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- Aberdeen Angus (Black Angus and Red Angus)
- Hereford
- Shorthorn
- Charolais
- Limousin
- Simmental
- Pinzgauer
- Gelbvieh
- Texas Longhorn
- Scottish Highland
- Dexter
- Welsh Black
- Braunvieh
- British White
- Speckle Park
- Hays Converter
- Beef Freisian
- Brangus
- Red Brangus
- Santa Gertrudis
- Santa Cruz
- Beefmaster
- Droughtmaster
- Senepol
- Maine Anjou
- Blonde d'Aquitaine
- Luing
- Brahman
- Tarentaise
- Waygu
- Nellore
- Braford
- Bramousin
- Bralers
- Salers
- Galoway
- Belted Galloway
- Simbrah
- Marchigiana
- Chianina
- Piedmontese
- Belgian Blue
- Aubrac
- American
- Barzona
- Beefalo
- Bonsmara
- Ranger
- RX3
- Romagnola
- Red Poll
- South Devon
- Devon
- English Longhorn
- Indu-Brazil
- Amerifax
- Ankina
- Ankole-Watusi
- Ankole
- Watusi
- Charbray
- Lincoln Red
- Chiangus
- White Park
- Red Danish
- Sussex

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How do beef cattle get harvested?

Beef cattle first get killed via bullet or cap-bolt to the brain. They are then strung up by their hind legs, stuck (throats cut) and allowed to bleed out while they are skinn

What breed of beef cattle should you get?

This really depends on where you are located, some cattle breeds are designed to with stand hotter climates. This will also depend on what you are breeding for, cow calf opera

Why was the Dexter breed of beef cattle developed?

They were developed because they are easy to keep due to their small size and they are triple-purposed (meaning they can be used for milk, beef and oxen).

Do beef cattle have horns?

Yes, since 90% of the beef breeds used today are naturally horned, and yet no, because most beef cattle today are bred to be naturally polled, even though historically, their

What are the top ten best beef cattle breeds?

Choosing the top beef breeds is based on opinion, since there really is no best breed, however, here are the current most popular beef breeds in North America (not in order):

What cattle are beef cattle?

Cattle which are raised for their muscle mass rather than their  milk are beef cattle. Such cattle must be slaughtered in order to  obtain such a product, unlike with dairy

Does Hawaii have beef cattle?

Yes Hawaii produces over 5 million lbs of beef per year on almost 650,000 acres mainly on North Kohala, Kona, and Kau. Most of the cattle produced are exported to the U.S, Can

What are the top 5 beef cattle breeds in North America?

Currently, it's Angus, Charolais, Hereford, Limousin and Simmental that are, in order of importance, the most current top 5 breeds of cattle as of 2009.

What are five beef cattle breeds?

There are far more than just 5 beef cattle breeds. There's at least 300 breeds of beef cattle in the world. But here are five most popular beef cattle breeds, plus some other

How many breeds of beef cattle are there?

Are you asking in the world or in a specific country? In the world, there are likely over 500 breeds of beef cattle.

What is the best beef cattle breed?

There is no "best" breed of beef cattle, no matter where you live. All breeds have their faults, and have characteristics that may be better or worse than another. "Best" bree

What breed of cattle were in the cattle kingdom?

Texas Longhorns were the foundation of the Cattle Kingdom in the USA. Herefords soon followed popularity when they were imported to the USA a couple hundred years after the Sp

What are three breeds of tropical beef cattle?

There are many breeds of tropical cattle but here are just a few for starters: Dajal- a white/grey humped cattle found in and near Pakistan Brahman- these are the cattle that

What is the classification of beef cattle?

Beef cattle come in several types: Continental, British, and Exotic. Exotics and Continental cattle come from anywhere in the world except North America and the United Kingdom