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Why do you have no AC in 1995 buick riviera you have new ac control box and passenger side AC works?

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Having gone through this same problem, No Help From Two different dealer ships, I was able to identify the problem and correct it quite easily. It appears the system, climate control, must have sufficient coolant to operate. I initially added a can of coolant and noticed no change, same as described. Being disappointed and afraid to add more for fear of over pressurizing the system, I suffered through a month of extreme heat here in the Southeast U.S.A. Finally enough was enough and I purchased another can of coolant and charged the system again. The system seem to stsrt working better but was not quite there. Having spoken with a friend who has good genral knowledge of home AC systems I tried somthing he recommended. I slowly bleed pressure off the high, using a gauge system, and low and behold as the pressure begin to decrease the AC system kicked in all vents working and COLD air. My buddy explained that a system can develop a pressure lock not allowing coolant to flow through the system as it should and bleeding off the high side allowed the system to eliminate the vapor lock. The system has been working great since. This worked for me and hopefully will work for others. Oh yea I tried all the remedies posted on other sites such as disconnecting all power to allow the system to default, created areverse ground, etc.; none of them worked. There are three electronic actuators under the dash: one is for the defroser, one is for the bank of four passenger vents and one ( this is you) sends air to the two driver side vents, the two mid-dash vents and the two rear vents. Either this actuator is faulty, or there's a problem with the electrical delivery system; mainly, the whole climate control panel in your dash (dealer cost: about $700.00).
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