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What should you do to make money on the Internet?

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Make money on the Internet There are many ways to make money on the Internet.

Legitimate online jobs

1. At home customer care representative
2. Transcription
3. Writer, Proofreader & editor
4. Blogger
5. Online Tutor
6. Mystery Shopping
7. Virtual Assistant
8. Online Mock Jurors
9. Get paid to post
10. Voice over Talents
11. Freelance Projects
12. Telemarketing from home

Keep in mind that while there are home based jobs available on the Internet, there are many scams among them too. NEVER PAY FOR A JOB NO MATTER HOW TEMPTING THEY MAY SOUND, they are scams. Networking with other home workers is another way to stay safe.

How to make money from blogging

1. Build a website or blog.
2. Create interesting content that people will read.
3. Embed advertising code from sites like Google AdWords.
4. Add related content affiliate code for product links relating to your site. (Commission Junction, Commission Soup, Clickbank etc.)

Then drive traffic to your site:

5. Research SEO and get good listings in the search engines.
6. PPC ad campaigns
7. Article submission
8. Directory Submission

Other ways to make money online:

  • Sell on eBay
  • Sell on Craigslist
  • Sell crafts on Etsy
  • Start your own Website and sell your own product.
  • Freelance on or
  • Write for Associated Content

Making money from Marketing Pond - Marketing Pond offers a free system to anyone that wants to become a member and earn free money online.

Problems : A) It's almost impossible to earn very good money by using one free money program.
B) It can take a very long time to earn enough for a payout in one program if you do not promote it and have active referrals.

Solutions : A) Use multiple free money programs
B) Place the top free money programs in one place. Use one referral URL to advertise them all. Place some of the best free advertising programs in one place. Bring these together to create a full circle. Use credits, points and cash conversions to advertise the place by way of the free programs. Build a team in one place and that team becomes a part of all the free money programs and the free advertising programs that you are a member of. The result is multiple earnings, multiple payouts, earnings that grow, and less work over time.
Depends on what you have the knowledge and skills to earn money, for example content writing, affiliate programs, designing websites, etc
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