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In Libya
Libya is its own country in the Middle East. It is located in North Africa and borders the Mediterranean Sea, Egypt, Sudan, Algeria, Tunisia, Chad and Niger. In 2011 Libya broke out in civil war, following protests in Egypt that sparked an Arab Spring or uprising in a lot of the Middle East.
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Where is Libya?

Answer . North Africa, on the Mediterranean Sea. Bordered by Egypt and Sudan to the East, Algeria and Tunisia to the West, and Chad and Niger to the South.

Is Libya a developing country?

Libya is a developed country and not a developing country. It is considered as the most developed country in Africa because of the oil that is produced. So many countries in the world depend on Libyan oil for example America gets about 90,000 barrels of oil per day and uses about 20 million dollars (MORE)

Is Libya a developed country?

Libya is a developed country and not a developing country. It is considered as the most developed country in Africa because of the oil that is produced. So many countries in the world depend on Libyan oil for example America gets about 90,000 barrels of oil per day and uses about 20 million dollars (MORE)

What is Libya?

Libya is a country bordered by Egypt and Sudan to the East, the Mediterranean Sea to the North, Algeria and Tunisia to the West, and Chad and Niger to the South..

Is Libya North Africa's largest country?

No, Libya is NOT the largest country in Africa, although it looks big. Algeria over rules Libya in size, therefore Algeria is the biggest country in North Africa!

What countries border Chad Libya and Algeria?

Chad is bordered by Libya, Sudan, Central African Republic, Nigeria, Niger, Cameroon, and Central African Republic. Libya is bordered by Egypt, Algeria, Niger, Chad, and Sudan. Algeria is bordered by Morocco, Western Sahara (territory ofMorocco), Mali, and Libya.

What country is between Algeria and Libya?

Algeria and Libya share a border, so in that way, there is no country between them. However, Tunisia is between part of Algeria and part of Libya, so that is the country that could be the answer.

How do you get to Libya?

You can get to Libya from the following airports: Heathrow, Gatwick, and Manchester. There are also some airlines inn other airports that take you there to. . (1) - You can get to Libya by plane from any international airport. You would most likely land at Tripoli Airport. (2) - you can get to (MORE)

Is Libya a third or first world country?

Libya is Third World. *First world countries are developed capitalist countries of the western world and the countries alligned with it such as Japan. *Second world countries are the communist/socialist countries. *Third world countries are the other 1/3rd of the world including rich countrie (MORE)

Is libya a communist country?

No. It is mix of state control and private enterprise. The ideology of Libya is from the "green book" which rejects communism.

Is Libya a non-democratic country?

yes, . ­. Official country name: Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Republic Area: 679,362 sq miles (1,759,540 sq km) Population: 6 million, including some 500,000 non-Libyan, sub-Saharan Africans working in Libya (2006 est.) Median age: 23.3 Ethnic Groups: Arab-Berber 97 percen (MORE)

Was Libya a colony of an other country?

Parts of Libya were 'colonies' of ancient empires including the Phoenicians, the Greeks, and the Romans. In recent times, Libya was a colony of Italy; this ended with the end of World War II.

What do the countries of Egypt Israel Syria Greece Italy Spain Algeria and Libya have in common?

There are several commonalities between these countries. Theyinclude that: . They all have had coastlines on the Mediterranean Sea . Parts of all of these countries were part of the Roman Empirein 100 C.E., under Christian control in 400 C.E., and under Islamiccontrol by 1400 C.E. . They are all (MORE)

What countries tourist libya?

I have attempted to answer this question merely for one simple reason: I have no clue what the question actually means! First of all, grammatically speaking this is not a question and therefore it cannot have an answer. Secondly, if this (un)question is to be mended, and rephrased as: from which c (MORE)

Is libya a good country?

No Countries can seldom be classed as 'good' or 'bad' - that is a definition of their leadership.

Which country is different in location Niger Libya Angola?

Niger is different from Libya and Angola because it does not have a coastline (it is landlocked and does not touch a sea or ocean). Libya is different from Niger and Angola because it is on the Mediterranean. Angola is different from Libya and Niger because it is south of the equator, and has (MORE)

Which European country borders Libya?

Right, as Libya is in Africa, they will not be European countries that border it, they will be African. They are Egypt, Sudan, Chad, Niger, Algeria and Tunisia.

What country was Libya a conoly of?

Lybia was a colony of Italy from 1912 until 1942, when Allied forces captured the territory from the Italians. Before that, it was part of the Ottoman Empire.

Is Libya considered a LDC or a second world country?

Second World......it is an extremely rich country that lacks democracy......it already has a capitalist economic system. If they achieve democracy there is nothing holding them back from being a first world country.

What did they do with Libya?

Libya is currently in a state of potential change, as many of its people are rising up against the government. U.S., France and England geared for Libya War. According to CNN, French fighter jets patrolled over Libya today.

Why are countries not helping the rebels in Libya?

At first, the US, France and some other countries wanted to help the rebels by orchestrating military actions against Gaddafi forces, however, he threatened to release some sort of chemicals on Benghazi, the city that was the center for the rebels. But that was a failed attempt at a bluff. Now, G (MORE)

What are the bordering countries of Libya?

Libya is not a landlocked country, as the Mediterranean Sea is to the north. To Libya's west are Algeria and Tunisia. Chad and Niger are to the south, while Sudan is to the southeast. Finally, Egypt is east of Libya. So Libya's bordering countries are (in anti-clockwise order) Tunisia, Algeria, Nige (MORE)

When was Libya formed as a country?

Libya as a land is known for thousands of years, But in 1951 when italy lost control of libya. Libyam country was formed known as Kingdom of libya.

What is the telephone country code for Libya?

Libya is country code +218. (The plus sign means "insert your international access prefix here." From a GSM mobile phone, you can enter the number in full international format, starting with the plus sign. The most common prefix is 00 , but North America (USA, Canada, etc.) uses 011 , Japan u (MORE)

What caused the violence in Libya and other Islamic countries?

A film made by a Egyptian Christian that depicted the Prophet Muhammad as a pedofile, rapist, a savage, and other terrible things. Mind you that most Muslims are upset over the film but not all are burning embassies and killing people, it's just a select few

What country is bordered by Algeria and Libya?

Both Tunisia and Niger are bordered by both Algeria and Libya. In Tunisia's case, Algeria and Libya are the only countries that border it, so it is probably the answer you are looking for.

Has Libya ever been colonized by another country?

Italy, Roman Empire, The Spanish Ottoman Empire. But Libya has notcolonized anyone. Italy's colonize went from 1911-1943, The RomanEmpires went on from 146 BC-640 AD, Spanish ruled them from1510-1530, The Ottoman empire went from 1551-1911.