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What is the routing for a serpentine belt for a 1992 Chevy van?

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There are many different variations on equipment that determine different routings for the belt. What size engine and what equipment is on yours? Power Steering? Air Conditioner? That kind of stuff.
On the chance it might be a 5.7L (350 cubic inches) V8, with P/S & A/C and has an alternator and P/S pump on the driver side, the A/C compressor on the passenger side, here goes:
If you're facing the van, standing in front of it, driver side on your right:
The crankshaft pulley is the bottom most pulley and is in the center. Immediately above that is the water pump and slightly lower and to the right might be the P/S pump. Up top on the left is the A/C compressor pulley, the tensioner is in the center and the alternator is on the right.
One thing to remember: you have to use a long handled socket on the tensioner to get the belt to fit. It's best to route the belt all the way around all the pulley's except for the alternator and save it for last. Then while applying a lot of pressure on the tensioner, you can place the belt over the alternator pulley. A picture would be easier, but I don't have access to do that right now.
The belt goes around and under the crankshaft pulley. Starting with the right hand side of the belt coming from the bottom of the crankshaft pulley, the path goesto the left of the water pump pulley, around the top of it and down under the power steering pump pulley, all the way up and to the right of the alternator pulley and over the top of it, then down under the tensioner pulley and over the top of the air conditioner compressor pulley whereupon it returns to the left side of the crankshaft pulley.
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