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Why did Adolf Hitler want to eliminate the Jews in Germany?

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Not JUST Jews, anyone who wasn't a pure cenral European Aryan. The Jews were his most frequent target, since they were easily identified and who were perceived as "different" because of their practices. Hitler killed the Jews to fund his war, but he also wanted to take over Europe to allow Aryans to expand.
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What did Adolf Hitler want to do with the Jews?

Hitler made it clear that he wanted the Jews to be gone from Germany. When it became clear that no country would take them off of his hands, he proceeded to plan the extermina

Why did Adolf Hitler want to take over Germany?

He wanted to take over Germany Cuss Germany lost all its land in World War . He wanted to take over Germany because he thinks Jews were responsible for everything he didn't li

Why did Adolf Hitler want to kill all the Jews in the Holocaust?

there was little value in only killing some.Hitler killed the Jewsfor more than one reason. The political reason given was that theJews were aligned with the Bolshevik revolut

Why did Adolf Hitler want to kill the Jews?

Scholars and psychologists have many theories about this. We do know from research that some commonly held beliefs turned out to be myths-- he wasn't part Jewish, he wasn't tr

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Why did Adolf Hitler want to kill the Jews when he was a Jew?

The question assumes that Hitler was "Jewish" or at least of  Jewish origin, but there is absolutely no evidence for this.    Answer 1   I would rather post this e

Why did Hitler want all Jews out of Germany?

because they were all dark haired and had dark eye colours ( they didn't fit in with his race bloned haired blue eyed ) and they were successful buisness men and he thought th

When did Hitler decide that he wanted to eliminate the Jews?

He always did since the lost of ww1, he wanted revenge on the jews but once he came to power in 1933, he putted his imaginations into action

Why did Hitler and his nazi party want all the Jews eliminated?

They held the Jews responsible for Germany's hard times.    The Nazis thought Germans were part of a "superior race," and  inferior people should be killed because the

What made Adolf Hitler want to kill all the Jews?

It depends on how you read the question. If the question is asking: What was Hitler's motivation for wanting to kill the Jews? , the answer is: Some would say, that when H

What other races did Hitler want to eliminate besides the Jews?

Hitler eliminated gypsies, homosexuals, communists, Jehovah's Witnesses, and anyone who was mentally or physically handicapped. Also anyone who was considered suspect for hold

Why did Germany want Adolf Hitler to be their leader?

First point- Hitler was not universally loved before he became  dictator in 1933-34. In the elections in 1932, the Nazi Party only  won 32% of the vote. In the elections of