and the Ottomans all lost their empires as a result of the war. Germany was shorn of its colonies at the Versailles Peace Conference and a republican democracy was created. The Kaiser abdicated and the (MORE)

Who was the leader of Austria-Hungary during World War I?

Emperor Franz Josef I was the ruler of Austria-Hungary during World War 1. He was the uncle of the assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand, who had been his designated heir. Franz Josef gave titular command to Archduke Friedrich von Österreich-Teschen, but the real authority was held by the head (MORE)

Was Austria-Hungary to blame for World War 1?

Eric 1 of Austria-Hungary was assinated by a Serbian nationalist. this started a conflict between the Serbs and Austrians.The Germans came to the aid of their Austrian cousins, just as the Russians came to the aid of the Serbs.This started a war between The Germans and the Russian Empire.Germany kne (MORE)

What was the role of the Austria-Hungary empire in the causes of World War 1?

The main role that the Ausrian-Hungary Emipre played in WW1 was the most significant. It chaged the world after the war because they just found a most plausible answer they could find to start a war. After the alliances were formed with Germany and Italy they only had imperailistic ideals. Thus bran (MORE)

What happened to Austria-Hungary after World War 1?

Their empire had collapsed into several new countries, the most obvious being Austria and Hungary, that comprised much of what is known as the Balkans. The same had happened to their ally, the Ottoman Empire.

Who was the ruler of austria-hungary in world war 1?

The ruler of the Austrio-Hungarian Empire during WWI was Franz Joseph I, his son, Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assiasinated by a Serbian nationalists Society,the mans last name was Princip; and thus lead to the begining of WWI. at first it was Franz Josef until his death in 1916

What were Austria-Hungary goals in world war 1?

They used the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand as an excuse to end the conflicts they had been faced with by Serbia in the Balkans (ex Pig Wars, nationalism within Austria-Hungary). They really wanted to go to war with them because they thought that with Germany as an ally, they could easil (MORE)

In World War 1 how was Austria-Hungary Punished?

Hungary lost 3/4 of her territory and 2/3 of her people. Croatia was given to Yugoslavia, Transylvania to Romania, and Ruthenia and Slovakia to Czechoslovakia. \n. \nPunishment was also a bit too much for Hungary. Firstly, much of the land ceded by Hungary contained many Hungarians. About 3 million (MORE)

When did Austria-Hungary join World War 1?

Austria-Hungary didn't join the war, they were basically the ones who started it as well as Serbia. On June 28, 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to throne of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire and his wife are assassinated in Sarajevo, Serbia by a secret Serbian organization called the "Black Hand". (MORE)

How would the world be different if the Greeks had lost the war and became part of the Persian Empire?

Since this asks for conjecture, you will likely get differentanswers. Answer 1 Very little different - the Greeks were resilient and would haveended up expelling the Persians. After all, half the Greek citieswere already part of the Persian Empire, and threw off Persianrule. Answer 2 Much of t (MORE)

Who was the political leader of Austria-Hungary during World War I?

The political leader of Austria-Hungary during World War 1 was Franz Josef. Extra info: His only son killed himself because he didn't want to marry this princess from another kingdom because she was UGLY so Franz Josef's nephew Franz Ferdinand became the Archduke (the heir) but he was assassinated (MORE)

What did Austria and Hungary gain from fighting in World War 1?

Gain? Austria lost its empire, Hungary lost 3/4 of its land. The latter one is widely considered to be the biggest loser of the war.. The only gain these two had from the war is the end of the Habsburg monarchy, and their independence from a greater empire.

Why Did Austria-Hungary start World War 1?

One of their top diplomats was visiting a country it had control over and was killed. They declared war on this country causing a cascade of war declarations that engulfed the planet

What was the role of Austria-Hungary in World War 1?

ANSWER Austria-Hungary was the second major Central Power. This Empire was allied to the Germany (the first major Central Power), Turkey and Bulgaria. Its strategical jobs were: To hold the eastern Front from the Austrian Poland up to Romania, facing the Russian Armies. To hold the Italian Front at (MORE)

What alliance was Austria-Hungary a part of in World War 1?

Austria-Hungary was part of the triple alliance along with Germany, Italy and the Turkish Empire. This alliance was against the Triple Entente which consisted of France, Great Britain and Russia although Russia later pulled out because of it's revolution later replaced by America in 1917.

What was austria-hungary afraid of in world war 1?

They weren't afraid of anything. They knew that war would start eventually and wanted to get it over with. They wanted more land and power. If they were afraid they wouldn't have tried to takeover country's

Why did World War I becam a world war?

World War 1 became a world war basically from the beginning because both Britain and France brought their colonial troops to war with them. Indian, African, and Asian colonial forces fought in Europe and in their home countries against opposing forces. When the Ottoman Empire entered the war, all of (MORE)

Which were the empires of World War I?

The British, German, Austro-Hungarian, Russian, Ottoman and Japanese Empires were all involved in the First World War. NB: China was briefly an empire between 1915-16, but that was a failed attempt by Chinese statesman Yuan Shikai to reinstate the monarchy with himself as "Great Emperor of China".

Who was allied of Austria and Hungary during world war 1?

During world war one, Austria and Hungary were one and was known asAustria-Hungary. Austria-Hungary was allied with Germany and Italyand they made up the Triple Alliance, made in 1882. However, as soon as the war started, Italy left the alliance; theysaid that since Austria-Hungary was technically (MORE)

Who did Austria Hungary fight in World War I?

Austria-Hungary was allied with Germany, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire during World War 1. The Austrian Army was confined to the Eastern Front and Italian Front of the war hence forth it fought against the Russian Army in the east and the Italian Army to the southwest. In the beginning of the war (MORE)

Why were Austria Hungary Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria Germany's allies in World War 1?

It first started off with just Germany and Austria-Hungary, forming the Dual Alliance. When war broke out, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire joined the side they thought would win. They did this to gain more land in the Balkans once the war was over. Bulgaria had gone to war with its former Balkan all (MORE)

Who was allied with Austria- Hungary during World War I?

Four days after the Austrian-Hungarian Empire declared war, the German Empire declared war. The Triple alliance was made between the Austrian Empire, German Empire and Italy in the 1870's as a defensive treaty. Italy didnt join because the treaty stated they would help each other under the condition (MORE)

Why Austria-Hungary entered World War 1?

Austria-Hungary entered the First World War, aka the "Great War" of 1914-1918 due to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Habsburg throne of Austria-Hungary, by Serbian nationalist Gavrillo Princep. As a result, Austria-Hungary deliverd an ultimatum to Serbia, which was accepte (MORE)

Why did Austria Hungary bring Germany into World War 1?

There already existed an offensive/defensive alliance betweenAustria-Hungary and Germany since well before WW 1. Germany wasbrought into the war because of this alliance when Austria-Hungarydeclared war on Serbia in retaliation for the murder of crownprince Francis Ferdinand. It should be noted that (MORE)