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What hemisphere is Indonesia in?

Indonesia is comprised of 17,000 islands. The only hemisphere in which there is no part of Indonesia is the Western one.
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What is the currency in Indonesia?

Indonesia, or officially known as the Republic of Indonesia, is acountry located in Southeast Asia and Oceania. Its currency is theIndonesian rupiah.
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What did Sukarno do for Indonesia?

Soekarno is one of Indonesia founding father together with Mohammad Hatta. He was first president of Indonesia.
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Is Malaysia in Indonesia?

No, of course not. Malaysia is not in Indonesia. But our location is quite close. Malaysia consists of two parts, namely the peninsular and the Borneo part. The peninsular Mal ( Full Answer )
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Why is Indonesia important?

Indonesia is important because of its culture and its unique instruments. Indonesia is famous for its batiks also. . "Indonesia is an incredibly beautiful country. Perfect tr ( Full Answer )
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What climate does Indonesia have?

Indonesia has a tropical climate. However, compared to the summer of Europe and North America, Indonesia in temperature is less warmer. But it feels warmer because it's humid, ( Full Answer )
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Where in Indonesia?

Indonesia is north of Australia, southeast of Philippines and south of Malaysia. I hope that answers your question. sucks
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What can you do in Indonesia?

go to the beaches in bali see komodo dragons see orangutan in borneo shop in bandung
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What to do and not to do in Indonesia?

To do: - Bow your head when walking in front of people who are sitting. Even better if you say 'excuse me'. - Smile back when someone smile at you. And if that someone starts ( Full Answer )
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Which Maplestory is for Indonesia?

Maple Sea is a published version of maplestory for Asian countries like Indonesia. Download that version and have fun.