What happens when you change you system from cool to heat and it still blows out cool air?

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The furnance is not coming on.
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Why is the ac not blowing the cool air?

Most likely. You just need add Freon. Real easy an cheap fix. If your Freon is full and your AC still not working. Probably gonna be your AC pump. That's not a cheap fix.

Why is the central heat blowing cool air?

Try the thermostat, it may have accidentally been reset to a low temperature. Or the furnace (boiler) that supplies the heat may not be working. Or someone may have turned a v

If the air conditioner has stopped blowing but the air is still cool what do you do?

so its not blowing at all anymore, as in no air at all? if tahts the case then how do you know its still cold. if it isn't blowing as well you may just need to change out your

What happens when air is heated or cooled?

when air(gas) is cooled(thermal energy is removed) its molecules slow down and it becomes a liquid(condensation) when air(gas) is heated(thermal energy is added) its molecule

Why is defrost blowing cool air and heat is not?

the amount of hot gas is not enough to change the form of all the liquids trap on it. By your question, I cannot tell of which component of the system you are talking about?

Why does the air bow cool air after you have change the thermostat and also had the coolant system flushed and It will not blow hot air?

My first suspect would be that you either bought a defective thermostat, or you did something wrong when you installed it. This is assuming that the problem didn't begin until