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Why was Zimbabwe colonised?

Zimbabwe was colonized by the British in order to expand the  British territories. The British colonies were designed to bring  riches to the crown.

Why is Zimbabwe called Zimbabwe?

The name Zimbabwe means a house built from stones, split into two "zimba" means house and "bwe" is stone. The name relates to the Great Zimabwe "Ruins" which were built by lay (MORE)

What food is in Zimbabwe?

  Like in many African countries, a majority of Zimbabweans depend on staple foods. Mealie meal, or cornmeal as it is known in other parts of the world, is used to prepare (MORE)

Why is Zimbabwe underdeveloped?

After their independence , they could not gain political stability.  so, they cold not develop.
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Why is Zimbabwe a LEDC?

LEDC stands for Least Developed Country. Zimbabwe is the fifteenth least developed country in the world and is located in Africa. Most of Africa is underdeveloped because the (MORE)