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Why did the United States become involved in affairs in the Middle East following World War 2?

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To prevent oil-rich Arab nations from falling under Soviet influence.
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When and why did the United States get involved in World War 2?

Most would say that we were on an immediate path to war the day following Pearl harbor, Dec 7, 1941    The United States was involved in WWII almost immediately providing

What was the role of the United States in world affairs after World War 2?

After the world war, USA immediately got engaged in cold war with  Soviet Union. As a result USA played an important role in global  politics, specially in Europe, South Eas

How did United States get involved in World War 2?

Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, because there was an embargo and so the U.S. entered the war because they weren't happy that they got bombed...(BTW you should watch the movie Pearl

How did the United States getting involved in World War 2 change the world?

The United States entry into World War II reversed the balance of power and provided a font of manpower and technological ability that would allow the Allies to be victorious.

Why the United States of America become involved in World War 1?

The United States tried to stay neutral when the war broke out in  1914. Both sides tried very hard to get them to join the war. After  much propaganda and rumors of poisoni

Was the Middle East involved in World War I?

The Middle East (as a region, not a country) was one of the five major theaters of World War I activity. (Others including the Western Front, the Italian-Austrian Front, the E

What year did the United States get involved in war world war 2?

The United States was always involved with the war, but it didn't send troops until 1942, after the Pearl Harbor attack forced the U.S. into the war    Answer:   Pr