What is the population of Muslims and Christians in the world?

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Muslims - 23% of the world population
Christians - 31% of the world population

What is the Muslim population in the world?

It is estimated that 1,250,000,000 to 1,500,000,000 people in the world are Muslims and follow Islam (Based on an estimated world population 6,409,765,942 by the United States Census Bureau for 1/1/2005, that is 19.5% to 23.4% of all people, making Islam the second largest religion behind Christiani (MORE)

What is the Muslims population?

The worldwide Muslim population in 2013 was 2.04 billion people. Asof 2014, the estimated worldwide Muslim population is 2.08 billionpeople.

Christian population in world?

There is an estimated 2.18 billion people who identify as part ofthe Christian population in the world. Christianity is a religionpracticed in over 200 countries in the world.

What country is having the most populated number of Muslim in the world?

The largest Muslim populations by country as of 2007 follow: . Indonesia's Muslim population was 199,959,285 (85%) of a total of 234,693,997. Pakistan's Muslim population was 158,152,247 (96%) of a total of 164,741,924. India's Muslim population was 135,583,938 (12%) of a total of 1,129,866,154. (MORE)

Are Muslims Christians?

No. Christians not only follow the teachings of Jesus Christ but they also worship him as God incarnate as part of a Trinitarian God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit, because Christians believe that Jesus' claims to be God incarnate are true, and are born out in his miracles, his death, his resurrecti (MORE)

What country has the world largest Muslim population?

Bismillah (In the name of God). Republic of Indonesia . Top 10 Largest National Muslim Populations . Country Number of Muslims . Indonesia 170,310,000. Pakistan 136,000,000. Bangladesh 106,050,000. India 103,000,000. Turkey 62,410,000. Iran 60,790,000. Egypt 53,730,000. Nigeria 47,7 (MORE)

What country has the largest population of Christians in the World?

The USA. The United States of America has more people of Christian faiththan any other in the world. Estimates show that over 250 millionAmericans are also Christians of some denomination. This is, byfar, the greatest number of Christians in a single country - thenext largest is Brazil with approxi (MORE)

What did the Muslims do to the Christians?

There have been clashes between the two faiths shortly after thestart of Islam in the 7th Century AD. However, presently as another'caliphate' is attempting to start in the Middle East, Christianswho have lived in the lands in question - having had roots theresince the 1st Century AD long before the (MORE)

What is the sunni Muslim population of the world?

85% of the Muslim population is Sunni, so there are approximately 1.5 billion Sunni Muslims in the world at this moment in time. There are around 1600 million Muslims in the world. Around 85% from them are Sunnis.

What are the top 15 countries in the world in terms of Muslim population?

1 Indonesia 231,627,000 2 Pakistan 170,000,000 3 Bangladesh 158,665,000 4 Nigeria 148,093,000 5 Egypt 75,498,000 6 Turkey 74,877,000 7 Iran 71,208,000 8 Sudan 38,560,000 9 Algeria 33,858,000 10 Morocco 31,224,000 11 Iraq 28,993,000 12 Uzbekistan 27,372,000 13 Afghanistan 27,1 (MORE)

Which 3 countries have the densest Muslim population in the world?

Most Muslim countries report 99-100% of their population is Muslim. The countries with the largest Muslim population are Indonesia, Pakistan, and India, even though they are 88, 95, 13.5% Muslim, respectively. Countries that report being 100% Muslim are: Saudi Arabia & Somalia, with Afghanistan, Ma (MORE)

What country has the largest christian population in the world?

The United States has about 225,000,000 Christians; making it the country with the most Christians in the world. However this number includes a significant proportion of people who profess Christianity, but do not regularly attend church or practice Christian sacraments.

Which part of the world has Muslims what part of the world has christians what part of the world has Jews what part of the world has hindus what part of the world has Buddhist?

Muslims are mostly from the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, and Indonesia. Christians are found mostly in the West, as in Europe, the Americas, and Australia (though there are many Christians in Africa as a very much growing group), Jews because of the diaspora are located around the globe and are (MORE)

What is the worlds lagest Muslim population?

Indonesia is the country of largest Muslim population (203 million Muslim as of year 2009), followed by Pakistan (174 million), India (161 million), Bangladesh (145 million) and Egypt (79 million).

What is the world population that believe in Christianity?

The world population that believe in Christianity are around 2100 millions as of year 2000. [Ref:David Barrett et al, " World Christian Encyclopedia: A comparative survey of churches and religions - AD 30 to 2200 ," Oxford University Press, (2001)] Answer: About 33% of the world's population are (MORE)

When will Muslim population surpass christian population?

I have seen an estimate which predicts 2020. Answer: The whole Muslim population conspiracy theory relates to bad science and poor data being used to support fear mongering. Typical is a YouTube video that claimed that Europe will be Muslim (Islamified) in just a few decades. Most of the countr (MORE)

How much of the worlds population is Christianity?

Estimates vary a great deal, not least because of the huge growth in Christianity in the far East (like China) where Christians are still persecuted and so official numbers are difficult to obtain because of the secrecy involved in being a Christian there. However estimates range from around 2.1 bi (MORE)

What is Christian population in world?

It is about 30% of the earth. But if you had to count every single Christian, all I can say is a lot of people. I hope the Christian population will get higher and higher

What is the shia Muslim population of the world?

Muslims in world are near 80% sunni and near 20% shia. researchers have counted up to 260 sect for Islam that they all belong to categories Sunni and shia. the main category of Shia is 12 Imami shia and other sects of shia are nearly extincted. there is at least 300,000,000 shia Muslims in world, (MORE)

How many Christians and Muslims are there in the world?

There are approximately 2 million Christians (one million Catholics and one million Protestants of varying sects), plus 1 million Muslims. Thus, the total would be 3 million, or about half of the world's total population. (Of the other 3 billion of the world's population, 1.2 billion are Chinese, 1. (MORE)

Can a Muslim be a Christian?

NO! although Christians and Muslims are similar in many ways, there are come very big differences! like Christians believe Jesus was the son of god, but Muslims believe he has a Prophet of god! Answer If you mean 'can a person born a Muslim become a Christian if he converts' then the answer is, (MORE)

What is the oldest known religion in the world Hindu christian or Muslim?

Of the three choices, Islam is the youngest, having been born from its predecessors in the 6th century ce. Christianism was - again born from its predecessors - about six centuries before that, give or take a few decades depending on who is talking. Hinduism, a religion defined as that culture of fa (MORE)

Do the Pope and Vatican's intent to convert Indian Hindus to Christianity threaten the Muslim World?

never ever. Christians; per faith; are closer to Muslims than Hindus as both Muslims and Christians worship same God and have many common beliefs. In the historical ancient wars between the Byzantines (Christians) and the Pershians, Muslims were very sad and upset when the Byzantines were defeated a (MORE)

What is the world population of Muslim terrorists?

A terrorist has no religion. Anybody who takes or plans to take the life of innocent people revolts against the authority of Almighty God. Islam does not permit it. All human beings are created by Almighty God and He loves them all. This is the basic teaching of Islam. A person who goes against it i (MORE)

Why are religious differences emphasized to the point that Muslims and Jews Muslims and Christians and Christians and Jews are clashing in different parts of the world?

Answer The clashes between these groups at this point in time aretypically not based on theological differences. For example, theviolence in Egypt towards the Coptic Christians by some Muslims inEgypt does not stem from the fact that Islam holds the idea thatJesus is God to be blasphemous. The viol (MORE)