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Romania was facing some severe diplomatic problems due to the territorial gains she had been awarded for participating on the entente side in WWI. Thus Hungary, Bulgaria and the Soviet Union all wanted their lost territories back.
UK and France stepped in to guarantee her territorial integrity, but failed to react when the Soviet Union unilaterally annexed Bessarabia and northern Bukovina.
Romania then denounced these guarantees and sought protection from Germany instead. This move was supported by domestic nationalist and militarist movements, alla attracted by fascist ideas. Romania was domestically a nationalist dictatorship with very close ties to the Italian fascist movement.
In 1940, she signed the Axis Pact and thus joined the war. Germany immediately started a project of modernising her armed forces (and forced her to cede more territory, to Hungary and Bulgaria).
Gemany placed great emphasis at Romanias rich natural resources, which included oil. Large bodies of German troops were stationed in Romania to protect these resources, primarily the oilfields.
Romania fielded the largest army of Germany's allies in the east, maintaining a constant effort of about 250 - 300 000 men. She suffered catastrophic losses (173 000 men in the November offensive alone, around 60 000 men in the Crimea etc).
Like Bulgaria, Romania had no quarrel with the western allies and were unwilling to participate in hostile actions directed at them, even after western allied bombing of her oilfields.
The front eventually reached Romania itself, and all Romanian armed forces were deployed to defend her territory (around half a million men). Again suffering heavy losses.
She surrendered to the Soviets in the summer of 1944, after which she was obliged to join the Soviets in the fight against Germany. Romania thus deployed 540 000 "Soviet" troops and fought the Germans around the Danube, losing 170 000 men more.
Romania was then turned into a one-party state under strict Soviet control.
Hope that gives at least a shallow overview of Romanias position in the war.
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