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SAP FICO stands for SAP Finance and Control SAP FI for Finance and CO for Controlling
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What is SAP?

SAP = Systems Application Programing is an Integrated Enterprise Resource Planner, Using which you can effectively manage your 4 M's (Money, Material, Manufacturing & Machines) SAP stands for S ystems A pplications and P roducts in Data Processing. Designed and developed by 5 IBM engineers du (MORE)

What is a FICO score?

\n. \n FICO Scores \n. \nA FICO score is a numerical evaluation of your creditworthiness as a borrower. If you take a loan (such as a mortgage) out, this score helps the lender evaluate your ability and willingness to pay back that loan. \n. \nThe FICO score attempts to determine the likelih (MORE)

What does FICO stand for?

Answer FICO stands for Fair Isaac Company, the company that created--and computes--this credit score. Although other companies also compute credit scores, FICO is the most trusted, and most used, score.

How can i purchase my fico score?

you should never by your score you can get it for free I mean really free no credit card required from the bureaus find out how at www.thecreditguy.tv

What is FICO?

FICO stands for Fair Isaac Company, the company that created--and computes--this credit score. Although other companies also compute credit scores, FICO is the most trusted, and most used, score.

What are good fico credit scores?

GOOD CREDIT SCORES . over 550 to 600 is acceptable but 700+ is good; 800 is very good The following table shows what is "generally accepted" as the Credit Score ratings. . 350 - 619 Poor . 620 - 659 Fair . 660 - 749 Good . 750 - 850 Excellent

How to improve fico score?

FICO "method of operation" is specific, according to which the credit score is broken down into five distinct categories - each category having its "importance" based upon a definite percentile. The "percentile" categories are distributed as:. 1) Payment History - 35% 2) Amounts Owed - 30% 3) (MORE)

When did fico scores begin?

FICO scores began in 1963. However, throughout the years, FICOscores have become increasingly popular as they show you how yourcredit is rated.

Is 683 a good fico score?

Yes 683 falls into the good range on the FICO score scale. To be inthe good range, your score must be between 680 and 740.

What determines your FICO score?

Answer . There is an incredible amount of information that goes into determining your FICO score; however, it can be broken down into five main categories (in descending order, from most important to least important): (1) Payment History, (2) Amount Owed, (3) Length of Credit History, (4) Types o (MORE)

Is sap-fica correct or sap-fico correct?

Both of them are correct. They are just different modules. FI-CO is Controlling module FI-CA is a module for running Contract Acoounts. Usuallu used for Utilities in cooperation with IS-U module.

What does SAP do?

All sustainable businesses work on this basic business model: 1) Take something at a cost of "A" (lets call it the input), then 2) Do something with that input at a cost of "B", to 3) Produce something better (or different) to sell at a cost of "C". For the business to be sustainable, "C" must b (MORE)

Can a stranger find your Fico score?

the only way to get your FICO score if to access your credit report if they can get your report they can get your score. check out www.thecreditguy.tv for more information

How to get a 900 fico score?

Can't. 850 is tops. Besides, surely you have more productive things to do than try to raise your fico. Anything over 725 is fine anyway.

Can engineering graduates learn SAP FICO?

Any one can do SAP FICO. But you need to be aware of the accounting jargons like p&l,debit,credit. If you are coming from technical background, it would be easy for you to do confugiration as well. Job will revolve training users in explaining the functionality,granting them rights to different modu (MORE)

Where can you get sap?

HI R u asking for training or software?? If you mean the SAP software, you need to purchase from them. For testing and learning purpose you can download from their website (sdn.sap.com ).

Meaning of SAP FICO?

Sap : systems applications products in data processing of a business process. Fico : fi : finance co : controlling

What is SAPS?

The SAP Application Performance Standard (SAPS) is a hardware independent unit that describes the performance of a system configuration in the SAP environment.

Who can do sap fico?

Any one can do SAP FI/CO. But sap fi/co will good option for commerce graduate and mba finance professionals. Because they know very well financial terms.

How soon do you build a fico score?

35% Payment History 30 % Amounts Owed 15% Length of Credit History 10 %Types of Credit used 10% New Credit for more information go to www.thecreditguy.tv

How do you get your fico score?

The best way to get your FICO score if for free. go to annualcreditreport.com and get a truly free copy of your credit report then go to the My fico Website and enter your data in the free estimator watch the video at www.thecreditguy.tv

What is fico in sap?

SAP FICO Stands for FI (Financial Accounting) and CO (Controlling).SAP FICO is the important module of SAP. More details about SAP FICO - SAP FICO Stands for Financial Accounting and Controlling its one ofthe important module in sap modules For SAP FICO Online TrainingChoose KBS Training Institute

What is fico designed for?

FICO is an acronym for Fair Isaac Corporation. They developed a system of determining credit scores which is now used by many creditors or lenders to determine credit worthiness of a person. The credit scores are implemented on a range basis and decisions to grant loans or credit is based on the ind (MORE)

Why do you need document splitting in sap fico?

Sometimes we are doing a payment to vendor from the headoffice. And assume that there are several branches and made a payment to vendor but that is not listed into branch GL account that is why we required splitting for zero balancing. A Parent company B branch C branch | | | | | | paid to vend (MORE)

Which FICO score does FHA use?

You answered your own question, the scoring model they use is your FICO score, not your FAKO score which it is called when you purchase your score from one of the big 3, that scoring model is called Advantage.

Searching for excellent faculty for sap fico ecc 6.0?

I am doing my FICO cource at an Institute in Tarnaka, Hyderabad. Faculty's name is Srinivas . I attended demo classes in no of institutes . Finally I selected this faculty for my course . He gives avery good detailed explanation about all the basics. I am very much impressed about the the way he tea (MORE)

What do you mean by posting periods in SAP fico?

You define posting periods in your fiscal year variants. You can open and close these posting periods for posting. As many periods as you require can be open for posting simultaneously. Usually, only the current posting period is open for posting, all other posting periods are closed. At the end of (MORE)

What is L1 and L2 support in sap fico consultant for support?

Hi, L1, L2, L3 & L4 are different level of support services and each level of support service has a time frame, within which it should be resolved. The L1, L2, L3 & L4 are decided by customer ideally based on the type of complexity and / or priority, which are already agreed in the contract. L1 (MORE)

What is sap and where does to use in sap fico?

SAP is one of the most used and popular ERP software. It stands for S ystems, A pplications and Productions in Data P rocessing. It consist of several modules for dealing different functions like Material management (MM), Sales and Distribution (SD) and FICO ( Financial and Controlling ). SAP FIC (MORE)

Where can you find fico in Newark DE?

FICO refers to Fair Issac Corporation, a company that gives credit reporting services. You can find your Fico score in Newark DE at your local bank or car dealership if you go there to apply for a loan.

What is typically a good fico score?

740 is what a lender typically considers a good score in the current economy. The higher the score the more higher chance to get lower APR percentage for a loan or credit card rates.

What is exactly a free fico score?

FICO stands for Fair, Isaac Company. FICO scores are what most lenders use to determine credit risk. There are actually three scores that help a lender determine how much and at what rate to offer the borrower. Many companies claim to offer free fico scores, but they actually require you to enroll i (MORE)

What is tolerance group in sap fico?

It is the difference of the pending items...Pending items could be a profit or a amount due...when its amount due, it should be posted as a liabilities in the balance sheet & when its an income, it should be posed in the profit and loss acct. credit side....its mostly decided by the accounts dept. T (MORE)

What is sap and what does it do?

the sap in the cell is the matrix in which the organelles of the cell are found and it's responsible for the metabolic reactions of the cell due to the presence of enzymes within it ......... there is also nuclear sap

How are fico scores determined?

FICO compares all negative and positive data in all of the various different parts of the client's credit report. Taking all of these factors into account, FICO places scores into new credit, payment history, types of credit used, length of credit history, and amounts owned categories for the client (MORE)

How can the credit score at my FICO be useful?

A FICO score works as a credit score which is used by many financial institutions. This can be used to determin whether you will be provided services such as insurance, banking or loans.

Where can one apply for SAP FICO jobs?

There are many different avenues one could take to apply for SAP FICO jobs. Some of the different ways one could apply are through sites like Indeed, Simply Hired, and Dice.

Where can one get their FICO score?

The best place to go on the internet for information regarding their FICO score is the website called myFICO.The site provides everything one would need to know about their FICO score.

How is the futur sap fico?

Hi, SAP FICO is one of the important module of ERP, in present market SAP FICO having more job opportunities, for more details about SAP FICO